Spire Elite Status With IHG Rewards Club Credit Card?

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Update: This offer for the IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

Last week I wrote about how IHG Rewards Club is introducing a new top tier status level, which they’ll be calling Spire Elite.


This is one of the several changes IHG announced in April, whereby we’re also seeing the qualification requirements for current elite tiers drop, and IHG adding an expiration date for points.

Presently I get IHG Platinum status just for having the IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card, which I find to be well worth it. Not only does the card offer Platinum status for as long as you have the card, but it also offers 10% off award redemptions and an annual free night certificate, which in and of itself more than justifies the annual fee.

Frankly the benefits of Spire Elite status as such don’t seem to be that impressive. Specifically, here are the new benefits we’re seeing from Spire status:

  • A 100% points bonus on top of your base points (as opposed to 50% for Platinum members)
  • The ability to receive 25,000 bonus points annually OR gift Platinum status to a friend or family member


So while I was first sort of sad about Spire Elite, given that it made the “free” Platinum status I get with the IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card second tier, I can’t really complain. Ultimately Spire Elite doesn’t seem to really be focused on offering on-property recognition, but rather about awarding extra bonus points. And that’s not a huge point for me, given that I don’t spend many nights at IHG properties.

That being said, Out & Out is reporting that for many people the welcome bonus from the IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit Card is counting towards Spire status. While the card presently has a welcome bonus where you can earn 125,000 bonus points after you spend $3,000 on purchases in the first 3 months of account opening.


If you signed up under that offer, I’d suggest taking a look at your IHG Rewards Club account and seeing if your account reflects Spire status. If it does, you’re eligible to select a Choice Benefit, between 25,000 IHG Rewards Club points or being able to gift Platinum status.

If you do show Spire status, then on the left side of your account summary page you should see a section for “Choice Benefits” at the very bottom. Click it, and you’ll be given the option of choosing between 25,000 IHG Rewards Club points and Platinum status to gift.

I wouldn’t necessarily count on the sign-up bonus always counting towards Spire Elite status, though if you’re one of the lucky people who signed up and is eligible for Spire Elite status, take advantage of your bonus ASAP!

If you signed up for the IHG Rewards Club Card when it had an 80,000 point offer, does your account show Spire Elite status? If so, did you select the 25,000 bonus points?

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  1. If you Google “ihg rewards credit card 80000” you can still find a Chase link to the 80,000 point bonus.

  2. shows spire elite for me. I signed up for the card and the points posted to my account in April.

  3. Thanks!!!
    I didn’t get the new status. But my wife who got the card less than a year ago has it!

  4. I can confirm that the IHG CC signup bonus counts towards Spire. I just claimed my 25K additional points!

  5. I signed up in November for 80k and checked yesterday and was upgraded to spire, chose the 25k points.

  6. what a pleasant surprise…. I recently signed up for what 50k or 60k about a month ago and then got them to match 80k and $50 statement credit through secure message. Additional points was scheduled to be credited on 7/15 statement closing.. this is so cool. Top elite tier on a signup bonus alone.

  7. I signed up for the 70K offer in April, got my points and had one stay that bumped me up over 80K points.

    Logged into my account now and see I am at the Spire Elite level. Just took my extra 25K points.

    Thanks Lucky!

  8. Lucky,

    Great site. I can confirm that the credit card sign up bonus counts towards the Spire Tier! Thanks for the 25k bonus — that’s half a night at the InterConti Grand in Paris. Keep up the fantastic points and travel coverage,

    – The Dude

  9. Hopefully, the “glitch” stays around for a while, I have applied today using the 80,000 link on my IHG account. Can’t beat 105,000 point sign up bonus!

  10. My 70,000 point sign up award counted. I moved 5,000 UR points over and made Spire immediately. Claimed the 25K bonus. Now I’m wondering about any status match possibilities from having a top tier status with IHG?

  11. My wife and I signed up in Sept, 2014 for 80k deal and neither of us have the new status. Bummer!

  12. I’m not sure how credit card sign up bonuses have been treated in the past by Chase/IHG, but points from credit card SPEND definitely count toward elite status, so this isn’t entirely surprising. From the T&Cs:

    “Base points earned from Qualifying Rates paid for hotel stays, points collected from partner transactions, IHG® Rewards Club Bonus Points Packages and Meeting Rewards are considered Elite Qualifying Points and counted towards membership elite status.”

  13. I got in under the 80K credit card sign up, and my account shows as Spire Elite. I just selected the 25K bonus points offer!

  14. I stumbled on this a few hours before you posted it and hopped on the 25,000 points. It definitely counted the IHG sign up bonus 80k – I opened the card in April. It looks like all credit card spending is also good for elite qualifying points. Hot deal – that 80k sign up bonus just became a 105k one. The points posted immediately.

  15. @ Mitt — In practice hotel loyalty programs are already mostly revenue based. Keep in mind they award points based on how much you spend, and not how often you stay. The qualification side of the program isn’t revenue based, but I don’t necessarily think that’s a bad thing. I think hotel programs strike a nice balance between being revenue based and also rewarding loyalty, personally.

  16. Wow, thanks for the heads up! My 80,000 points should be posting later this week, so I’ll definitely keep an eye on my account and see what happens!

  17. Signed up for the 70,000 IHG credit card in the Spring. Collected my 25,000 points for Spire Elite just now! Woo!

  18. I only got the 70k bonus, but it’s definitely counting for me. I’m now only a few thousand points away,meh icy can be done in one decent hotel stay. Thanks for pointing this out!

  19. @ Greg — You need 75,000 points to qualify for Spire Elite, so maybe if you transfer some points or spend a bit on the card?

  20. @Ben – I’ve already earned 10k+ points through hotel stays,etc… but my account says:

    Elite Qualifying Points Earned: 9,404 of 40,000 points for Platinum Elite


    You can also earn Spire Elite with 65.596 more points.

  21. IHG has said on FT that card sign up bonuses no longer count. The UK card stopped counting about a month ago (based on date you trigger bonus, not application date).

    I would be wary of applying today just to get Spire.

  22. Is it a function of when IHG’s re-qualify cutoff date is and when your points posted? My 80k posted at the beginning of June and they show in both columns — Total Earned and Elite Qualifying Points. I’ve only got two actual nights this year and less than 4k points earned for those nights — but my account shows over 80,000 of 75,000 necessary for Spire Elite. So my CC sign up bonus definitely counted and I definitely got the 25k points as the choice benefit.

  23. @ Nico — Maybe give it a short while, as the account will likely update itself at some point?

  24. True, it shows spire elite for me. thanks for reminding me of that.

    I got the IHG master card back in Jan, 2015.

  25. Can I get this status if I only earn the required 75k points but spend less than 75 nights with IHG?

  26. i can also verify that I also achieved Spire status with the help of 70k sign up bonus from the card.

    I am however going to defer claiming the 25k bonus points until 1/1/16 since it says that the bonus offer expires 12/31/16 and see if the 25k bonus points will count toward next years status. ( i am thinking not but doesn’t hurt to try since i have no plans to use the 25k IHG points any time soon.)

  27. I got Spire Elite and 25K bonus points are now instantly in my account! I applied for the 70K sign-up bonus card in March and I think what helped me get Spire Elite is that I got all the bonus points for the Set Your Sights promo last quarter (or whichever promo that one was.) My husband also got this card but is still Platinum. And it doesn’t appear that his sign-up bonus will count toward it either. At least we got it for one of us! Thanks Lucky for letting us know!

  28. @JunO
    Screenshots other bloggers have posted for how to claim the 25k bonus have shown that they don’t count as Elite qualifying.

  29. I may not be as lucky. sign up for 70K offer recently, only 1K (minimum spend) shows as elite qualifying. In process for Chase match to 80K but not holding my breath that it will all suddenly qualify.

  30. Doubt it’ll last long, Ben – they stopped the sign-up bonus counting towards status on the UK card a month ago. Of course you guys still get a more generous free night deal – grr! 😛

  31. Got 70k sign up bonus, topped it off to 75k with Chase UR. Next day account update to Spire Elite! Took the 25k bonus – thanks Lucky!!

  32. I have the card, and got my Spire status. My wife, who got the same card at the same time, didn’t get Spire. When I dig into accounts, my 80k miles show up as elite qualifying, but hers don’t. What gives? Is it random? From reading the rules, it looks like a case of me getting lucky rather than her getting screwed, but we’d still love to have the extra 25K points that would come with her getting Spire. Any chance the points could be reclassified as elite qualifying with a phone call? Or not worth bothering?


  33. I got this card in Feb when it was 80k, I stayed at some IHG’s, bought some points in between and had 95k points. I saw the Spire elite status, and opted for the 25k points. the 25k were deposited instantly in my account. Thanks for this post.

  34. @Aquaremo What kind of points did you buy? I bought 60k (30k +30k) through the +100% promo a few weeks ago and none posted toward status. I have platinum from getting the card early last year

    @Matt A I’ve read that it does

  35. Bam, I added the 25k points to my account after receiving notice this morning about the upgrade and then researching the new status via google, landing on your page. Thanks for the tip! The points show immediately, so stoked to get that added bonus. I don’t know why anyone would want to “share” the status with someone else, there is very little value in that. If they already travel a bunch for work or whatever, they should be in a higher status to begin with.

  36. My 80k point posted last night and unfortunately it’s not counting toward the elite status…. 🙁
    anyways to contact IHG to do something about it? it seems the cut off was very recent… and I missed it by few days…

  37. Why in the world would IHG put expiration date on points. ?? That will about do it for me with this chain. I’ve been a loyal platinum member for many years. The latest offers and points programs have been very sub par compared to other years. Customer service on the web site will Never respond to questions. You call in and they have very little to offer for answers.. What’s up ?

  38. @ Mike — In fairness, unfortunately expiration dates on points are the norm rather than the exception nowadays.

  39. My husband’s 80k points posted today – no Spire Elite upgrade, still listed as Platinum. When asked during a live chat with IHG I was directed to call the the Platinum Hotline directly at 1-800-421-5162 for more information.

  40. @Mike if you are a loyal Platinum member, then you will be staying or using points at least once a year right? Therefore, your points won’t expire. The only people who lose their points aren’t using or earning.

    In my opinion, this is fair.

  41. Apply card on mid May and 70k points posted on July 28th, not qualified for Spire. In process of matching it for 80k points with chase and just called the platinum hot line at 1-800-421-5162. The manager is investigating my claim and this should take 3 days. Hope I can get some good news.

  42. Isaac, they told me the same thing – that they would investigate and call in about three days. We’ve still not heard from them. Disappointing for us – hope you get better service. Good luck!

  43. An update. Not qualified for the spire status with my 70k points from Chase as IHG manager mentioned that bonus points are not considered as elite qualify points. On the other hand, Chase was able to match my sign up bonus to 80k points, conversations were made through secure messages.

  44. Kinda stupid, they refused to upgrade me to spire especially as 20K of my 80K posted correctly as EQP. They said they’re still working on the T&C and may downgrade spire people to platinum and remove their bonus (if they got the spire through EQP from the CC – which they were not supposed to get).

    Pretty crappy customer service – hung up on twice, almost an hour on the phone, and no upgrade/bonus for me. Over this chain – stay elsewhere.

  45. FYI – You look for ‘Spire Elite Choice Benefit’ at the bottom left of the screen when trying to claim this benefit, otherwise its hard to find.

    And not to be a jerk, but to the people who are ‘hating’ on IHG because this new benefit is ‘not awe inspiring enough’ – You get 80,000 points for Free (no fee) – and then an additional $49 gets you a FREE Night anywhere, plus this Spire elite benefit nets you another 25K for a total of 105,000 points. That’s enough for a week at a ‘normal’ hotel, plus a free night at an AMAZING property anywhere in the world. Stop complaining, its awesome.

  46. wondering if this is stackable with the 10% rebate for reward night redemption offered to IHG Chase credit card holders?

  47. Now, the IHG points we get with a credit card do not count toward the Spire Elite status. I recently open a credit card and got 60,000 points, however, it was counted as 0 elite qualifying points. I inquired to the IHG rewards club and their answer was no.

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