My Experience Being Approved For The Chase Sapphire Reserve!

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The Chase Sapphire Reserve Card officially launched online Monday, and I’ve written about it extensively. The card has a big 100,000 point welcome bonus upon completing minimum spend, though the main reason I wanted the card is to use it for my long term everyday spend.

The card offers triple points on dining and travel, so this is the card that will take up prime real estate in my wallet for a long time to come, and I’ll be putting a lot of spend on it.

As you might expect, I’ve opened more than five new credit cards in the past 24 months. As a general rule of thumb, that leads to instant rejections when applying for many of Chase’s credit cards (though not all cards are included, and some report success even when having exceeded that theoretical limit).

However, I am a Chase Private Client and have been a loyal Chase customer for a long time. As I explained yesterday, Chase seems to be making some exceptions on a case-by-case basis for Private Client customers.


So Monday I went into a Chase branch and spoke with one of the Private Client bankers (not my “relationship manager,” as they call them, since he’s in Tampa). I explained that I wanted to apply for the new Sapphire Reserve Card, but that I thought I’d be declined because I’ve opened more than five cards in the past 24 months.

He asked me to give him a few minutes while he investigated, since he said they weren’t properly set up to process applications yet. He called someone in the back office, and I probably sat there for about 30 minutes.

He came back to tell me that I could submit an application with him, and then he could call in for “special consideration.” However, there was a slight wrinkle, as it seemed he couldn’t figure out how to submit the application online, so he had to do it the old fashioned way, using a paper application.

He said he didn’t want to keep me waiting, so asked me to sign a signature block for my application, and that he’d have it processed on his end.

This was around noon on Monday, though I didn’t hear back for the rest of the day. I called him on Tuesday morning and asked about the status of the application, and he said he’d submit it that morning. A bit later he called me, and asked if he could connect me with an analyst who was reviewing my application at that time.

She was very friendly, and explained that the application was being held up since I had opened more than five accounts within the past 24 months. However, she explained that an exception could sometimes be made for Private Client customers, and asked me how big of a credit line I was looking for.

I said $20,000 (or so) would be ideal, since I didn’t want my credit utilization to be too high. She asked me to hold for a few minutes so she could work on switching things around so that I might be able to get approved.

Sure enough she came back on the line several minutes later, and explained that I was conditionally approved, though a senior underwriter would have to sign off on it, and it could take up to a week for that to happen.

So yeah, that’s how I got approved for the Chase Sapphire Reserve. I’d note that I’m not some high roller Private Client in the grand scheme of things, but rather have the minimum amount invested with them in order to maintain that account. However, both my business and personal checking accounts are with Chase, I’ve had several Chase credit cards long term, including the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card which I’ve had since it launched, and I even had a mortgage with Chase.

In other words, I have been a very loyal customer, and that has been the case for many years.

So if you are a Private Client, there’s certainly a chance of being approved in spite of the normal restrictions on new accounts. However, being a Private Client in and of itself doesn’t do the trick, as she really seemed to be taking into consideration my overall relationship with Chase, even noting my long term checking accounts with them.

I share this story since I’ve received a lot of questions about how I plan on getting the card. Initially I thought I had no chance, but it seems that Chase Private Client can really help in this regard, at least for long term customers.

I’m very grateful to have been approved, and can’t wait to start using this card everyday.

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  1. Congrats on the approval. The title seems to suggest that you also got 100K points. How did that happen? You have a Sapphire preferred, don’t you?

  2. Did you get a discount on the annual fee due to being a Chase Private client? I ask because Citibank have me a $100 discount on the prestige card. Thanks.

  3. Congrats on the approval Ben! That’s the least they can do for you for all the marketing you’ve been doing for them.

    btw, what’s up with all the title changes this week? I think this was the 3rd?

  4. I was conditionally approved by an analyst and sent to an underwriter. Got rejection letter in mail in a week so don’t count those chickens yet Ben.

  5. I was happy to get approved online immediately. Now just need to decide what to do with the Chase Sapphire Preferred – should I ditch it?

  6. I applied the other day and was not immediately approved. I presumed it was because I already had about 5 Chase cards open (long term, none within the last 2 years) with a fairly sizable credit line total. I called today and suggested that I figured I wasn’t immediately approved due to the total Chase credit line I had. The agent confirmed that was exactly why I was not immediately approved. So I told them I’d be happy to shift some credit lines around. The CSR card requires at least a $10K credit line which was easy enough for me to accomplish. I was on hold a while and then had to talk to another agent who asked some questions about my credit report (confirming certain info). I was then approved. Relatively easy. So if you weren’t approved right away and they told you the application was pending there’s a probably a good chance that’s why.

  7. You know there will be people whining about special treatment and whatnot so thank you for being up front. You work extremely hard and earned your money and know that no apologies are needed for being a customer of status with the bank. Your transparency will likely be looked upon condescendingly by some others that are jealous or have some other inferiority complex, but I appreciate your explanation without apologizing for your station at this point in your life.

  8. “I’m very grateful to have been approved, and can’t wait to start using this card everyday.”

    Once you reach the minimum spend required to obtain 100K points, I would think you would want to use this card for travel and dining, but not for everyday spending since Freedom Unlimited would give you 50% more points and those points could be transferred to CSR. Am I thinking about this incorrectly? Thanks.

  9. Same question as DSK…For everything besides Travel and Dining, use the Freedom Unlimited? Because even though it is 50% more points. And you value those points transfered to Prestigue at how much???

  10. So excited to have been approved after getting a pending review. I was fine with the 5/24 rule, but I do have a sizable amount of cards with Chase. I called one day later, and they said I was approved. I couldn’t control my excitement with the operater. Lol

  11. For what its worth, my wife and I applied Monday and we just received her card via UPS. No calls were made to ask for expedited shipping so the card should be in your hands soon. Glad to see it is shipping quickly as everything I have read is it would take 7-10 days to receive.

  12. I followed Lucky’s earlier advice and decided to try in-branch. I told the rep that I was interested in applying for the CSR and was wondering if I was pre-approved. She looked me up on the computer and then told me yes. I told her great and let’s apply so she went through all the benefits and had me sign some forms about fee disclosure and then she checked on the computer and said it was pending and in 7-10 days they would either send me the card or a letter if it was denied. I then said “I thought you said I was pre-approved” to which she replied “No, you had an invitation”. I am over the 5/24 so probably will be denied. I will wait though and find out for sure before calling them up to giving them a piece of my mind. Some data points: I had called yesterday to lower the credit line on my Marriott by over 12K in hopes that it would help with approval. We’ll see.

  13. Hi Lucky, I hope all is well with you since your sudden return from Fiji.

    So here’s the deal for other readers in my situation. I was JUST approved for the Chase Sapphire Preferred (CSP) card in late June, less than 60 days ago. Sure, I love the CSP card (I also have the Chase Freedom card for the quarterly incentive kicker) and would love the Reserve card even more. I just called Chase and inquired about an upgrade. Yes, I could upgrade my CSP to the new Reserve card but would forgo the 100k bonus (and without a hard pull on my 835 credit score) OR I could apply for the Reserve card as an additional card and receive the 100k bonus. Given I JUST received the CSP card in June, I think it’s best I ‘sit this one out’ until 90 days have lapsed. I once read that too many credit inquiries within a 90 day period could adversely affect your credit score.

  14. I got approved for FIVE of them!!!

    Just kidding…

    Did anyone think to ask if you could get more than one???

  15. @Lucky: What is your plan for the Chase Sapphire Prestige? I was also approved for a Chase Reserve card and don’t see the need to keep my Prestige. Should I downgrade it to Freedom or Freedom Unlimited?

  16. @Lucky – Congrats to you on getting approved for the CSR.

    Being one of the top travel bloggers, you HAD to get the Reserve somehow.

    What do you plan to do with your CSP now? downgrade to Freedom unlimited?

  17. @Ben

    As CPC did you try going for the JP Morgan Reserve?

    Same sign up bonus, same annual fee, same benefits+ United Lounge membership, hidden trade line and a Palladium style card.

  18. How do you ask for the special consideration application? My relationship manager is in California, but I am thinking about doing exactly what you are doing here in New York!!! I thought I was definitely locked out with like 19/24, but I am going to reference this article. Last time I talked with the banker he didn’t even mention that we can get around 5/24…

  19. Lucky – Good for you. Do you know if Chase considers credit card downgrades the same as opened credit cards in the 24 month cycle? Also do converted credit cards like Barclay USAir to Aviator Red count toward 5/24 rule?

  20. actually, they no longer do special reconsideration letters, as of this week… not sure why they did it for you. My banker said that the system for special consideration had ended for private clients (and can only be done for business customers)

  21. I got the Freedom 10 months ago and the Sapphire Preferred five months ago. (Plus I was added as an authorized user on two other cards in the last year.) Do you think that they are less likely to approve me because I have gotten two UR cards in less than a year? I haven’t put any spend on the CSP since I got the bonus, so I am wondering if they would say something like I haven’t been using enough of their credit so they don’t think I need more.

  22. Lucky, the one thing I haven’t seen in all the discussions of the Sapphire Reserve card is this: I currently have the Sapphire Preferred card – if I get the Reserve card, I’m most likely going to cancel the Preferred card, since I’d shift all my spend to the Reserve. However, I have ~300,000 UR points in my Preferred account – can I transfer/combine those points into my Reserve account before cancelling the Preferred card? Definitely don’t want to lose those points, and want to be able to combine them all together (in the same way that I’ve done in the past with moving Chase Ink points to my Sapphire Preferred account before cancelling the Ink card).

    Insight on this would be appreciated…Thanks!

  23. Chase Ritz or the Chase Sapphire Reserve or the Citi Prestige? which one offers better lounge benefit? I mean number of lounges and if anyone else with you get free access with you?

    Thanks. I don’t need 3 annual fee cards with global entry or lounge benefit.

  24. Did you get final approval yet?

    Mine is still sitting at ’30 days’ on the status line, after successful recon (“recommended for approval” but the credit analyst said it needed to go to someone else for final approval).

  25. I was going to call Chase to find out about their decision on my CSR application, but then I decided to first check to see whether I’d been pre-approved for any Chase cards at all. Yup, I have been pre-approved for the Freedom, Slate and CSP. So, if I’ve been pr-approved for those cards, chances are that Chase might approve me without requiring that I move my credit around or cancel a card or two to make room under my total credit line cap to accommodate the CSR. They may just increase my cap instead, which would further improve my FICO. So, I will let things play out to the end and wait for the official notification by snail mail…

    I am in no hurry as the major purchase that I plan to make to cover the CSR $4K minimum spend that would earn me the 100K signup bonus points won’t happen until some time in October…

  26. @bwright- Yes, it is a metal card, similar to the Preferred in weight and feel. The design is not great for readability, though- the numbers are a pretty thin and non-reflective silver on a black background. Wish someone had thought about that a bit more.

  27. FYI I was approved online on Monday and received the card today! I didn’t request expedited delivery, so it looks like they’re going out fast, or I just got lucky 🙂

  28. It is pretty useless people saying they got approved and other blah blah without telling us

    1) How much they make
    2) How many cards they have opened in past 2 years
    3) And how much money they have with chase and for how long.

    Without those points they getting accepted or rejected doesn’t really mean much to the other readers. Cant relate their situation with our situation to decide whether to apply or not.

  29. I was not approved for the Chase Sapphire Reserve card due to the 5/24 rule in place. I have great credit as well as credit lines available all things considered. I called the reconsideration line and explained my payment history, credit, credit flexibility desire as well as my desire to enjoyment of being apart of the “chase family” after shifting approximately 10k of credit to the Chase Sapphire Reserve card my application was accepted and was also granted significant additional credit. Excited about the card and it is clear that a lot of what was discussed in this article is misleading in respect to conditions of approval. Great card and excited to start taking advantage of those rewards.

  30. I think it really made the card not prestige at all. Infinite Visa are amongst the top tier credit card for wealthy people (outside the US)
    I’m sure Chase is targeted those big spenders, simply not the Mileage or point runners / manufacturer spending folks.
    I’m guessing most people just wanting the 100k signup bonus and cancel right after 1 year when annual fees renewal comes?
    They should make this card exclusively just for the “Chase Private Client” only.
    So sad seeing the Infinite Visa become less exclusive now

  31. 1. I make 1.7 Million
    2. Opened 8 accounts last 2 years
    3. Denied
    4. Life goes on
    5. Will continue flying my G-550 around

  32. I was wondering what benefits go with being a CPC (vs CitiBank equivalent) and what is the JP Morgan Reserve (that one of your commentators mentioned) which apparently has all the benefits of the CSR + United lounge access? Thanks.

  33. I am a Palladium card holder so I will have the SCR and JPMR. Can’t go wrong with $1,200 worth of travel credit for this year.

  34. Am considering getting the Sappbire Reserve and dropping Sapphire Preferred like many others.

    To the questions above, you can transfer UR points instantly online between Chase cards – super easy on the website as long as both cards are open.

    My question is about the Extended Warranty (adds 1 year on). What happens with items I bought on Sapphire Preferred if I cancel it? Does the Extended Warranty from Chase disapear?

  35. @Andrew

    Yes you can transfer. Don’t know if Lucky is ok with posting a link but google this “transferring ur points to other chase cards” and you’ll see some links that show a step by step process for transferring UR points from one Chase card to another.

  36. hrmmm, just got the 7-10 day wait. I’m not CPC but have had brokerage accounts open with Chase for the past decade +. Well under the 5/24 rule. I called into the Sapphire Preferred line, no visibility from that team to the application process and no willingness to transfer me. Called the main line and finally got someone to look it up, was told all apps are now 7-10 day wait since they’ve received so many applications. I may try my local branch later today…not a great way to kick off a premier product!

  37. it should not come as a surprise when you are approved, you are prolly one of their top 10 resellers, judging by the amount of posts you have made about this card!

  38. @Alexander – Visa Infinite isn’t necessarily very exclusive elsewhere. In Canada, it is very common, including most of the miles/points cards. Only $60K individual or $100K household income required, so not really that wealthy.

  39. Here is my experience at the branch …
    I knew I was over the limit 5/24, probably more 10/24 so decided to go to my Chase branch yesterday morning in Chelsea in NYC. I do have the Chase Ink card and had in the past the regular Sapphire but mostly I do bank with Citi and have the Citi Prestige. My credit score is very good.
    I just wanted to know if I was pre-proved almost being sure I would not be.
    After a short wait a nice knowledgeable banker checked the computer and told me I was pre-approved. Obviously I decided to go for the card with him. Took 10 minutes including a call to lower my credit limit from $ 24,000 to $ 5,000. He told me I had a “gold” icon on the screen attached to my account and thus he knew I was pre-approved.
    He had a big mat on his desk with explanations of all the Chase card including the new Sapphire Reserve one and it says at the bottom that this information is “accurate as of 06/2016”. So the card has been in preparation for a while.
    The banker also mentioned that since the card has been so successful they cannot “manufacture” it soon enough so they will be a 2 weeks delay before I receive the card.
    Bottom line I think there is nothing to loose to go to a branch and ask if someone is pre-approved.
    But I will wait having spent the $ 4000 on this Reserve card before having my husband check his status. And I will not request new cards for him in the meantime to be closer to 4/24.
    Ben … thanks for you blog … learned so much and enjoy it greatly.

  40. I got approved on the spot Monday and got a good sized line approved then and there in the branch. I will say as a former banker, what your banker in the story did is very much against compliance and he would be terminated for holding an application over night and having sign a blind doc.

  41. Do you think the spending requirements for the preferred will drop now? Also if possible can a post be made for good card combinations to have. With all the talk about how good the Sapphire/Freedom or Preferred/Freedom are it would be nice to know of other combinations to maximize points and benefits.

  42. I went to a branch today and verified that I was pre-approved, despite being (20/24).
    Banker needed to follow up with a verification call, but I was approved on the spot with a $33K credit line.
    The entire process took five minutes.

  43. Looking at this card as a long term keeper, it looks like it comes down to how much money you charge for TRAVEL and DINING. Two Questions:
    1) Given you are effectively paying $150 a year to have this card, what is the breakeven amount of spending in TRAVEL and DINING you need to generate (as opposed to a no fee card like Citi’s Double Cash card)?
    2) What charges define TRAVEL and DINING?

  44. FYI I read about the JP Morgan Reserve. It is only for $10M+ customers. Palladium card is being replaced by JP Morgan Reserve but Chase Private Client members ($250K+) are being directed to Chase Sapphire Reserve.

  45. I’ve definitely opened more than five credit cards in the last 24 months, but this morning I decided to apply for the Chase Sapphire Reserve with the 100,000 miles anyway. I applied online and got the “we will get back to you screen.” About an hour later I got a phone call from them, answered a couple more easy questions, and she approved me on the spot! I am shocked. And very happy.

  46. I applied yesterday and got approved. When I called and asked them to expedite the shipping, I was told
    Flat out no, the demand is too high. I’m trying again tomorrow to see if they can get me the card more quickly.

  47. Adding that when I asked for the card to be expedited this morning, the woman said okay and that I’d have it in 1-2 days. I read about other people’s experiences and it’s like I had the wrong number or something! There is no obvious reason that my experience has been different than many others’, so I’d say go ahead and try.

  48. Someone said the Palladium card had the same benefits as CSR, this is untrue. The Palladium is actually a somewhat mediocre card with a $500 annual fee, no sign up bonus and no triple points on anything. Also no travel credit or Global Entry credit. Basically it is a watered down CSP with United Club membership if you ask for it… Oh and it’s cool looking.

    Even the United Club Card is superior considering its $450 a year, obviously as United Club membership but also free bags, priority security and boarding and earns 1.5 United miles on all spend 2x on United purchases).

    It doesn’t much matter since they are pulling the plug on the Palladium anyway.

  49. Long story short:

    I am Chase Private Client, have about 1.1 million with them. Have a very long term relationship with Chase (15 plus years) and have 5 Chase cards each that get fairly high use.

    FICO is 851 as of today

    I applied for CSR in office with my private banker and still got the “pending” reply.

    I will be a bit ticked off if I am not approved quite frankly. I think I am at 4/24 but I have a lot of credit with Chase and got a new Ink card within 60 days so those factors may be working against me.

  50. I applied for CSP in July and was denied for too many cards. Hubby got it instead and made me an AU. I also just got the Citi Prestige. I am 8 or 9/24 now. I applied for CSR on Monday and got the letter saying they had to consider it. I work very little, but used my hubby’s 115K income. I have $1700 at Chase. I went in yesterday with a $500 coupon and opened the Business Checking Account. I was told I was pre-approved for CSR. I applied again (even though I haven’t heard from the one on Monday) and was approved! It can be done! And my husband is going in tomorrow with a $ 500 Business Checking Coupon and will hopefully get the CSR too. (He applied on Monday and got the note as well, even though he is not over 5/24.) Hopefully this will help someone. Oh, I didn’t tell them I already had a pending application either.

  51. Ben

    I had your same experience. Except I went on Wednesday and the wait time I was told was 2 weeks. My question is the following: I was told by a lady she submitted it to her supervisor for an approval. How likely is t the supervisor approves it? I would imagine it’s a rare case the supervisor would deny it.

  52. My wife got approved today, I am a authorized user. I have the CSP and she is a authorized user (22k limit). We use it as our daily card. We decided to put this one in her name because I’ve had a lot of credit pulls for other cards and new mortgage. We make around 130k yearly and have a lot of available credit. She was approved for the CSR with only 10k limit (assuming because we have around 100k open lines available). Both are scores have taken a hit because of the new mortgage, but we are around 680’s now, a few months ago we where 700’s.

    She got the same message as i did for the CSP (pending, we will let you know our decision in 14 days ect) but she called the same number I did 888-270-2127 it is not the same as a customer service rep, this number will send you to someone that can process your app immediately. She called and was approved 5 mins after they verified some info. Hope this helps.

  53. I applied on Monday online and was told that additional research was needed and it would be 30 days before I found out if I was approved or not. Took the issue into my own hands and called a senior lender at Chase who was able to pull up my application. I was asked a few questions and was approved. I asked how long before I received the card and was told 2-3 weeks due to heavy demand, etc. I asked if it could be expedited and was told no way. Much to my surprise it showed up today via overnight UPS. Made my day!

  54. I applied for the card Monday and received “pending review.” Quick question: I’m not a CPC but my husband and I have a $200k mortgage with Chase. Think this will help in coaxing a positive decision?

  55. Just got the shipping confirmation for overnight delivery tomorrow and I applied well after business hours Tuesday night. Fast turnaround for doing this completely through the online application. Gotta say service like that (especially when unexpected – emailing the shipping info was quite proactive) makes a great additional impression.

  56. Gees. Its just a credit card! Some of the comments here imply this card will get you rich – it wont! Its just a credit card. Charge too much and you’ll go into default . Life goes on if you have the card or dont have it.

  57. I was approved in a branch today. Took about 10 minutes total. The banker had only reviewed the card info once, so once she realized I knew what the details were, she started asking me about it!

    I have an 803 credit score (as of yesterday), $110k annual income, and was technically at 2/24. I thought I was at 4/24, but that dropped a couple months ago.

    Planning to transfer all my points from CSP, then downgrading that card to Freedom Unlimited. I’ll continue using my SPG card for non-bonus spend until the merger changes things then switch to Freedom Unlimited for non-bonus spend. Reserve and regular Freedom for bonus spending. I’m planning to keep the Reserve card for a long time.

  58. This whole thing is so bizarrely random that I don’t think there is an actual 5/24 rule. Someone with 1Mil+ invested in Chase and 800+ 4/24 gets a pending while I have zip invested with them, <700 score, 8+/24 and with pre-approval, I get approved. My Fiancee had no preapproval, higher CS, less cards in 24 than I, and makes 85 while I make 100. Denied.
    I think that Chase actually has no idea what their own rule is, and they're just arbitrarily approving and denying people with no consideration to reality.
    I'm happy to have been approved, but I honestly don't know why I was.

  59. I didn’t have a snowball’s chance in hell of getting approved for this card, but it just happened at a Chase branch in LA. No pre-approval, <700 credit score, blew 5/24 (I've applied for 5 cards in the last eight months and 2 were declined), and didn't have the minimum line of credit required: ten grand. Had I done the application online, FORGET IT. What I figured out is, going into the branch — as a few have wisely suggested here — does not in and of itself get you approved easier. What it does is give you a chance to SPEAK with a person working deep in their credit screening bureau. At first it was like talking to the IRS, but after few minutes of going through my credit history with this guy, it dawned on me he really WANTS you to get this card. After all, it's a $450 annual fee and everyone stands to make commissions. So I was actually able to explain why my score is less than stellar, able to point out that while I'm not a high net worth dude, I have a ten year history of never missing a payment, etc, etc… The thing that ultimately won him over was the advice the guy in the branch (a Chase Private client rep who was just awesome) gave me: if you really want this card, throw everything you have from your other Chase cards over to it. So I closed a Chase Slate with $1,500, and gave up 3 grand from my Mileage Plus Explorer (no loss there) and that was it. That's my experience. Good luck!

  60. I applied Aug 22nd with 6/24, cs 820, +300k not a CPC. The only other Chase cc I have is MP Club card with cl of 68k. The application had been pending since then. I called several times and the regular CS rep couldn’t help me much other than saying that there’re a lot of applications and just wait. I called today at 888-270-2127 (thanks @Johnny for posting) and was told that it’s under 2nd review by the lander. She said, if it was’t rejected right away and went to 2nd review most likely because the lander either couldn’t locate the applicant or they’re reviewing additional credit limit can be granted. I asked her to transfer 25k (max she can do) from my United Club card and the CSR application was approved!

  61. i’ve been in “pending status” for the last week and thought I was doomed for rejection. On a whim I decided to try calling the 888-270-2127 line posted here, at least to just end the waiting game. The CSR would bring me to 6/24 (cards 4 and 5 I got in the last month! CS ~769). After finally getting through to someone (hold time was ~15 minutes) they told me they wanted me to shuffle some of my existing credit from other Chase cards to the CSR. After doing that and then talking with the fraud team I was informed I was approved!

  62. Too bad CPC didn’t help me since I still got denied with it. Maybe Lucky is considered more special than just a private client.

  63. Happy to share that Chase considers applications even you when one is beyond the 5/24 rule . In my case I have 8/24, 750+ credit, not a CPC, but I do have a 10-year old relationship with them in banking, multiple Chase credit cards (e.g Presidential Plus, Marriot, Mileage Plus Select, Sapphire Preferred etc). I applied on the first day and got the message, “..decision in 30 days”. I then called credit card application center from time to time to follow-up and they said to wait. Every time I called, they would mention how they value my business and considering my banking relationship and amount of credit I have with them, they see no reason for me to get denied. After a week of follow-up, they finally referred me to a lending specialist and the specialist said he really likes what he sees in my history and told me he was going to “recommend for approval”. He further advised me that a mandatory “second look” will be done by the senior lending specialist in 7-10 days. On the 7th day, I got an “Welcome to Chase Sapphire Reserve” email. There you go folks! There is hope for those beyond 5/24 and for those that are not CPC’s.

  64. I just stumbled across my approval when I logged into my Chase account to check the balance on my Chase Auto Loan. I’ve only been in the US 12 months, 720 credit score, kept my statement balances on low end of market $500 credit limit cards below 30% and it seems to have done the trick. $25k credit limit from nowhere!
    No email from Chase whatsoever. That said, Chase have been great to deal with as a newbie to the US. The Auto Loan was easy to setup, they looked into my 999/999 UK credit history when I had only been here a month. With the credit card, I’ll now move my Checking Account to Chase. I feel they have earned my business.
    Thanks for the tips on managing credit history Ben. Seems to have worked for me.

  65. Just to add another data point. I’m way past the 5/24 rule (maybe like 9/24?) and got approved today. I got a call from a private number and they asked me to verify that I had applied for the card and sent me a verification code to my phone and asked me to repeat it to them. After a minute she said I was approved. I logged into my Chase portal and was approved for a rather significant credit line. I don’t know what other factors may have helped me. My other Chase cards are the INK, Bold, Hyatt, Freedom, and Sapphire. I have a checking account with them that only and it consistently has less than $2K. I used to put a lot of spend on my cards until the Prestige came along. Guess Chase will be getting a bit of my business now going forward!

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