Great Deal: Potentially Redeem Hilton Points For 0.5 Cents Each Towards Amazon Purchases

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Update: And it’s dead once again.

Update: This is once again possible, and most definitely won’t last. Being able to redeem Hilton points for 0.5 cents each towards Amazon purchases is an excellent deal, in my opinion.

Last year Hilton made it easier to redeem Hilton Honors points, and as part of that, they introduced the functionality to redeem points for Amazon purchases. This works much in the same way as how Amex Membership Rewards points can be used to pay for Amazon purchases.

The catch is that this almost never represents a good deal. For example, when the functionality was introduced with Hilton, Honors points could be redeemed for 0.2 cents each towards Amazon purchases.

That’s an awful value, since I think Honors points are worth 0.4-0.5 cents each.

That’s why it’s remarkable that at the moment it appears you can redeem Honors points for 0.5 cents each towards Amazon purchases. That’s on the high-end of what I value Honors points, so to be able to “cash out” points at that rate is a phenomenal deal.

You can redeem them at that rate towards virtually any Amazon purchase, including Amazon gift cards, or gift cards with retailers including StarbucksUberSouthwest AirlinesAirbnbHotels.comWhole Foods, etc.

Now, I’m not sure if this redemption rate is permanent. It sounds too good to be true to me, so if you’re looking to burn Honors points, I’d recommend doing so ASAP, as I imagine this is limited time.

For example, here’s the Honors account I have linked to my Amazon account:

When I add a $50 Amazon gift card to my account, I have the option of redeeming 10,000 Honors points for it:

Do note that unfortunately some people are reporting issues linking their Amazon and Hilton accounts right now. I’m not sure if this is an issue everyone is having, or just some people. For those who have already linked accounts, though, you should be able to redeem at this rate.

Do you plan on redeeming Honors points for Amazon purchases at this rate? Please report back with your experience!

(Tip of the hat to Doctor Of Credit)

  1. Errr…that’s a Big No and a frigg’n waste…C’mon Lucky you should know better ..!

    Why not redeem HH pts at the New Waldorf Bangkok , or indeed upgrade to a beautiful suite at Waldorf Chicago ?
    or Even better aspirational Conrad properites around the traps
    ** Sheesh**
    Oi Vei

  2. Using your link, accounts linked up instantly. No problems. Thanks! Now let’s get to lesson #2: redemption strategies to get even more than half-cent value.

  3. “Shop With Points enrollment for Hilton Honors is currently unavailable.”

    Nice. Way to kill it buddy.

  4. Lucky, shutdown your blog.

    The answer is a cashback card.
    Sounds like even you are hinting at it with this post.

    Your post is the equivalent of your parents telling you to become a barista at Starbucks for life because it comes with health insurance and that is good enough.

  5. Thanks for this! While many of you may think it’s crazy, I just cashed out my 180,000 HH balance for $900 in and Uber gift cards. While I treat myself to luxury once in a while and have
    a few million points across programs that could afford that, I prefer backpacking around the world. Rather than enjoy a few nights in a suite with those HH points, I can now pay for more than 80 nights in guesthouses as I explore SE Asia with the gift card. Those memories stick with me far longer than a suite upgrade and a cocktail hour. To each his own. No need to post nasty comments just because this deal isn’t for you. Thanks for the post!

  6. @Lucky, looks like the AA status buyup program went up for 2019, can’t remember if you posted about this. It’s I have offers there for purchase starting November 1, 2018, but haven’t received any communication yet.

  7. It’s ‘Amazon Time’ at HHonors! This promo just landed in my inbox:

    “You can earn 13X HiltonHonors BonusPoints on up to $500 in eligible purchases at with your Hilton Ascend Card.”


    The offer appears to be targeted so check your inbox or junk mailbox!

  8. redeemed 500K Hilton for $2500 Amazon gift cards and added to my gift card balance

    great deal, thanks Lucky!

  9. Yep, got the same email earlier today. Use Ascend card to purchase up to $500 on Amazon between now and end of January for 13X points. Easy. Been holding Ascend for less than six months and Hilton throwing me great point offers left and right. Up to 420,000 points, including the free weekend night for spending $15K in the calendar year. I have three cards, CSR, Ascend, & Aspire.

  10. According to my chat session with “Frank S.” at Amazon:

    “Shop with Points registration is temporarily unavailable for Hilton Honors rewards system maintenance. If you’d like to register for Shop with Points, please try again within 24 hours”

    I noticed that the Hilton Honors landing page has a “planned maintenance” banner that reads, “We recently made some system updates and are now back online. We are working to process all recent stays and point transactions that took place during the system updates. If you had a stay in the last few days which is not currently reflected in your account, please check back on Friday, November 2. Thanks for your patience!”

    We’ll see…

  11. Thank you. Sitting on 100k points w no real use for (3 young kids = no vacations) but $500 at Amazon buys a boat load of diapers.


  12. Amazon landing page now says 500 points per dollar, so 0.2 cents per point…

    Too bad, guess they made a mistake in coding the initial exchange rate!

  13. As of 1p CT – Just linked my account successfully and quickly thru in an amazon gift card, but it’s only allowing .02 cpp redemption value. Dang.

  14. Perhaps I am in the minority but I don’t know why many people into this Hobby would liquidate Hilton Honors points at a half cent per point. I have upcoming five-night stays on Honors points at the Conrad Maldives and the Conrad Bora Bora, in each case at well over a penny a point. I also just used a combination of Honors points and AMEX certificates for four nights at the Hilton Paris Opera and I have three nights at the Conrad Ft. Lauderdale upcoming on certificates. I also received the offer mentioned by DCS on my Ascend card and just received another offer of spend $200 during November on supermarkets and receive 10,000 Honors points on my Aspire card. So personally, I am not planning to get out of the Hilton points game anytime soon.

  15. Drats! Just linked my Hilton points but I missed the fantastic window of opportunity. Hope lightening strikes again.

  16. @DSK — Sheeeeeh (hush)! Please do not let too many people in on the secret of just how truly rewarding the much-maligned Hilton Honors program is! It is and has always been truly the program to patronize if one’s goal is to the save on personal travel and do it in relative style and comfort, rather than to aim for self-anointed “travel gurus'” made-up “standards of excellence” that have been thoroughly discredited by the demise of their cherished programs. They tried very hard to elevate MR to fill the avoid, but have largely given up after the program’s IT failed spectacularly in merging RC, SPG and MR. Now, the only thing they can point to about MR is that it guarantees 4pm checkout. Big F$%#ing Deal!

  17. I can’t stay at Hiltons because their beds are so firm so was loving the ability to cash some out at 0.5 cents/point, but no thanks on 0.2/point. Maybe the Grammy’s one day for 1 million points, but don’t think that is worth $4,000 either….

  18. I mean…you could get $2,500 in Amazon gift cards with 500K HH…or go to the Maldives for a week.

    The catch with the latter is obviously the extra costs involved. Even if flying there on miles, the Conrad is $1k+ before you even step on the resort (seaplane)…then F&B will come out at another couple of grand.

    At Xmas time, it might make some sense to cash out a few hundred thousand points.

  19. Thanks for the heads up! This worked for me at 9pm eastern. As someone who always has around a million Hilton points even when redeeming for hotel stays a couple times each year, this is perfect holiday timing and a great trade off for me. Less than 20% of my balance to cover all my Christmas needs with nothing out of pocket? No brainer here. Not to mention I have points in other programs.

    I earn the points back with actual work travel quite easily, averaging about 75 Hilton nights each year and lately averaging almost 10,000 points per night. I won’t even know these points were gone by March.

    I wish people had better tolerance for people who use points in the best way for their needs, not others. Over the years I’ve redeemed for luxury stays in international locations and I’ve redeemed for airport Hampton Inns in the middle of nowhere, along with car rentals and gift cards. One size doesn’t fit all. I personally prefer to not spend out of pocket for much travel as long as I have flush accounts in multiple programs, regardless of the ‘value’ per point.

    There’s my internet .02 Hilton cents on the subject… err… .05 cents.

  20. Thanks for the info. This is perfect for me right now. I typically end up getting 0.4 -0.5 cents per point with domestic stays at embassy suites and hilton garden inns. 0.5 cents at amazon works for me. I have been sitting on some balances for a while and have no hilton stays for the foreseeable future. No chance on us going to the maldives right now, but grabbing $1,000 in amazon gift cards will make my wife happy. Thanks again!

  21. Thanks so much. Stay at Marriotts and Hyatt’s for work so have had 55,000 points just sitting in my account for almost a year. Bam. Now have a $275 Amazon gift card for my Holiday shopping.

  22. Thanks so much. Stay at Marriotts and Hyatt’s for work so have had 55,000 points just sitting in my account for almost a year. Bam. Now have a $275 Amazon gift card for my Holiday shopping.

  23. Thanks Lucky, perfect timing! 100% agree with Matt S, I already have 5 nights coming up at Grand Wailea on points and a weekend at the Waldorf Astoria Park city booked next year on points. As a diamond and who has stayed about 50 nights at Hilton this year I rack up plenty of Hilton points (plus my free weekend night from the Aspire card). Also, to everyone making noise about maximizing redemptions, you are not factoring in the time and out of pocket costs that go into those aspirational stays. Many of us only have the bandwidth (time and/or $) for one or two of those per year. Anyway, $1000 in Amazon gift cards is great around the holidays and will also defray some costs that will then allow me to (indirectly) cover some of my incidentals in Maui. Really helpful and one size definitely does not fit all.

  24. FYI works on Visa gift cards too on Amazon – just have to pay $6.95 on $200 cards but works with the Hilton points.

  25. When you factor in the ability to buy Amazon GC’s at 10% off easily (e.g. Lowe’s, Staples amex offers), it just further devalues this type of redemption.

  26. Thanks info. Lucky.
    One thing, according to FAQ on Amzon, “500 Hilton Honors Points equal one dollar on”
    It mean that $50 gift card could be converted to 2,500 HH point.
    But, you showed 10,000 HH required with screenshot. What’s wrong ?

  27. Sorry – what am I missing here? Lucky – a couple of weeks ago you advised us to spend as much as $1,600 to purchase 320,000 Hilton points. Now, if we cash those points we get – $1,600 in Amazon bucks. So, in other words – you start with cash and end up with a less flexible currency – Amazon credit.

    What gives?

  28. @putout

    it is NOT a promotion. It is a bug.

    Amazon starts to cancel orders now. Reports surface that those pending orders without points being deducted yet, now received emails said Payment Method was declined.

  29. @ Eric, Lucky doesn’t “advise” buying points or doing any of these deals he simply posts about opportunities that some may find valuable. Someone trying to book a stay at Conrad Maldives, Grand Wailea, Bora Bora etc. might find buying those points a great way to round out their account or even cover most of one those stays since paid rooms are often close to
    or even over $1K at those hotels. That’s a great arbitrage opportunity. This post was helpful to people on the other side of the coin, those with balances of Honors points that they didn’t have any immediate use for. Since a “typical” Hilton points stay is often going to come out at or below the .05 mark (you often see 50-60K points being charged per night at average downtown/CBD properties) this glitch presented a chance to create some liquidity at a reasonable value (as you pointed out yourself Hilton points are even less liquid than Amazon credits). For me I work for a hotel owner and often stay on work trips at heavily discounted Hilton employee rates (think $35-$55/night) so my analysis when looking at using points vs paid rates is even tougher. I use my points for aspirational stays I would never pay full price for and when my discounts aren’t available. So this was a great opportunity. As they say YMMV. There is no one side fits all here.

  30. I checked and the purchase I made with my Hilton points for .05 per point did go through last night and I am showing a $275 balance in my Amazon account. I must have gotten through right before it ended.

  31. I purchased 2 Amazon GCs. Got confirmation on both but after not receiving the actual digital codes after 12 hours went in and checked my Amazon account- cancelled without even an email notification. Called in and they claimed the “bank” had an invalid payment and I didn’t have enough points ore something. Offered to let me remake the order at a 60% lower rate…

  32. Update: I placed 2 orders within 15 minutes the other night using all points. The first order was just rejected for invalid payment method and I was offered to change it and pay all cash, no hilton points, so I canceled the order. The second order (which was actually placed first) was delivered and the .05 hilton rate was deducted from my account.

    So it looks like it was just random whether it was approved or denied. Thankful to get in on one of them but would have been nice to have both.

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