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Answers (8)

Buying Business Class Seats for 1/3 the cost (recent discovery)

Buying Business Class Seats for 1/3 the cost (recent discovery)

  1. jmichaelschwartz

    I work for a green tech company that pays for business class if the price is reasonable. I live in Charleston, SC (CHS), and I have found that if I take Jet Blue to JFK for around $220 USD, I can get business class flights to Europe for around $3000. That same flight if booked from my home airport (CHS) goes for $7000 or more. Paying the $220 and taking the airtrain to one of the other terminals & rechecking for long haul is worth the price difference.

    [U]My question is what is your top 3 favorite airline/airplane choices from JFK to continental Europe.[/U] I’m leaning towards the Air France A380 business class. I’m connecting to BSL (Basel, Switzerland) so the deals are primarily with legacy carriers that have a good network or through an Alliance that has a network — this seems to rule out Emirates or other players.

    I’m hooked on the Reverse Herringbone layout and 1-2-1 across, but if I can get the A380 I can’t see how you can go wrong with any seat. The 777 for business always seems to be 2-2-2 and because I like window seats– I just refuse to book one if I have to leap over the person sitting next to me,

    I am interested in your thoughts on the JFK – Western Europe Carrier & Equipment. Thank you.

  2. David W

    AF’s A380s still have the old 2-2-2 product in business so youre better off trying to book a flight on one of their reconfigured cabins with 1-2-1 reverse herringbone business instead.

    Lucky made a post on different transatlantic hard products here [URL][/URL]

  3. jmichaelschwartz

    Thank you for the information– do you know if the same type of thread is available for crossing the Pacific either to Asia or Australia? I have both upcoming later this year and want to be picky.

    I flew to Seoul recently, upstairs on the 747-8 and they offered a different layout, a staggered 2-2-2- where every seat allowed for direct aisle access because each seat (although next to each other for the 2-2-2) were staggered– so this is the best layout I think I have come across.

  4. David W

    To Asia, Cathay and EVA Air has reverse herringbone seating. Singapore’s isnt reverse herringbone but its 1-2-1. Cant go wrong with either of those 3. If you’re traveling to Seoul again, SQ flies there nonstop from SFO

  5. jmichaelschwartz

    I work for a green tech company that will pay for Business Class as long as the price is reasonable for overseas/international travel from the USA.

    I live in Charleston, SC (CHS) and after searching the travel sites and running hundreds of different scenarios, I have learned that if I can get to either Chicago (ORD) or New York (JFK) on a separate flight– something like a Jet Blue for $220 R/T and then recheck my bags for the long haul flight — I can save more than 1/2 maybe even 2/3 of the total cost for the flight to Europe or Asia by using this strategy.

    Granted, there are some risks that need to be considered– I usually book a flight out of JFK that is late night so I have plenty of hours on my side to get to JFK (kind of like the Airline Pilots do with the jump seats when they commute to their base).

    If I can get a flight on Business Class & pay for it for say $3000, the average cost for the same flight from my home airport is about $7000 or more.

    I just wanted to pass along this option to my fellow travelers. I save my miles for personal vacations, so when I am buying I also want to get a deal (making a game out of it for lack of a better term).

  6. MidSouthSkier

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  7. Gaurav

    AA also offers reverse herringbone to Asia if you book one of their flights operated by the 787 or the 773. Not as desirable as the three David lists of course but might work for some folks.

  8. Donna

    I always fly on the (AA reflagged) old US Airways Airbus 330’s out of PHL or CLT to Europe which have the reverse herringbone layout. And I agree, it’s the best business class seat option.

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