Some good deals on Gogo for the holidays

In-flight wifi has changed my life when it comes to domestic flying, so I have a monthly all airline pass which costs me $39.95/month. I hate spending that much money, but it probably allows me to be productive an extra 20-30 hours per month, so is well worth it.

For those that don’t have as much of a use for in-flight wifi but are traveling over the holidays, Gogo has some specials that might be worth considering.

They have two all-day passes available on any Gogo equipped flight for $14.50, valid for travel between November 17 and November 25, 2012. That’s as much as you’ll usually pay for wifi on a single transcon, so is quite a good deal given that you can use it for multiple flights in a day. The dates don’t have to be consecutive, so you can use one on your outbound travel date and one on your return travel date.

Then they have three all-day passes on any Gogo equipped flight for $19.50, valid for travel between November 17, 2012, and January 3, 2013.

You do have to purchase these passes in advance, so if you have upcoming holiday travel it might be time to consider your onboard internet use.

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  1. Just an FYI about this deal: Unlike the past when you were given a code to use-or give away- as you like, all of the passes are now put directly into your account. I intended on giving a couple of these to my family, but there is no way to transfer this online.

    I called and they were happy to cancel 2 of them on my account and send me codes to give away. Which, by the way, do not expire on Jan 3, 2013 as the original codes do…

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