10 Pictures From My Starlux Airlines Flight

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Update: See here for a review of Starlux Airlines Lounge in Taipei, and see here for my review of Starlux Airlines’ A321neo business class.

I’m publishing my trip report as quickly as possible, though I have to take just a brief break to share 10 pictures from my Starlux Airlines business class experience between Taipei and Penang.

I won’t provide any commentary for now, as the full trip report should be live in a few days. But I can’t help myself in the meantime, given how excited I was about this airline, and how interested I know many of you are…

Here’s a small glimpse at the self-proclaimed “detail-oriented luxury airline” that hopes to become the “Emirates of Taiwan.” #BornWithLuxuryShiningLikeStars

So, what do you think?

  1. Soft product looks good for sure. Bollinger is a good choice for business class. Can’t wait for the full review.

  2. You got the whole bottle?

    I think it is an incredible task to start an airline from the get go that has business class. The hard product looks great and certainly puts most regional business class hard products to shame.

    At this stage of the airlines development I would even be forgiving if the soft product does not quite hit the spot. I am sure the former chairman knows quality matters in the long run when it comes to staff training.

    I am excited too.

  3. Looks great!

    Can’t wait! Of course, you flew Starlux before most anyone I know in person or in the travel blogosphere.

    Will be curious what J in their A350s will be like, provided they can stay in business long enough in a market full of LCCs, plus other challenging factors.

  4. Wow! That looks incredible. I saw Josh Cahill uploaded a review of them yesterday and I intentionally held off so I could read yours first. Can’t wait for the review!

  5. Emirates is gaudy classy, more in the fashion of new Russian money/Kardashian. This looks to be refined class, more Scandinavian in tone.

  6. How much was the airfare?

    Penang is very cheap. I spent a week there back when there was an excellent Four Points by Sheraton –– it was basically a full-service resort as good as many Marriott or Sheraton properties. Unfortunately it left Marriott after the integration of Marriott Rewards, SPG, and Ritz-Carlton Rewards in 2018-ish. Back then Uber was also operating in Malaysia. Getting around was very cheap. The only problem with Georgetown, the biggest city on Penang, is the prostitution at night. It can be very aggressive, in-your-face, which is a big change from elsewhere in Malaysia as Penang is the only part of Malaysia that isn’t Muslim-majority.

    You could live like a king on $800 a month in Penang.

  7. @ JB

    Knowing the way Josh Cahill’s reviews have deteriorated it’s probably something like “risking my life on Starlux,” “attempted murder by Starlux” or “poisoned by Starlux.”

  8. Looking forward to the review, but the pictures look amazing!

    @JDS Josh Cahill is the guy who complained about being denied entry into China because he repeatedly failed to register for his stays in China right?

  9. You are too late Lucky Josh Cahill has already flown J Starlux to Penang and even ate the same food as you. video is on youtube

  10. Airplane food is airplane food. It’s like the dancing Russian bears. The achievement is not that it is done well, but that it is done at all.

  11. Never understood the “OMG I need to fly this new first/business or stay at this new hotel” mentality, especially from someone who is a self-proclaimed cheapskate who won’t even replace old, worn out t-shirts. I guess all this “luxury” travel in airplanes and hotel suites fills some sort of void. I mean, we’re ultimately talking about pressurized, flying metal tubes and hotel suites where loads of people sleep and do other things in on a daily basis.

  12. Very nice. Big issue or question is whether they partner with and major airlines for rewards redemptions like Alaska Airlines or join an alliance. Given their current size not likely. If not the cost of the ticket will determine whether going to Penang with them is an option. It would be nice to not have to fly to Singapore or KL to go back to Penang.

  13. I miss the 10 pictures teasers! Takes me back to the old days of OMAAT.

    This looks beautiful. Can’t wait for your full review.

  14. Looks good but I can’t see why they would be like Emirates. Both Eva and China airlines are way better than Emirates IMHO.

  15. Who cares about the timing of his posts? I honestly don’t think he has the time or desire to track other bloggers. It’s not a contest or race. I’m sure there are others reviews where Lucky has been the first to review and those where he wasn’t the first.

  16. @ David

    Yes, correct. Amongst other things. I used to like his reviews then he had a bad experience on Malaysia that got him quite a lot of publicity. Since then, he’s trying to find scandal in all reviews with video clickbait titles like “threatened on Air Canada” or “Peach puts their passengers lives at risk.” It’s a shame he’s sunk to that. He also did a review recently of SQ economy on the A380 and moaned about the cabin crew made no effort to get to know their passengers. As they were the economy crew on the A380 I’m sure they were busy enough without worrying about personalisation.

  17. Can’t wait for a review. My upcoming trip to Danang is complicated by the fact that EVA’s new flight has no award space, so Starlux is a real possibility. Keen to read about it!

  18. Meh, way too overhyped. This is mediocre regional J at best. Maybe the service narratives can paint a better picture (given the speed of the post).

    While having Bollinger is nice, the glassware doesn’t look like a proper Champagne tulip. Maybe going too far on design or they got it mixed up for simplicity.

    For the purpose of flying to secondary cities, this is a good upgrade from LCC. Now if you are flying coach, the value premium might not be there at all.

  19. Lucky when are you going with video trip reports. I think you are a very private person and holding a vlogging cam in front of you is just not your style. So I don’t think there should be any expectation of you joining the YouTube trip report club real soon

    Regarding Josh Cahill, that poor person at his side in the Starlux video who is featured in his entire video who seemed really uncomfortable being on cam. (Unless Josh for his consent to film or he was known to him). It is extremely disrespectful to have a can pointing on someone who is clearly not comfortable. He could have easily had the camera the other way as he had a window seat so more of him and the window background So many of his videos with people looking at the camera while being filmed. No wonder some airlines like Jet Airways asked him to stop filming.

    I sometimes get people in videos but that is like a quick pan or during boarding and landing etc. It’s another thing to have someone’s camera point at you when you are clearly indicating you are not happy with it. That is something I know Ben would never do. (Not that I know Ben or anything about him besides his posts)

  20. How many narrowbodies does Emirates have? Enough said.

    Yes. It looks like a slightly better than usual shorthaul Asian Business product, but it ultimately comes down to value.
    And with only 8 Business seats – 96% of the plane is flying Economy – that’s the cabin they have to get right

  21. i literally dont understand the hype…looks like a regular business product…..i swear never gonna understand some of u…..

  22. Bolly is an often overlooked but good choice. As for the glass, it makes sense especially for something that pinot heavy since it lets the wine breathe (whether this was a conscious choice or just chalked up to coincidence is an open question though lol. Is it noticeable in an aircraft cabin? Maybe, maybe not).

    I’ll certainly give them points for plating the main course not too far from the sample picture in your post about meal selection. Though real life has less saturation I guess.

  23. @ Marco – agreed! In October -19 I was on a TK flight in business class from Dubai to Istanbul and got stuck behind some sort of “influencer” that took an endless amount of selfies and videos, often featuring me in the row behind. Extremely annoying when you try to relax and be a private person. I feel really bad for everyone that ends up on these videos, especially people sleeping. I would truly be furious if I found a Youtube video featuring me sleeping in business class…

  24. Josh Cahill is no competition to Lucky. He’s a Fiat to Lucky’s Audi. They both have 4 wheels but you trust the so much more Audi!

  25. @Nick Thomas: Prostitution is a problem? I thought it was a solution. It solves 3 problems:
    1) The one you can guess
    2) Not enough STD business for doctors/ hospitals/ drug manufacturers
    3) Regret

  26. @those of you poo-poohing bubbly in a ‘normal’ wine glass:

    From purely an oenophiliac standpoint, it’s superior to a tulip glass. Tulip glass may give you that more dramatic initial visual treat from the initial pour due to the bunching up of the bubbles in the narrow space (good for shooting P-Diddy videos), but everything else sensory about bubbly is better while in a wider wine glass.

  27. Sooo … Zombie apocalypse no more?
    Time to edit the subject of that article – it seems even more inappropriate at the moment.

    How’s about an update on the final routing?
    Did you re-route to TPE direct?
    No Hainan Airlines review then?

    BOS – PEK – TPE (N/A)

    Starlux Airlines looks good but in the end, it’s just a regional flight – not sure what the excitement & hoo haa is all about.
    Is the route sustainable?
    Why PEN or DAN or any other 2nd tier cities they serve?
    Will the airline be profitable in the medium to long term?

    Can’t see why anyone would get excited on what is basically a regular commute for for many of us in Asia – do you get excited about flying from NYC to LAX or SFO?

    What’s next? EK F review on SIN-PEN?
    You’ve already reviewed the SIN-KUL flight on SQ’s A350 ..

    p/s good luck @ MNL NAIA – I hope everything goes smoothly!
    And don’t bother with the Mabuhay lounge .. it’s terrible

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