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Answers (7)

Cancelling Delta Amex with possible future reapplication?

Cancelling Delta Amex with possible future reapplication?

  1. Anonymous

    Hey Lucky, or anyone else that knows Amex’s processes!

    I’ve had the Gold Delta Amex for almost a year now (coming up on 11 months I think), and I’m considering cancelling it to avoid the annual fee. However, I may be flying Delta frequently later this year, in ~4 or 5 months time, and it might be nice to have the card (I have no status with Delta as of yet). I was wondering, if I cancelled the card now, and reapplied later on, whether
    [*]I could get approved at all for the card again, or how long before I could be approved for the same card that was cancelled
    [*]How long would I have to wait before reapplying to get the first year’s annual fee waived, if that’s even possible at all ever again
    [*]How long would I have to wait before reapplying to get any signup offers with bonus miles. I know with some cards it’s 24 months, but not sure of Amex’s policy here

    Thanks guys!

  2. David W

    Amex’s policy is one bonus per lifetime so I dont think you’d get the bonus again. Other than that, I dont see why you cant cancel and reapply and be approved. I’d just wait a few months between cancelling and reapplying.

    Have you considered applying for the Delta Platinum card instead? There’s a bonus there and a $50 credit towards a Delta purchase. The business versions of the cards are also good. You can apply as a sole proprietor with your own SSN.

  3. Gaurav

    The current AmEx policy is that you can only earn a sign up bonus on a card once in a lifetime so you will not get any bonus miles unless a future offer is more that what you earned last time in which case you may be able to get the difference. However, the waived annual fee is part of the financial terms of the card (in my understanding) so I think you should be able to get that benefit the next time.

    If you are eligibile, you might consider the Delta Gold Business card if you don’t want to pay the AF just to get some space between applying for the same card and to get the bonus miles for that offer. Increased platinum offers are also available right now although the AF is not waived on those, you do get a companion ticket.

  4. Hen

    So even if the card is cancelled and then reapplied for in ~3 months or so, the new card, if approved, will come with no AF for the first year again?

    Are there any limitations/downsides to applying for the business versions of the card as a sole proprietor if you don’t have a business income?

  5. Gaurav

    That is my understanding re: AF.

    Ben discussed AmEx’s policy around business cards here: [URL][/URL]. Obviously individual results will vary but if you have a business they seem to be okay with it being in startup mode.

  6. Hen

    Related followup: Does having the Gold Delta Amex previously affect the signup bonus for the Platinum? Or is it possible to have both the Gold and the Platinum at the same time?

  7. Gaurav

    No, it does not affect the sign up bonus. You can have both but it would only make sense from a bonus gathering perspective. Otherwise no benefit to holding both at the same time.

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