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$30K HP purchase

$30K HP purchase

  1. Woodrow

    Before I screw up a potentially big points opportunity, I wanted to check in with the community.

    I need to purchase about $30k in computer equipment from HP for my business and need assistance to maximize the earn.

    I have the following credit cards:

    Amex platinum (personal)
    Amex SPG
    Chase Ink Business Plus

    I think I can get 2 to 1 from HP through the CSR portal, but have not checked through Ink Business.

    Which card(s) should I use and why?
    Would it be beneficial to open another card under the business?

    Thanks in advance for the advice!

  2. Woodrow

    No ideas from this experienced community? Please offer suggestions.

  3. rickyw

    For such a large purchase, does warranty matter? I think AMEX probably has the best extended warranty program in the industry. So, that would give more weight to the Platinum for me.

    I like the idea of using your AMEX to buy through a portal. That way you’re double dipping a bit.

    Also, great opportunity to open a new card, as you said. What are your point balances like right now? Lacking anywhere?

  4. Woodrow

    Warranty is not as crucial, as HP will be providing a 3 yr service and warranty.

    Balances are:

    Amex platinum-1.4M
    Chase Ink business-740k
    Amex SPG 1.2M

    Should I open a Amex Business Platinum?

  5. rickyw

    AMEX Business Platinum is a great option. Obviously you have a very healthy balance of points, but there is a 100,000 offer on the AMEX right now… which is hard to pass up!

    You could also look at opening a Citi card like Prestige, since TY Points seem to be the only currency you’re missing…

  6. Cole

    So just bouncing an off the wall idea your way, but would you be able to purchase through an office supply store? The Chase Ink Cash has the 5x points on office supply store purchases. Can pick the card up now with a 50,000 point bonus. Could even pick up the Ink Unlimited for that 50,000 point bonus as well.

  7. Woodrow

    That is an interesting strategy. So the 5% “cash” converts to UR, much like transferring between Freedom and Reserve?

  8. MidSouthSkier

    [QUOTE=”Woodrow, post: 59210, member: 1994″]That is an interesting strategy. So the 5% “cash” converts to UR, much like transferring between Freedom and Reserve?[/QUOTE]
    Correct. You’d either need to have the business card on the same online login as your personal cards or you’d need to get one of the Ink cards with an annual fee to be able to transfer them to airline/hotel partners. Like [USER=1430]@Cole[/USER] says, if they’ll let you get both cards you could easily fulfill two sign-up bonuses at once.

  9. Cole

    To tag onto MidSouth Skier its really easy to get your business cards and personal cards on the same login. I called the business line and it took them less than 5 minutes to merge mine. One additional card could also be the Ink Business Preferred, that comes with an 80,000 sign up bonus. Not sure they would give you all 3 at once, I can say that I got both the Ink Unlimited and the Ink Cash in less than a month.

  10. MMM

    FYI- I think the Ink Cash 5x bonus maxes out at $25k/year at office supply stores. But your Ink Plus should still get you 5x for up to $50k/year at office stores.

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