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Answers (11)

Stopover on paid tickets

Stopover on paid tickets

  1. MidSouthSkier

    Have a friend looking to purchase a revenue ticket from LA to Europe and would like a stopover for a couple of days somewhere. Anyone know which – if any – airlines allow this?

  2. yaboobie

    Wouldn’t that just be a multi-city itinerary?

  3. MidSouthSkier

    Probably, that’s why I’m asking. :p I try not to fly internationally on revenue tickets so am less familiar with stopover rules on those than I am with award tickets. She’s also willing to fly that far in economy *shudder* 😀

  4. No Name

    Might be a case where an open jaw flight would work out, and then book the intra EU flight separately if it comes out to a lower price than a multi city.

    Either get an one way intra EU ticket from one of the LCC or a round trip from one of the legacies and throw away the return?

    This assumes your friend is looking for the stopover in the EU of course?

    Send me an private message with the dates and places and I can help you look if you like?

  5. MidSouthSkier

    I’m still waiting to hear back from her as to where she might want to stop over. I’ve given some suggestions; we’ll see what she says.

  6. Donna

    I’ve done it on two separate AA tickets when stopping in a domestic city first before going to Europe. Round trip to the stopover city and round trip from the stopover city and back nested between. Within Europe I just do open jaw and either take a train in between or buy a separate regional ticket within the EU.

  7. MidSouthSkier

    Ah, the train. Keep forgetting about that even though I’ve done it myself. Thanks for the reminder.

  8. No Name

    Well if your friend can’t decide or have multiple favorites keep in mind that with an open jaw it becomes possible to add a second stopover if they want.

    As an example for next month I found the following 11 day trip just for fun costing around $1K which is about the same as round trip ticket would cost on days in questions.

    UA to LON, 3 nights stopover, KL to AMS, 2 days nights , KL to PRG 5 nights, LX to LAX.

    Open jaw portion was about $750 and could be shorten down to around a week if your friend is short on time, bookable directly on UA and KL websites. Found on Google flights.

  9. MidSouthSkier

    Excellent advice!

  10. No Name

    [USER=184]@MidSouth Skier[/USER]

    Just in case your friend have not made up their mind yet.

    Try searching for Premium economy R/T to LON, you can often get that for around $1300.

    Sometimes it’s BA, other time it’s DL/Virgin/AF.

  11. MidSouthSkier

    I think she’s set on Amsterdam as her stop over and Munich is her destination so I’ve been coaching her to look at LH and AF/KL. And we have a general rule to avoid LHR whenever possible so it would have to be a heck of deal for me to suggest routing through there. But I will pass that suggestion along!

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