Maximizing Your Chances Of Being Approved For The Chase Sapphire Reserve

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The Chase Sapphire Reserve Card launched yesterday morning, and it’s hot. Between the sign-up bonus, perks, and return on everyday spend, people are going nuts over the card. I’ve received a ton of questions from readers asking about whether it’s worth it for them to apply given their circumstances.

The reality is that there’s a lot of information out there, with hundreds of data points. That’s a good thing in theory, but also leads to information overload, especially for the casual consumer. So I figured I’d share my consolidated thoughts on getting approved for this card. I’m not claiming to be any more right than anyone else, but am rather just sharing the information I’ve gathered based on the hundreds of data points that readers have shared with me.

What to be aware of with Chase Sapphire Reserve approvals

First let me provide a bit of background, and for those of you who already know about Chase’s 5/24 rule, by all means skip this section.

Long story short, Chase typically won’t approve consumers for new cards if they’ve opened more than five cards in the past 24 months. While that doesn’t impact a vast majority of consumers, for those who have opened more cards than that in the past 24 months, it could lead to an instant denial. There are a few things to note about what qualifies towards the restriction:

  • The five card total doesn’t just include Chase cards, but rather most cards
  • The exception is some business cards not issued by Chase, which may not count towards that total
  • Being an authorized user on many cards, including Chase cards, could count towards that limit
  • There’s no easy way to tell whether or not this rule will prevent you from being approved, other than applying

The rumors we’ve been hearing about Sapphire Reserve approvals

What has made this complicated is the amount of information out there.

Some people suggest that you have a better chance of being approved if you go into a branch.

Some people suggest that being a Chase Private Client (having over ~$250K in assets invested with them) will do the trick.

Some suggest that some people are pre-qualified for the offer, so will get approved even if they’ve opened more than five cards in the past 24 months.


My suggestions about applying for the Sapphire Reserve

I’m going to share my suggestions, which reflect my perspective on things based on all the data points out there. I’m positive there will be people who have data points that contract what I say, but rather my goal is to provide general advice, which I’m not claiming is true 100% of the time, or will necessarily apply to you. But as someone who is in the business of trying to give tens of thousands of people advice at once, this is the best I can do. 😉

My general advice

If you exceed the Chase 5/24 rule, I don’t think it’s worth applying for the Sapphire Reserve online, as you’ll almost certainly be rejected. Don’t bother taking the hit of a hard pull.

Could you have better luck in a Chase branch?

Some people have reported better luck being approved for the card in a Chase branch. It seems like some people have been pre-approved for the Sapphire Reserve without knowing it, particularly if you already have other Chase products like the Chase Sapphire Preferred® Card, and the best way to find out is to go into a Chase branch and ask. If you have been pre-approved, you’re in luck, and have a good chance of being approved. If you haven’t been pre-approved, chances are that applying in a branch won’t actually make a difference.

What about Chase Private Client?

This is Chase’s premium banking service, and there are reports of people being approved through it when having otherwise opened more than five cards in the past 24 months.

I think the key here is that they measure your overall value to Chase when making these exceptions, as they’re not typically instant. In other words, transferring $250,000 and opening a Chase Private Client account likely won’t get you approved.

Meanwhile if you’ve been a Chase Private Client for years, have been spending a lot on their credit cards over the years, etc., you’re much more likely to be approved.

This isn’t something you can (or should try to) game. Simply being a Chase Private Client doesn’t get you an automatic exception, but rather if you have a long standing, profitable, and valuable relationship with Chase, you’re more likely to have them manually approve you for the card. This will require the banker to call someone internally to try and have them manually approve the application, as the banker can’t even get it approved directly. Expect that person to very closely analyze your value to Chase.

So absolutely don’t expect an exception, but if you’ve been a long time Private Client customer, you might have a chance. If you’re someone who has a few thousand (or even tens of thousands) in cash with them and aren’t a Private Client, chances are that they won’t make an exception.

Bottom line

Let me say once again that the above is very general advice based on the data points I’ve received. If you exceed the Chase 5/24 rule, I wouldn’t bother applying online. It could make sense to go into a branch and see if you’re pre-approved, but if not, don’t bother.

If you’re a Chase Private Client and long time customer, an exception can potentially be made. However, this isn’t them simply checking a box, so opening a Private Client account and then applying won’t do the trick. They’ll analyze your long term value to the company, and make a decision based on that.

If you’ve applied for the Sapphire Reserve, does the above match your experience, or no?

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  1. I think I’ve heard this advice many times over the years – ‘Your credit is your most important asset’ – there’s a lesson in there somewhere.

  2. WOW. What a refreshing view of the the application process. Most other bloggers are falling over backwards to promote the card without giving sound advice and observations. You actually have a recommendation of when NOT to apply and the pitfalls of when and how you apply.

    While you were already high on my list of bloggers, my respect meter just went up further.

  3. Went to the branch and asked if I was pre approved… YES, So I applied and was given 31,000 line of credit. new accounts 24/24

  4. Has anyone yet seen a “You are pre-approved” mailer … or email?

    If you go into a branch to learn if you are pre-approved, what info to you need give them?

  5. I have not gotten a clear answer to this question. I have no travel plans this year, can I use the $300 credit to buy an airline gift card? If so, can I buy 1-$300, or do you have to buy multiple smaller denominations of gift cards? Do the transactions have to be purchased separately? I expect to be approved and have lots of travel next year to use the credit again! Thank you for explaining this.

  6. I was just approved at my Branch after being “Pre approved” according to the Banker
    I am at 9/24. Talking to the Banker the key reasons were:
    Chase Customer for 2+ years.
    Hi Monthly (>2k) Sapphire Preferred spend, paid in full every month.
    Mortgage with Chase
    They have been trying to get me to upgrade to Private Client for those two years.

    Lucky is absolutely correct. It is all about the future value that they see in your relationship.

  7. @ BFD — One purchases should be fine, and as long as the airline processes the gift card purchase directly (as most airlines do), that should qualify.

  8. @Lucky – if it’s the AU accounts that just put me over the 5/24 limit, is it worth the trouble to get the accounts removed from the credit agencies? Is it possible? Thanks!

  9. Does 5/24 apply to inquiries, new accounts, or specifically new revolving credit accounts?



  10. Authorized users absolutely count against your “5/24”. This is not a “may count” it is a “will count” unless you are a private client or pre approved.

  11. I applied in branch with pre-approval. Approved with 28K (bringing total business/personal LOC at Chase to 83k). 8+/24. Fiancee did the same with similar income, higher credit score, similar amount of cards in 24. No pre-approval, 7-10 day notice.

  12. I would have loved to explore the Chase branch option, but up here in MA, the only Chase entities are 2 ATMs in downtown Boston. Tried online and got a “pending”. I’m fairly certain what will come next in 7-10 days, and I won’t like it 🙂

    As an alternative, I may ramp up my Ink+ 5x usage…

  13. I have not applied and I’m over 5/24 for another 4-6 months….. I’m glad I always thought it foolish to do the authorized user for meager bonus points do I never did.

  14. I just want to be clear. My wife and I each have had 5 opened credit accounts over the past 24 months. Does the limitation begin after the sixth credit card opening or are we to sit on the sidelines until we get to the 4/24 level. Thank you in advance…

  15. Applied online.. At 9/24, no immediate approval. When calling for status I keep getting switched to a rep and I ask about status. I keep getting told it’s going to a real person and wait for a letter. Thoughts???
    Also is there any benefit for an authorized user on the reserve card other than spend?

  16. Being CPC, 2 months ago I was rejected for my Marriott Biz Application, which i was hoping to combine with my 150k Marriot pts for their 5 or 7 day travel package. The rejection was probably due to me having roughly 16/24.

    After the rejection a month later i Applied for the delta gold from amex. and was approved.

    Today, I said what the hey, I applied online and was miraculously approved for my 18/24.

    I will most likely be cancelling my amex MB plat, even though i’d hate to lose out on the centurion lounge and FHR benefits. However my plan is to cancel MB Plat, keep the CSR for 1 year, then cancel csr after 1 year, upgrade my CSP (aoa 5 years, one of my longest) to CSR, so i can keep my aaoa up. then get 100k plat somewhere down the road.

  17. @Paulie: Note that each “additional card” (per the online T&Cs; which I interpret as “authorized user”) costs $75

  18. Do we know how precisely the timing of the 5/24 rule is applied? My fifth most recent card was issued on September 1, 2014. Will I pass the 5/24 rule on September 2? Or do I have to wait until October 1 for some reason involving this being measured in whole months?

  19. OK, so if you are under 5/24 you will get approved automatically unless you have low income and low credit score. Minium Credit Line for CSR is $10k. The only way to get approved for the CSR if you’re over 5/24 is going to a branch and have a pre-approval or be a Chase Private Client. No other way. Maybe 6/24 or 7/24 if you count store cards, authorized users, etc.

  20. actually, this article hit the nail on the head for me. I became a private client just for this card. Denied……
    I kind of wish I’d seen this article yesterday before I applied. I guess I wasted a hard pull (I don’t really want any of the cards not under the 5/24 rule, so no point applying for them)
    I did ask my private client banker to call for me, so we’ll see. I’m not getting my hopes up…

  21. @Lucky:

    I’d like clarification on the following:
    1: Is the 5/24 rule applicable when you have applied for 5 cards or does it kick in on the 6th card. I’ve seen mention of both “more than 5 cards” and “5 or more cards”.
    2: I’ve also seen mention of both words “open” and “apply”. I have at least one new card that was opened for me when my brokerage firm changed the bank which they use for credit cards. I’m guessing it looks like a new account but I sure as heck never applied for that card. Will that count in the 5/24 rule?


  22. This is like watching hogs at the trough. I can’t believe the lengths people will go to in order to get this card. It’s a credit card for crying out loud. It’s not with rearranging your life over. Thankfully I was easily approved. but going to a branch, trying to become a “private client” at a giant greedy back! What nonsense!

  23. Echoing the question from Neil and Gary72: is it “more than 5” or “5 or more” that triggers a denial? I’m at exactly 5 (until December). Seen various interpretations here and on FT, but haven’t had the time or patience to sort through the hundreds of datapoints.

  24. Do ALL credit cards count, like a Macy’s store card? Or just major credit cards (Visa, MC, Discover, Amex)? Thank you!

  25. 6/24, top 1% income, 835 credit score. Went to a branch this afternoon, was told I was pre-approved (vs having no pre-approval offers when I checked online); submitted an application and was told . . . “you’ll hear in 7-10 days.” The banker gave me a number to call if I didn’t want to wait for Chase’s letter; I just called (granted, less than an hour after being at the branch) and was told only that they could see the application but that there was no decision yet.

  26. @dcs

    I applied online today and got the dreaded pending 7-10 day. I am 2/24 with 835 FICO so I called and learned I was declined because I was maxed on the credit they would extend to me. They simply moved some from two other cards and I was approved.

    point is….. if you are under the 24 limit be sure to immediately call

  27. Got a “We will let you know in 10 days” when I applied. Called to only find out I was only one month from being 4/24 rather than 5/24. Told to apply October 1st. FICO over 800.

  28. Has anybody had luck upgrading their Sapphire Preffered card yet? Is it better to just apply for this or upgrade ?

  29. Ok folks, here’s the lay of the land as regards to Chase CC that is affected by the 5/24 (unpublished) rule:
    5/24 and the new Chase Sapphire Reserve:

    1. It applies to all UR earning CCs’ & some co- branded Chase cards seems to be exempt from this rule.
    2. 5/24 includes all credit cards, charge cards, store cards, gas cards, if you were an AU on somebody
    else’s account. This does not include inquiries, personal loans, car loans and mortgages. Remember, 5
    is the cut-off number. If you’ve had six then don’t even bother. Folks that have been approved and
    have had more than 5 – consider yourselves lucky!!! Not everyone is.
    3. When applying in branch, make sure the rep is not using the same on-line pre-approval site that us
    consumers use. They have a special site that checks pre-approvals that are way different than the
    online site.
    4. Opening a CPC the same day you are applying for the CSR will not help. You need to demonstrate
    activity for the past 12-24 months. Chase reviews your value and profitability to them.
    5. To check if you are on the 5/24 threshold, sign-in on Credit Karma, pull your Transunion or
    for Experian. Open the all accounts tab, arrange all your accounts by the open date starting with the newest and count how many new accounts were opened in the last two years. If the 5th and oldest credit card was opened in August of 2014, then wait until the middle of September to apply. If you are at exactly 5 right now, its better to wait ’til the fifth one drops off so that the new CSR would be the fifth one.

    I hope this helps to answer some of the questions and confusion. Just take it with a grain of salt if that’s what you prefer and of course…YMMV.

  30. @Jerry — Thanks for a data point that provides empirical support for my ‘thesis’ and congrats on being approved! I want to let things play out, i.e., let Chase reach their own decision, to see if I will be denied or they will increase my current CL cap. I do not think it matters when one contacts them to request reconsideration. Like I said, I am zero risk to Chase so I am sure that they will approve me, like they just approved you, if the reason for denial is no room under Chase’s CL cap, and I offer to move things around…

  31. @Lucky

    I am a 7/24, with a FICO score of 740+. 3 months ago I tried applying for a Chase United Club card and was denied online for having “too many accounts”. A call yielded nothing. Having seen all the coverage over the last 2 days, I took everyone’s advice and went to the branch today (Day 2) after work. It seems like the branch in Tribeca has quite a fair bit of people applying for the Chase Sapphire Reserve to the point where one of the guys waiting in the waiting area chuckled when I mentioned to the banker I was there to see if I was pre-approved for Chase Reserve. I had a conversation with him and he mentioned that he was way over 5/24 and also trying to see if he can snag an offer from the branch. He went first, and when he came back he said he was denied. I went next, and thankfully, I was prequalified for not just the Chase Reserve, but apparently also the Chase United Club which I was denied 3 months ago.

    This is where, I think it might be interesting. Yes I was approved, but it seems from the gentleman’s experience before me , it wasn’t just about walking into the branch. There must be something more to why I was pre-approved and he wasn’t. When I read the terms and conditions that the banker printed out from the computer system, I noticed something interesting. On the sheet called “Disclosure”, it says: “You were selected for … based on 1) information in your credit report or 2) an existing Chase relationship. To determine which selection method applied to you, please see the ‘Notice About this offer’ section in the Credit Card Terms & Conditions.”

    So i flipped to the T&C, and lo and behold, in extremely tiny print, it says, “you were selected for this offer based on your existing relationship with Chase.”

    I don’t have Chase Private Client, I do not have $10,000 with Chase in a checking account. I do not even have direct deposit set up with them. All I had that I know of my ‘relationship’ with them is 1) a checking account since 2009, 2) a chase sapphire preferred credit card since 2013, and 3) a regular payment of my credit card since 2013 – no carry over balance ever, always pay my bills.

    Thus, I would posit that the way pre-qualifying works in-branch is NOT based on the 5/24 rule (they didn’t even ask for a social security number), but based on some kind of relationship metric internally.

  32. Just approved! Mid to upper 700’s credit, low utilization. Recently received a Chase Saphire preferred and spent the 3k required for the bonus. I am now at 3/24. What next lol, I’m hooked Lucky!

  33. I got an email saying that I will know of a decision via U.S mail in the next 30 days. What does that mean? Anyone else get a response like that?

    I’m not a Chase banking client, new to Chase credit cards with a high credit score in high 700’s.

  34. Stats:
    Income: $300-400k
    Housing: $3700
    Applications: 2/24
    Chase relationship: Checking and Savings but closed over 2 years ago
    Total Credit Limit (excl Amex plat): $100k, but none with Chase
    Utilization: 3-4%
    FICO: 780-825 depending on bureau

    Applied online yesterday, got the “need more review” message, automated phone system still says pending. After reading these comments I wonder if my high aggregate credit limits on other cards kept me from immediate approval. The only other thing I can think of is the old address I have on file with Chase and the fact that I am not consistent with whether I use my middle initial or not.

  35. What number are people calling to get a live person who can give updates? The regular number is an automated system, and when I get to the operator they don’t give me any additional info.

  36. Annoying. I went to the branch today, thinking I could talk things out with them. The banker guy said he had to call after he entered my info. (I’m maybe at 3/24, 92k income, no idea what my FICO is but think it’s high, own home, no more mortgage – and we didn’t get into my combined-with-husband income). I told him I was guessing it was because they’d want me to shuffle credit limits around, which I’m fine with. He said he’d call me after Chase got back to him in 15 minutes.

    Five hours later he called. Said I should cancel my Mileage Plus no fee card and keep the CSP but move some of the credit from there to the CSR. I asked if I could keep a few thousand on the MP card and take some more from CSP, and he said OK. Put me on hold and….. came back and said it had to go up to the next level approver, answer expected in 1-2 weeks! GRRRRR I have a vacation to book.

  37. I just called after getting the “you’ll receive a letter in 7-10 days.” Credit score 800, income over $250K, zero balance on any credit cards, 120K in open credit on various accounts including $50K on various Chase cards. They said they would approve me if the could take credit limit from another card which I didn’t use at all which I was fine with. Card was instantly approved after that.

  38. Okay, there are plenty of data points now. The biggest hurdle to getting the CSR, everything being kosher, is having enough room under the Chase individual credit line cap to accommodate the CSR’s relatively large CL. I am nearly certain that I will be denied unless I move some credit around because that’s what quite a few people with profiles similar to mine have had to do. Thus, things have played themselves out long enough. It’s time to call and get over with it. One potential hitch is that if I am asked to cancel a card that I do not use, like the original UA MP card that has paid my $60 AF for as long as I have been a 1K, then I might have to reconsider because the length of my credit history would definitely take a huge hit and my stellar FICO would come down significantly. I will have simulate to determine by many points my FICO would come down before I agree to canceling some of my oldest Chase cards…

  39. I will have TO simulate to determine by HOW many points my FICO would come down before I agree to canceling some of my oldest Chase cards…

  40. For what it is worth, I was at 5/24 exactly, plus 2/24 AU. I jumped in early, so I didn’t yet know to ask if I was preapproved, I just applied for the Reserve in branch. I am not a Chase banking client.

    I was denied, and the reconsideration agent said she couldn’t do anything since it was too many cards in two years. I asked if authorized users count. She said no, so I asked her if she would mind re-verifying that I was really over the limit. She agreed, and came back after a while and offered to approve if I shifted credit from existing Chase cards.

    Anecdotally from what I’ve read, it seems like even if denied, once you call reconsideration, a) people exactly at 5/24 may have a shot if one of them is an Ink Plus, b) store cards may not always count (one of mine was a Banana Repiblic VIsa), and c) the agent may exercise discretion if the oldest card is near, but not over, two years old (that same BR visa is at 21 months).

    Card sure does come in a fancy box. My partner snorted at me when she saw it.

  41. @DCS: I believe FICO depends on the length of your credit history itself, not the length of your longest card. Not 100% sure however.

  42. “Long story short, Chase typically won’t approve consumers for new cards if they’ve opened more than five cards in the past 24 months.”

    You should clarify that as of now it applies to the UR family, Southwest family, United family, and the Marriott personal card. Most of the others don’t fall under 5/24, for now…

  43. Just got the ID verification call (about 18hrs after applying) where they text me a code and I give it to the rep over the phone. $35k credit limit.

    @DCS: I used the credit simulator from my credit monitoring service to see what happens if I close all my unused cards (one of which is my longest card. Experian and TransUnion show no change, and Equifax is a 7 point reduction. I read somewhere that accounts in good standing remain on your report (and thus counted towards avg age) for 10 years.

  44. Chase is a strange beast. I applied for CSP a few years ago and got a pending review message. It was strange given that I had an existing Hyatt card with Chase, excellent (800+) FICO scores, long credit history, and high income with relatively low housing costs. Chase called me back then to do an identity verification. I was at a bachelor party and had little time to deal with them (and they were demanding a landline registered in my name – which i did not and still do not have). I just gave up and decided Chase didn’t want my everyday spend business.

    I applied to the CSR on Monday evening. I have similar stats now to Rich above (800+ FICO, more than $130k total revolving lines, ~$300k income, ~$2700 housing costs, still carry the Hyatt card, not near 5/24, but no other Chase relations). Again i got a “Pending”. I thought “Here we go again”. And then i called recon on Tuesday morning and found out i was approved with a $35k limit. If it was automatic without further inquiry to me, not sure why it wasn’t instant. But it wasn’t.

  45. Applied last night, instant approval with $10K credit limit.

    Income: $57K
    Housing: $1950
    Applications: 0/24
    Chase relationship: Already have Southwest, Disney, and Amazon Chase Visa cards, but all more than 2 years old.
    Total Credit Limit: Before applying, $40K
    Utilization: 3%
    FICO: 801

    Now to get those 100,000 points! I’m quite new to the points game, having only had a Southwest card until a couple of months ago, when I got the Citi Prestige card right before they decreased the signup bonus.

  46. Signed up last night, approved instantly with $35k CL.

    FICO Score 809
    Income: $155,000
    1/24 (hyatt card in 2015)
    Chase checking only with low balance ($1000), most of my $ is elsewhere
    Have been chase customer for a long time, have many of their credit cards.

  47. @Rich — What FICO calls length of credit history is obtained by computing the mean of the age of all of one’s credit accounts. I had my very first card in 1986, a Citi MC with a $500 CL. That card was converted by a visa and now has CL is $10K with APR of 10%.

    It is 30 years old. However, according to CreditKarma (fronting TransUnion) the Age of my Credit History, which is “the AVERAGE length of time your accounts have been open” is 9 years and 2 months. Big difference between the age of my oldest card and the length of my credit history, because the latter is simply the ARITHMETIC MEAN of how long I have had each card. It has a “medium impact” on the credit score. This means I am better off canceling recently acquired cards than older ones. Canceling recent cards can increase one’s FICO,while canceling old ones can decrease it. A simulation can tell me by how many points…

  48. I was 6/24 and got a hard denial. Rather than wasting the hard pop pull I applied for the Ritz Carlton card (not subject to 5/24 for whatever reason.) Got the 7-10 day pending reasponse, called the recon line and got approved. An option for those fearing denial and want a potential consolation prize :).

  49. I read this post and the comments specifically for information about situations like mine, where people are at their combined credit line/limit (CL) with Chase for all of their credit card accounts. I am under 5/24 and currently have five Chase cards. With my last Chase application (> 2 years ago), I had to reallocate CLs to free up enough for the new card. I think the same thing would happen now. I am thinking of proactively closing a mostly unused card and reducing my CL on other account(s) to make sure that I have at least $10K available under my CL cap to get an instant approval. I know the conventional wisdom used to be to not “give up” any of your credit line, but it seems like that advice may not apply as much now, at least for everyone. Any thoughts about proactively closing accounts/reducing CLs?

  50. Perhaps a helpful data point. I went back through my openings and thought I was 6/24. I pulled Credit Karma and it only showed 4/24. This appears due to the SPG AMEX card I got in Oct 2014 and SPG Biz Amex in April 2016 not showing as new accounts. I already had an AMEX Plat when I got these so they are not showing up as new cards for whatever reasons. I applied for CSR and got a pending message. Called and they said it was due to credit lines. Moved some lines around on my Hyatt and IHG cards and she said I should be good. Will know for sure in 7-14 days.

  51. If anyone is even close to 5/24 do not apply online. I made the mistake of doing this and called the reconsideration line but they told me that I had too many recently opened accounts. My recently open accounts included Citi Prestige, July 16, Hilton Hhonors 5/16, IHG Chase – 1/16, and AA Platinum 11/15 and Barclaycard Arrival – 9/14 which put me right at 5/24. When I talked to the rep she even mentioned a Starwood Amex that was opened in Jan/14 and said that there was nothing she could do to get this overturned. However, I went into Chase Bank today to make a deposit and out of curiosity asked the teller if I was pre-approved for any cards and the mentioned (Slate, Freedom Unlimited, and the RESERVE) I told them I would like to speak with a banker since I was just denied to see if she could get my application overturned, however, she said that she would have to run the my credit again. I didn’t want to do this but she said it should only count as 1 pull, but even if it didn’t my score is around 815 so if it dropped a little more I felt it was worth this risk b/c I wanted to find out, and really want this card even though I have the Preferred and Freedom. Ran the report and immediately approved for 17k somehow. I thought I would have to move credit around or cancel since I had to when I applied for my last Chase IHG Credit Card. Don’t understand how this happens since it should all be the same system, but obviously from a lot of reports, going into the Bank is your best bet.

  52. One more data point here:
    – Sitting smack on 5/24.
    – Gross Annual: $120,000.
    – Zero debt, no real assets.
    – Credit score of 750 (only been in the States 1.5 years)
    – Currently had credit limit with CSP & Freedom of $20,500.
    – Walked into branch, person helped me (and himself, he gets commissions right!). Said I am pre-approved. Did the application and got the approval phone call all there while I was in the branch.

    Goodbye loyalty to AA, hello free range PP lounge access and Korean Air international first!

    Thanks for the tips guys!

  53. 8/24 pre-approval at branch approved 31k CL.

    Nothing online pre-approvals only showed up at branch. If you are not pre-qualified at a branch don’t apply, say thank you and leave. If you app you will be declined.

  54. Not only I was not approved, but I’m also downgrading my CSP to a Freedom now that my annual is due. Def not worth it keeping that card for the second year for a paltry 2x on dining and travel with much better earning options in my wallet like the Prestige and PRG. Thats one thing that these Chase bloggers never seem to mention..

  55. So how should one proceed with removing authorized user cards? Do I do that or does the cardholder need to do? How soon afterward will the credit reports be updated? I, too, was interested in the question regarding revolving credit or car loans etc.? Will those count?

  56. @DCS: I am in exactly the same situation as you. High credit score and under 5/24, but got a “Decision Pending” when I applied online. I called the recon line and was told that my application had been forwarded to a senior lender for review – not sure if that is a mere formality or if there’s a chance that I will ultimately be denied. I was expecting to be asked to close a card or shuffle my credit lines around in order to make room for the Reserve (and maybe I still will), but when I called the first time at least this was not brought up. What’s ironic is that this card is just going to replace my Sapphire Preferred (which I’ll close after getting the Reserve), so in reality I have plenty of credit line to work with. Frustrating, because I have friends with virtually no credit history and very little income that were immediately approved for 30k+.

  57. Just sharing this if anyone might find this useful.
    Both me and my husband are at 8/24 (including two authorized user accounts for each of us). We didn’t walk into a branch as we tried to look up online to check if we were targeted for any chase cards at all. It was nil. So we tried our luck online today morning. Both of us were denied for CSR. The reps told us that even after excluding the authorized user accounts we both were still at 6/24. 🙁
    But since we didn’t want to waste a credit pull, we went ahead and tried out luck with Chase Fairmont within 10 minutes of being rejected for CSR. Both approved!

  58. Here’s my data point. Applied online on Monday. Received a “thanks for applying, we’ll let you know.”. Not approved, not denied. Stopped by the local Chase branch to inquire and was given excellent customer service. CSR looked it up and then called it in. They told him they are overwhelmed by the amount of apps and it could take 7 days. I am under the 5/24, but I believe those who have mentioned the total credit line with Chase are right on point and is equally important. I have 3 personal and 1 business Chase card, 80K credit line. The thing I’m not sure of is what is their limit? What is the percentage of income or formula that Chase derives is ok or too much?

  59. When does the $450 membership fee get charged? Is it the first month after having the card, during the first year, or after you’ve had the card a calendar year?

  60. Applied. Got denied. 6/24 with the 6 being a ink +. Totally forgot about a stupid credit card that I applied for when opening a bank account.

    Called recon twice. Will try again tonight and hope for the best.

    Have a question though. I app’d yesterday (8/23) at approx 930 am. Is it too late to apply for another chase card that doesn’t fall under the 5/24 such as the Hyatt/ihg/etc to combine it as one hard pull.

    Thanks for the help

  61. @James: There’s no indication that the annual fee is waived in the first year, so I would expect it to be charged in the first statement, and then every twelfth statement thereafter.

  62. @JN: It’s an interesting idea. You’ll probably get a Pending if you’re close to your total credit limit, so closing accounts before applying could help free up that space. On the other hand, it’ll show up when they pull that you just closed some accounts, which could be a red flag. Really it all comes down to whether or not they are going to let people move credit around to make room for the Reserve. If they do, no reason to close anything. But nobody knows the answer to that yet – we’re all still waiting to hear back from Chase.

  63. Also, got the dreaded pending message. Called and was told I was just have to wait for my letter. I persisted and was sent over to the Lending dept. Minutes later I was approved.

    With regards to the comment above, I was told they could move credit around if necessary to get approval.

  64. I applied in branch, am at 5/24 and a Private Client. Was put in pending state. I called my card services line and dropped about 30k of credit lines to make room. Will give another day to see if approved on own but then call.

  65. I applied online and was put in pending. I am 0/24, 800+ Fico Score, Long time Chase customer, Sapphire preferred holder for 2+ yrs (always pay the entire balance every month) and Chase United mileage card holder. After I called the reconsideration dept, I was told that the credit limit on my united mileage card (current balance $0) was holding up the approval and whether I would be OK moving some credit from the account, which I said was OK. However, when the person tried to move the credit, she could not and said instead how but new $20K on the reserve card? she put in her recommendation and told it would take 24-48 hrs for the decision. Sounds a bit strange. Has anyone seen/heard a similar situation before?

  66. Curious about others who may have gotten this card, and the limits they are getting. My FICO is 840, and all around just a great credit profile. I spend about 250K+ a year on Amex Platinum, and was even sent their Back Card which i refused to activate (not seeing the value in $10,000 to it). I went ahead and applied online for this Chase Sapphire Reserve and was approved almost instantly. My question relates to the limit $35,000 I was given. While not low, I thought it would be higher given my credit and income. Does anyone know if this is a cap on how much this card allows for the credit limit? Or what limits are others getting? The 3X points on travel related charges is what got me, otherwise I would stick with Amex, they just don’t offer much value for points.

  67. @ William, in my previous phone conversations with Chase anything over $35,000 has to go through a more scrutinized process. Even moving balances from one account to another (I have 4 accounts with $90k between them). I have them at $25k, $25k, $20k, and $20k. I had one at $35k previously and was going to make one $40 and they told me this process. Hope this helps.

  68. Applied online and got 7-10 day response message. Called in immediately and after a 20 minute phone call with the reconsideration line, got approved 18k, didn’t have to explain anything, just verify who I was, which was strange. I have 3 chase cards totaling 20k. I think I am 2/24, so that may have helped.

  69. Approved 16k, no pre-approval offer. Went in to branch and got the 7 day wait and checked in two days and had the approval.

    Excited about this card.Who get’s excited about credit card debt? lol

  70. I ‘ve just filled out application form for Sapphire Reserve, when i hit submit button, I got Automatic Approval right away, how is this happening?

    Could it be because of my 769 credit score?

  71. Hello,

    Thanks very much for your blog.
    I am curious about your and anyone’s input on the following re denied application for the CSR card:
    Denied due to 9/24. Credit score 765. Income 120K.
    Already have CSP, Mileage Explorer, and Freedom by Chase.
    Will drop to 4/24 by Jan 2017. Will re-apply for CSR then.
    Any insight whether closing the CSP (with a 50K credit line) would be an advantage?

    Thanks – Mark

  72. Hello,

    I have only one credit card with Union Bank with $2000 credit limit. I’ve had this card for 7 years.
    I don’t have any accounts with Chase.
    I have zero debt and my score is 790.

    Would I be approved for Chase Saphire Reserved? My concern is the low credit limit that I have of $2000 and the fact that I have only one credit card.

    Thank you for your help!

  73. This was an immensely helpful article. I knew I was over the 5/24 limit when I saw news about the CSR, so I had almost concluded that it wasn’t an option for me. The prospect of applying in my local branch hadn’t occurred to me. Here’s my data point from 9/29:

    Income: $94K
    Mortgage: $1450
    Consumer debt: paid off monthly
    Recent card apps: 6/24 (including one dept. store charge card); 7/24 (including Chase Ink+ — didn’t show on my Equifax report)
    Chase relationship: Checking and savings accounts for 3+ years, Chase Ink+, Chase Sapphire Preferred
    FICO: 769

    Walked into branch to make a deposit into checking. Spoke to a personal banker and asked if he could check whether I was prequalified for CSR. He confirmed that I was and asked if I’d like to apply. I gave him the go ahead. Within five minutes, I was approved with a $28K limit.

    I’m no more sure whether the factors I’ve listed above influenced the decision or not, but I wanted to provide my data FWIW, since this article and the comments helped guide my approach.

  74. CSR is so attractive. I currently have AA Citi Executive, AA Gold MC, AA Plat MC, AA Plat Amex, Delta Plat Amex. None of those are as good as CSR. Since I have 0/24 (Yes I haven’t bothered applying for anything until I saw CSR) and my friends are all showing off their CSRs, I felt like applying online right now. Let’s see what happens:

    Income: $100k
    Rent: $1k
    Recent card apps: 0/24
    Card debt: Paid off monthly
    Chase relationship: Checking account for 10+ years, Chase Freedom ($1.5k CL lol), Chase Slate ($3k CL)
    Free FICO 8 Score according to Chase Slate: 706

    Damn! Instant online approval with $29.9k CL! I am so excited that I called Citi to close 3 of my 4 AA cards with annual anniversary later this October. Just about the right time!

    Good luck to y’all. Thanks to everyone here!

  75. I called the recon line a few days after getting the 7-10 days message but reps twice told me that it is pending review and that there is nothing they can do about it. They added that the system does not show the reason why it is pending and to call back in 30 days if I don’t hear back! Were they just trying to get rid of me? Anyone had a similar experience?

    I have no red flags that could trigger a denial that I know of…

  76. If I don’t have any chase cards, have a credit limit of 12k with Bank of America, credit score of about 780, what are my chances of being approved?

  77. I applied online 3 days ago and got the 7-10 days message. I got a call this evening from their fraud center (weird) asking me to confirm some information from my application. I did so, and I was approved over the phone. Given everything I’ve read I’m pretty relieved, considering I’m a grad student with low income.

    Cards: 2/24 (this was 3)
    Income: 40k
    Rent: 0
    Credit: 785 from Amex FICO
    All debt paid off monthly
    No previous relationship with Chase

    Credit line of 12k (low, but commensurate with my actual spending habits)

  78. I went into a Chase Branch and applies through them. I got the pending 7 to 10 days response. I called 888-609-7805 to follow up on the status – they said I was denied because I opened up too many cards (which I did, I am well over). Ah well, you win some you lose some. I think it’s good to take a step back and count our blessings for the cards we have been approved for and have also taken advantage of (in terms of miles, points, transfers, airline credits, etc.). Moving on to another card….

  79. I didn’t do to a branch store or speak to anyone. Applied online and got instant approval for $44K. The whole process took about 4 minutes. I didn’t receive an email after approval, so I called them and indeed they were processing the welcome letter and congratulating me. I’m not a chase customer, I don’t hold any accounts with them. Have had 2 cards with decent limits and good history for 5+ years. Replacing one of them.

    35 yrs old
    Low 800s score
    Income $180K
    Low debt to income (Own cars, most of home, etc)
    Spend/payoff 4-6K a month.

  80. I didn’t do to a branch store or speak to anyone. Applied online and got instant approval for $35K. The whole process took about 4 minutes. I didn’t receive an email after approval, so I called them and indeed they were processing the welcome letter and congratulating me. I’m not a chase customer, I don’t hold any accounts with them. Have had 2 cards with decent limits (which I’ve never utilized) and good history for 5+ years. Replacing one of them.

    35 yrs old
    Low 800s score
    Income $180K
    Low debt to income (Own cars, most of home, etc)
    Spend/payoff 4-6K a month.

  81. Does anyone know if this card is offered as a secured option? (I think that’s what it’s called?) I’m an expat moving to the US with no credit score at all – but really want this card for all the perks! Have good salary and cash to put down.

  82. I’ve been coveting this card for some time and have been stalking boards to find out how other people have faired. I knew I had to pay down some of my balances before I could apply. I paid down a big chunk bringing my total utilization to 32% from 40%. I applied for the chase preferred back in June and worked hard to pay down this balance before applying for the reserved. I wasn’t sure of my chances but just took a chance and applied now. I was so shocked to get an instant approval for 27K my highest limit yet. Even my husband who has been a long time chase customer with a credit score over 800 got a pending notice (he eventually got the card) I’ve heard about applying for 2 cards on the same day for just 1 HP so I also took my chances with the Slate card too because I want to take advantage of the transfer deal to pay down the rest of my debt quicker. I also got approved for slate too! I haven’t gotten any confirmation emails so I hope this is not a glitch! But some specs, score low 700s, 95k income, 32% utilization, 4/24 (5/25 if including authorized user)

  83. Still amazed. I have been working on my credit. I have recently paid off about 30 k in credit card debt. In the last 6 months my scores have gone from 620 avg to 745 TU 697 EX and 699 EQ. I have had a capital one card for like 10 years and recently they upgraded to venture one. I had applied for a Barclays Avaitor and was rejected. I think because Barclays sold my account to Mercury. Anyways I have been doing research and wanted this card so bad so I went for it. I didn’t think I had a chance when they pulled Equifax because I had a collection on that report. I waited like 10 days and no response yet so I called. They wanted to verify it was me on the phone. A few days later the card showed up express mail. I was amazed. I do not have a card with more than 6k limit. I make a lot of money but was amazed I got approved as I considered this a reach and the “dream card” as I am learning about miles from reading articles on this site. In 2 months now I have earned a bonus and have 110k points. I am wondering if they will approve me for a Chase Ink business card since I was approved for the reserve card?

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