Sorry, I lied!

Remember how I just made that post saying my mom’s “private” cabin was ruined? Well, I have to apologize, I lied. That was a misunderstanding. Apparently she did have the cabin all to herself, and it was one hell of a flight. I’m totally jealous that she experienced an empty cabin before I did!

I guess this would be a good time to start hoping that the same thing happens on my upcoming trip….

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  1. I haven’t actually spoken to her on the phone yet, since she got to Germany, but I will tomorrow and I’ll find out. Either it was a misunderstanding, or maybe a case of (attempted) poaching.

  2. I’ve still yet to be alone in international F (I’ve been alone in 3-class F before, but it was ORD-DTW! :p )

    Many near-empty cabins, eg 1 other person.

    Imagine my jealousy when a woman who works for me, whose award I booked, flew alone in SQ F earlier this year !

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