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Last year, Singapore Airlines introduced new interiors for their Boeing 777-300ER aircraft. Ultimately it was more of a cosmetic adjustment — it wasn’t a change to the “bones” of the seats, but rather they tweaked with the aesthetics. These interiors debuted on the newly delivered 777-300ER aircraft, and were first offered on flights to London Heathrow and Mumbai. Best I can tell they haven’t gone back and reconfigured any of their current 777-300ERs, so it will likely be a while before these cabins are widespread.

Here’s a video of Singapore’s new 777-300ER cabins:

And here are a couple of pictures of their new 777-300ER first class:

Singapore 777 New First Class

Singapore 777 New First Class

I was totally surprised when reader Brad left a comment saying that he was on an A380 with the new interiors as well. I hadn’t yet heard any announcement of the new interiors being offered on the A380s, so this came as news to me.

He was kind enough to send along some pictures of the new Singapore Airlines A380 Suites Class product:

Singapore A380 New Suites Class

Singapore A380 New Suites Class

Singapore A380 New Suites Class

Singapore A380 New Suites Class

Singapore A380 New Suites Class

Singapore A380 New Suites Class

As you can see, the changes are once again mostly aesthetic, just matching the tones of the new 777-300ER cabins.

Singapore 777-300ER Old First Class

Singapore A380 Old Suites Class

For a more on what the “old” 777-300ER first class and Suites Class cabins look like, check out my previous trip reports:

This refresh is very similar to what Cathay Pacific is doing with their “new” 777-300ER first class. They’re also not changing the “bones” of their seats, but are changing the aesthetics.

Cathay Pacific 777-300ER New First Class

As I said that, it’s kind of like lipstick on a pig supermodel.

  1. I actually flew that one between FRA-JFK and the steward explained to me, that this was the only one refitted yet. After flying the new product and the old one after that, I’d say that the new padding is more comfortable mans look more pleasantly.

  2. While I appreciate seat interior upgrades in airlines, I have to say I am not a big fan of the color choices that SQ made here. The black and darker wood trim seems like an interesting combination to say the least.

  3. But, the “new seat” in the 777 looks wider than the “new seat” in the A380? Is it optical illusion or a camera angle? Or the color of leather?

  4. @ JohnB — Well ultimately it’s a different type of seat. The 777 is wider for sitting (but not nearly as private), though when turned into bed mode, the A380 seat is a larger sleeping area.

  5. Wow that’s interesting… It’s unlike Singapore to make a positive change without advertising it. I wonder what routes this is flying (other than SQ27/28 as per the above comment).

  6. Hmmm…from a purely aesthetic point of view, the 2 tones don’t seem to mesh quite as well in the new A380 suite as they do in the old one. But then again I suppose that’s just a matter of personal taste.

    Are there any other tweaks besides changing the upholstery?

  7. Have you flown the 777-300 in First? I can’t seem to find much info on how it differs from the 777ER, but it seems to fairly consistently have more F availability (along with the A330, which is a whole ‘nuther mystery) on routes that operate both. Reviews of those would be ace…

  8. +1 Josh – I’m flying F on the 777-300 (SIN-DXB) in a few weeks and there are very few reviews out there.

  9. @ Ben – The SQ website features two different First Classes (in addition to Suites): a “New First Class”, which it claims is available on “the new Boeing 777-300ER aircraft”, and an “Other First Class”, available on “Boeing 777-300ER and refitted Boeing 777-300 aircraft”. The A330 isn’t mentioned.

    Are we sure these are merely “cosmetic” adjustments? “New First” seems to have a larger video screen, new head rest, seat back cushions and lumbar support, as well as extended outer walls for greater privacy. It’s a bit confusing which version of First Class is available on what routes, and whether the A330 has the same First as the old 773s.

  10. @ Josh — The A330 doesn’t have first class. Singapore’s two types of 777 first class are the ones shown above. The one I’ve flown many times before, and then the one I posted pictures of above.

  11. Just flew SQ 26 from FRA-JFK with the refurbed seats. They must have at least two now because the one identified on SQTalk as being refurbished was in SIN when my flight took off.

    I hadn’t flown the old SQ Suites so I can’t compare, but I think these seats looked pretty nice in this new style. I will say I was a bit surprised to see that given how recently the refurb must have been completed they didn’t seem to do much to the mechanics of the suites themselves. My doors kept sliding open during the flight and I almost ripped off the wood paneling on one of the handles when I tried to shut them again. Still a very nice product that I hope I get to try again.

  12. Sorry but am I the only one that thinks Singapore’s finishes and color combinations are absolutely hideous? Probably extreme word choice if you actually compare it to dated products but the wood color, tone of the plastics and other colors make it look very 1970’s/1980’s to me…

    Don’t get me wrong the actual seat looks phenomenally comfortable and the amenities are certainly great but the actual aesthetics to me are far behind most other Asian and European flag carrier first class products (Lufthansa for example is a MUCH more modern, polished and sophisticated look to me).

  13. ANA website shows great availability in Biz between SIN-DPS and SIN-MLE on the late flight but ZERO FC between SYD-SIN……but the availability on KrisFlyer site is fantastic! Thank you!

  14. Does anyone know if this refurbished suites is avaiable on the Zurich-Singapore A380? I am due to fly on that in December and curious to know.

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