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Answers (9)

AMEX SPG rejection

AMEX SPG rejection

  1. Greg

    Hi Lucky,

    About 3 weeks ago I applied for and was accepted for the Amex everday preferred card. For my second card I applied for the SPG Amex as I am preparing to have a rather expensive event at a Starwood property and would like to get the pts from it. However, I was rejected. I thought this a little strange seeing how I was accepted 3 weeks ago and not much should have changed. I have put some spend on the card but have paid it down almost immediately. Is there a standard process to request a review on this types of scenarios? Is there anyway to improve my odds of getting accepted with any kind of review request?


  2. Gaurav

    [USER=616]@Greg[/USER] have you called the American Express reconsideration line?

  3. Greg

    Hi Gaurav,

    I have not. I was not familiar with this as an option. I will google it and give this a try. Any tips that might improve my chances using this process?


  4. Anonymous

    [USER=616]@Greg[/USER] — Just be honest and explain why you want the card (ie that you have a big event at a SPG property, etc)

  5. Greg

    [QUOTE=”Tiffany, post: 7110, member: 7″][USER=616]@Greg[/USER] — Just be honest and explain why you want the card (ie that you have a big event at a SPG property, etc)[/QUOTE]
    Thanks Tiffany..

  6. Greg

    Well.. I thought I would update my experience…

    I contacted the reconsideration line and a customer service agent brought up my case file. We hit it off right away and there was lots of friendly banter prior to actually getting down to my reason for calling. I informed him that I am an existing customer with 2 Amex cards already and gave him detailed reasons why I wanted this card specifically (did not mention the 30k signup bonus). He informed me up front that he personally could not make any changes to the decision and that it would be forwarded to an “underwriting group”. He informed me of the reasons for the rejection and asked me if I would like to address each one and that this information would be sent along to the underwriting agent to allow him to make a decision. He seemed very optimistic when I informed him that my debt to credit ratio had improved greatly since I applied (I made a big paydown on several cards in the past few days.). He informed me that the process for review would take 3-5 days. He never mentioned anything about reducing my credit on existing cards to allow for the credit on the SPG card.

    Overall it seemed like he was just a customer service agent with no power to influence. From what I have read it seemed like other people were able to get the agent they spoke to on the phone to make the decision t change the rejection. So I was a little confused here. Not sure if he was just brushing me off in a nice way or he really could not affect the change I was looking for.

    So I think I hit up all the standard reconsideration suggestions. Any other suggestions would be greatly appreciated….

  7. Gaurav

    Good luck, let us know how it turns out!

  8. L Ronglien

    [QUOTE=”Gaurav, post: 7177, member: 79″]Good luck, let us know how it turns out![/QUOTE]
    July 13th I received a letter of rejection for the Amex Delta Gold Business Card. I had previously been accepted for the Amex Delta Platinum Business Card. I had read on several of the mileage / award boards that Amex often approves both of these cards provided you take a day or two in between. I had wanted to get the increased sign up bonus for the two cards. In the rejection letter they said I could call or write to seek more information, etc. So, I’ve decided to write to ask for re-consideration.

    My question is: Has anyone had any luck with Amex re-consideration? Given that I had applied during a bonus period, do you think if they grant my re-consideration that I could still get bonus mileage that was part of my original application?

    Thanks for any updates / ideas / thoughts.

  9. Gaurav

    It is usually better to call in for reconsideration so you can get an immediate response. Plenty of people are able to get approved by contacting reconsideration. I’m not sure what the language of the offer said. If it said that it was for cards approved within the offer period you might not have any luck but if it said you just had to apply within the period you should be good. Either way, I’d reach out and ask for reconsideration if they don’t give you the special offer.

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