Swiss award space now shows up on!

Continental’s online award search tool just got even more useful, since they now display Swiss award space (which they didn’t previously). While Lufthansa has literally stopped releasing first class award space to their partner airlines more than a few weeks before departure for all their routes, Swiss still releases first class award space on select routes in advance, including Montreal to Zurich, and Zurich to the Middle East/India/Asia. Given what a good first class product they have, they’re easily one of the best Star Alliance first class options for award tickets nowadays.

This addition comes after Continental also started displaying Singapore and Air China award space in December, now making this one of the easiest to use and most comprehensive Star Alliance award search tools.

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  1. Lucky, what aircraft have Swiss’ best first class product? Routes from US with best product?


  2. The A330-300 has the new product, which is on their routes out of New York, Montreal, and sometimes Chicao and Boston. But even their old first class is great.

  3. Just stumbled upon SWISS availability while booking the BOS-DPS, BKK-CDG-BOS honeymoon I mentioned in Ask Lucky last week. Great timing, gets us to Bali a day earlier.

    How’s the SWISS A330-300 Business Class product? We’re booked in that now, but it’s a first award (Europe-Thailand legs are in first) so I’ll be watching for SWISS F to open up.

  4. @ JG — Swiss definitely has one of the better business class products out there. The seat is fully flat and has plenty of personal space, so I’m sure you won’t be disappointed either way. I would snag the mini-cabin if you can.

  5. @Mike — it is well established that the new website will be the same as (at least initially, before any improvements). The URL will literally redirect to the present page.

  6. Interesting that they show an easy pass option for the LX flight. Do you think this would be bookable if saver inventory wasn’t available?

  7. @ NYBanker — Nah, they’re just trying to screw you and hope you pay double as much for a saver award.

  8. @NYBanker: always shows the EasyPass option on awards composed entirely of partners even though SaverPass is always available as well (when the award is entirely partner airlines).

  9. I haven’t used the CO award tool before and tried it out for the first time after reading this post. Haven’t found anything on LX (yet) but I do get a lot of availability on SQ in C and F (both on A380 and 777) which I never saw on ANA before. Does that mean I could call up US Airways and book those seats or will they not be able to get them (ANA still shows “F – C -” on all SQ A380/77W flights). Thanks!

  10. @ Jake — Yes, you should be able to book it then Though pray tell on which routes you’re seeing Singapore first and business class space! I’m dying to know!

  11. Thanks, lucky. Hmm, I’m starting to familiarize with the CO tool. Seems that on SQ, it only allows a combination of C/F with a *A partner and then (only) Y on SQ A380/77W or other 777(-200/-300) which don’t have the new premium cabin product. Sorry, my fault, should have been more thorough before posting about this apparent miracle. It’s just that I read today at “View From The Wing” that “Singapore Airlines Premium Cabin Awards May Get Easier to Obtain” and thought “oh, wow, maybe it’s already possible”. I guess not (yet). Sorry!

  12. Yeah, I noticed this the other day. I saw available on a LAX-ZUR first class saver ticket the day before departure.

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