Some cool airline related YouTube videos

I’ve been pretty busy watching YouTube videos the past few days, and came across a few aviation related ones that I thought were awesome, so I thought I’d share them here. Please note that some of these, especially the Pam Ann ones, contain bad language so you might be best off saving them for home.

For those that speak German (and also for those who can see), here’s a really cool documentary on Lufthansa taking delivery of their first A340-600 (this is part one of ten so just follow the “related videos” link from there):

Great Lufthansa commercial with awesome music (obviously a MUC based crew, definitely not FRA):

The Pam Ann BA promotional video:

Hilarious Pam Ann airline commentary (sorry about the bad quality, but this is just too funny):

and the continuation:

Enjoy! If you have any others that are good please share them here. For more of my favorites see my post a while back on videos.

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