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Answers (8)

Which cc is better if live in Europe?

Which cc is better if live in Europe?

  1. Anonymous


    I am new to this game and am trying to figure out which cards are best.
    We live in Netherlands so the US spend does us no good.

    The cards will primarily be for travel so my main question is which card should I get for 3x air points and access to lounges. I am thinking Citigroup Prestige or Thank you card because it looks like I might get points on non US restaurants. Or should I get Amex Platinum?

    Also the HHonors Surpass card has a 100,000 sign up bonus. My husband is a Hilton member; if I sign up for the card, can we combine points?

    Finally if we have Barclay’s arrival, do we need Chase Sapphire too or is one better than the other?

    Thanks! Lauren (R and F girl)

  2. David W

    Are you looking to apply for US cards even though you live in the Netherlands? You’d need a US address and social security number.

    Assuming you cross those hurdles, the Citi Prestige card might be better since it’ll give you Priority Pass with 2 guests. The Amex Platinum’s Priority Pass doesnt include complimentary guests. With HHonors, there is a fee to combine points.

  3. No Name

    @R and F girl

    It’s a bit old, but back in late 2013 it sounded as if the Dutch was living in the dark ages when it comes to credit cards.

    Has this changed?

    Having US cards is great thing. But if the locals don’t take plastic your earning might be a bit low, especially if some those that does take cards have surcharges for the use of said cards.

  4. R and F girl

    Thanks for the couple of replies. I am an expat so the US connection is no problem. But mostly cards will be used for air travel and other purchases ie restaurants and clothes will be in Europe. Citi Prestige is looking good but it also seems I need one of the Amex cards…this is a confusing endeavor!

  5. David W

    Have you compared benefits of both cards? Both have no forex fees, a Global Entry reimbursement and Priority Pass. However, Citi’s version of Priority Pass allows 2 complimentary guests whereas Amex’s doesnt. Both have travel credits but Citi’s is higher and less restrictive. Citi also has 4th night free hotels as well as category bonus for certain spend. Whereas Amex has the Fine Hotels & Resorts program, Citi’s has access to the Mastercard Luxury Hotels & Resorts with similar benefits. With Amex you would have access to Centurion Lounges and Delta Lounges if flying Delta, which isnt offered with the Prestige. I would pick the card where the benefits work best for you.

  6. Gaurav

    I’d just add to [USER=29]@David W[/USER]’s excellent summary that the Prestige offers AA lounge access when flying with AA.

    Is there a reason why you feel like you *need* the AX card?

  7. R and F girl

    [QUOTE=”Gaurav, post: 16183, member: 79″]I’d just add to [USER=29]@David W[/USER]’s excellent summary that the Prestige offers AA lounge access when flying with AA.

    Is there a reason why you feel like you *need* the AX card?[/QUOTE]
    My husband flies a lot of Delta and KLM and would like lounge access. Also I want 3x points since we will start booking his travel which is about 20 days per month so could add up to a lot of points.

  8. Anonymous

    [USER=1839]@R and F girl[/USER] — Hi!

    If your husband is flying [I]that[/I] much, and is eligible to apply for US cards in his name, you might want to look at the Delta Reserve for him (and then get the Citi Prestige for you, with him as an authorized user).

    This would give him access to the SkyClubs, and the potential to bump up his Delta status, which might make the travel more enjoyable for him overall: [URL][/URL]

    The Amex Platinum has no bonus categories for spend, so you’d have to look at [I]two[/I] Amex cards if you wanted the Platinum perks and bonus categories.

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