Qatar Airways & Edelweiss Air Join TSA Pre-Check

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TSA Pre-Check is one of the innovations that has made the air travel experience in the US a bit more pleasant. Those eligible for Pre-Check enjoy expedited security screening, where they don’t have to take off their shoes, or take their liquids out of their bags. It’s a time saver, and eliminates a big aspect of the security “theater.”


While you can register for TSA Pre-Check directly, the catch is that you need to be flying an airline that’s TSA Pre-Check eligible in order to use it. This is different than Global Entry (offering expedited entry into the US), as eligible travelers can use that regardless of which airline they’re flying.

The good news is that the past couple of years TSA has greatly expanded the number of airlines that are TSA Pre-Check eligible. The TSA has kept adding more Pre-Check eligible airlines. For example, earlier this year they added a further nine airlines, and now they’ve added yet another two airlines, bringing the total of eligible airlines up to 67.

Qatar Airways & Edelweiss Air join TSA Pre-Check

It has just been announced that both Qatar Airways and Edelweiss Air are now participating in the TSA Pre-Check program.

Eligible customers can now enjoy a faster security screening process. If you have a Known Traveler Number you’ll want to add this to your reservation to be sure you’re eligible.

I’m thrilled to see Qatar Airways finally added to TSA Pre-Check, given how big their US presence is. Qatar Airways’ US destinations include Atlanta, Boston, Chicago, Dallas, Houston, Los Angeles, Miami, New York, Philadelphia, and Washington.

Meanwhile Edelweiss Air (based in Zurich) operates seasonal flights to Denver, Las Vegas, and San Diego, and year-round flights to Orlando and Tampa.

Registering for TSA Pre-Check

While you can pay to register for TSA Pre-Check directly, you’re much better off registering for Global Entry, as it also comes with TSA Pre-Check (TSA Pre-Check, on the other hand, doesn’t come with Global Entry).

I registered for Global Entry for the first time in mid-2011, and wrote about my experience at the time. Global Entry is valid for five years, and I renewed my membership in 2016.

Several credit cards offer Global Entry fee credits, where they’ll reimburse you for the $100 fee to join Global Entry. Some of the popular cards offering this benefit include:

Cards offering Global EntryFee credit terms
The Platinum Card® from American ExpressStatement credit every four years, authorized users also eligible
The Business Platinum Card® from American ExpressStatement credit every four years, authorized users also eligible
Chase Sapphire Reserve®One statement credit per account, every four years
Capital One® Venture® Rewards Credit CardOne statement credit per account every four years, and your account must be open and in good standing when the credit is applied.
Citi® / AAdvantage® Executive World Elite™ Mastercard®One statement credit per account, every five years
IHG® Rewards Club Premier Credit CardOne statement credit per account, every four years
Barclays Arrival® Premier World Elite Mastercard®Primary cardmember will receive one statement credit for the $100 application fee every five years, once the fee is charged to the account


The very best way to get TSA Pre-Check is through NEXUS, which costs just $50 and gets you expedited immigration in the US and Canada, Global Entry, and TSA Pre-Check. You pay half the price and get the most privileges.

But that’s not as practical for everyone, since there aren’t as many centers where you can enroll for NEXUS, since it’s primarily intended for those traveling frequently between the US and Canada.

Bottom line

I’m happy to see two more airlines join Pre-Check, and in particular to see Qatar Airways join, given just how many flights they have from the US.

There are still some major airlines — like Iberia and Qantas — not participating, though. Hopefully they’re added soon.

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  1. Haha I just went thru security for the 9pm Jfk to doh flight. Apparently the TSA guys weren’t aware of this update. My boarding pass says precheck but they didn’t let me go on that line.

  2. Why does Edelweiss fly year round to Orlando and Tampa? Why not Miami as well? For such a small airline, why would they fly on these routes?

  3. Finally, no more having to buy a refundable ticket on AA to clear Terminal 8 security.

    Hopefully, having Pre Check on your BP will spare you most of the security nonsense when leaving DOH for a U.S. destination.

  4. @LM – Edelweiss is a sister company to SWISS within Lufthansa Group, focused on vacation destinations. Depending on the day, SWISS has one to two flights from Zurich to Miami.

  5. @Ryan

    TSA Pre-Check only exists/is relevant departing an airport in the USA. Hence the “TSA” part of the name.

  6. You comment that Qantas is not a Pre-check airline.
    Qantas’ unofficial motto is “Always a Follower, Never a Leader” .

  7. @Red, yes, but in my experience airlines that participate in Pre Check will still market BPs as Pre Check even when departing a non-U.S. airport. Hopefully QR does the same and uses that to minimize the amount of hassle Pre Check pax have to go through when leaving DOH.

  8. @robbo~ You can sometimes get it, esp. if you’re J or F on eligible airlines, but it seems to me it’s pretty hit or miss. No idea if there’s any policy.
    Of course if you are on QF the answer is no.

  9. I flew DOH-ORD yesterday and had TSA PreCheck on my BP.

    I had assumed they were in the program already as I made my booking a few weeks ago and it had a space for KTN.

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