Returning In 2019: Intriguing Saint Pierre Transatlantic Flight

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Last December I wrote about a fascinating domestic transatlantic route that operated once weekly this past summer.

Nonstop Saint Pierre to Paris flights

Specifically, ASL Airlines operated a Boeing 737-700 that was marketed by Air Saint-Pierre between Paris and Saint Pierre and Miquelon.

What’s Saint Pierre and Miquelon? It’s a self-governing territory of France, situated in the northwestern Atlantic Ocean, near Newfoundland and Labrador. The islands cover an area of about 93 square miles, and have a population of just about 6,000 people.

The territory’s airline, Air Saint-Pierre, only has turboprops, which aren’t capable of operating the route. So they leased a Boeing 737 to operate the once weekly flight.

This was the first time ever that we saw a nonstop link between these territories and mainland France. There were some other things that made this route interesting:

  • The runway in Saint Pierre is only 5,900 feet long, so the plane will be weight restricted, and will only be able to transport at most 100 passengers
  • I had intended to take this flight, but was shocked to find out that the flight was sold out on almost every single date that it operated; I wasn’t expecting that, especially given that the route was subsidized

Anyway, I was really surprised how popular this route was, though I wondered if there was something I was missing. I figured the best indicator of that would be whether or not the flight returned in 2019.

Nonstop transatlantic Saint Pierre flights returning in 2019

The once weekly flight between Saint Pierre and Miquelon and Paris will be returning in 2019, between June 24 and September 9, 2019. That means the route will be operating almost a month longer than in 2018.

The route will once again be operated by an ASL Airlines France Boeing 737-700, and the flight will be marketed and sold by Air Saint-Pierre. The flight will operate westbound on Mondays and eastbound on Tuesdays, as follows:

Paris to Saint Pierre and Miquelon departing 4:00PM arriving 6:30PM
Saint Pierre and Miquelon to Paris departing 10:30AM arriving 8:05PM

As you can see, the plane sits on the ground in Saint Pierre for quite a while. This is so that the crew can get their rest and operate the flight back the next day, rather than making them stay there for over a week. I imagine the airline was able to get a decent deal on parking at the airport for 16 hours. 😉 It’s also interesting since this is an eastbound daytime flight, which is fairly rare.

If you want to book a seat on this flight, here’s the pricing for travel originating in Paris (as you can see, a one-way ticket costs 581.09EUR):

Then here’s the pricing from Saint-Pierre (as you can see, a one-way ticket costs 550EUR):

Online bookings aren’t possible, but you can request a reservation through this link.

I couldn’t make this flight in 2018 due to lack of availability, so I guess it’s time to book now for the 2019 flight, before it sells out.

Anyone else considering taking this flight in 2019?

(Featured image photo credit: Anna Zvereva)

  1. They need to copy British Airways LCY-SNN-JFK, JFK-LCY Airbus A318. In other words, copy not the all business class seating but the kind of route. CDG-FSB non-stop but FSB-maybe St. John’s YYT or Gander-CDG The Newfoundland stop could be a technical stop, no boarding but only fuel. Then they can carry a full load.

  2. Hey, maybe a typo in: “The runway in Saint Pierre is only 5,900 feet long, so the plane was weight restricted, and only transported at most 100 passengers per flight apparently be weight restricted, and will only be able to transport at most 100 passengers”

    Did you mean something like: “The runway in Saint Pierre is only 5,900 feet long, so the plane was and will-be weight restricted. It only transported at-most 100 passengers per flight last year; expect similar conditions this year.”

  3. Thanks, I just booked the flight! Can anyone help me position to St. Pierre? I’n not finding anything direct from NYC.

  4. @ Joe Chivas and Ben

    The last time I went, there was a flight toi/from Montreal a the link with Paris was by using the AF Montreal flight. I always went from/to NY, which was a hassle as NY Flights mostly landed in YUL (Dorval – PE Trudeau) and the ASP flights went to YMX Mirabel to connect with AF. Now that YMX is toast, the problem is gone. Btw, the ASP flight must have been the shortest one to use YMX.

    For those of you who plan to go, only do One Way on ASP as the islands deserve far more than 12 hours and far less than a week.

    I am pretty sure that ASP would generate a lot of French tourism if they had twice-weekly flights enabling people to stay 3 days, exactly as Easter Island does from Santiago (kind of same situation)

  5. I went the hard way, via ferry from Newfoundland. The airport was still under construction then. Should be a really interesting flight! I enjoyed St. Pierre a lot, but enjoy Newfoundland even more. You might consider flying from Paris to St. Pierre, going overland from there to St. John’s or Gander (Gander is a real #avgeek paradise of an airport), then onward.

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