Next Qsuites Route: Paris As Of September 23, 2017

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Qatar Airways’ new Qsuites, which they’re referring to as “super business class,” debuted between Doha and London Heathrow as of June 23, 2017. As of now Qatar Airways has just one 777-300ER with the Qsuites, which they’ve continued to operate on the London route (though not every day).

We know that the next route to get Qsuites is Paris, followed by New York. Originally Qatar Airways said they’d offer Qsuites to New York by September, but given everything going on in Qatar at the moment, it seems like that has been postponed a bit.

It looks like we now have a further update. Qatar Airways will offer Qsuites to Paris as of September 23, 2017. At least the seatmaps have been updated to reflect that. I’d take this as still being very much subject to change, given that this is still over a month away.

Qsuites will be offered on the QR41/42 frequency, which operates with the following schedule:

QR41 Doha to Paris departing 1:20AM arriving 7:15AM
QR42 Paris to Doha departing 9:10AM arriving 4:35PM

This is the only Paris frequency operated by the 777-300ER, while the other two Paris frequencies are operated by the A350 and A380.

Unfortunately I don’t see any award availability in business class on the Qsuites frequency, though sometimes Qatar Airways has attractive paid business class fares.

Now we’ll just have to wait and see when the New York route gets Qsuites. I think it’s safe to assume that it won’t be in September, though the question is whether it’s in October, November, December, or what. Chances are that they need another two planes with Qsuites before they can offer the product to New York. If they adjusted schedules they might be able to do a very tight turn on all three routes with just three 777s, but that seems unlikely. Or maybe they’ll just start by offering Qsuites every other day to New York.

It’s great to see Qsuites expanding, even if it’s not happening as quickly as I had hoped. I’m flying roundtrip from Doha to New York in November, and I’m feeling less optimistic about my flight having Qsuites.

If you’d like to read more about Qsuites, check out Yaroslav’s review of his experience between London and Doha.

Is anyone planning to fly Qatar Airways’ Qsuites to Paris?

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  1. lucky, how were you able to fly between the US and Germany enough to build status as a 15 year old? v curious

  2. Are the Q-Suites limited to 777-300ER or will 777-200LR be converted as well?
    I have a trip mid Feb DOH > AKL and hope their 2-2-2 might be QS converted too.

    Any speculation would be appreciated, Lucky 🙂

  3. @Lucky – I have the same question as Jake. I’m 13 and I fly annually with my family to see family in South Asia on Emirates. I’d love to find a way to fly Business Class!

  4. @W It’s all about strategy, I am 13 years old as well and have changed the way our family spends and what we do it on in order (read:Amex Platinum, Citi Prestige) to make it so we travel in style (great sign up bonuses and points earning, SPG Gold status, Marriot Gold, Delta SkyClub, Priority Pass and Centurion Lounges). Look for mistake fares, points availability (Cathay is great about releasing 5 seats a flight, British guarantees 2 Biz seats per flight) and good sales. Also, airlines who consistently offer great upgrade deals (from experience, Swiss and Emirates) can be worth looking into.

  5. @Max T. – Thanks but the problem is my parents care more about saving then upgrading. Also when we fly we go on Southwest so upgrades aren’t possible. But Thanks alot for the advise! It’s nice to know I’m not the only teen aviation geek on OMAAT!

  6. @W – Start your travels in South Asia. I live here trust me. F fares on EY,EK,QR always below $3000 pp and J fares always around $1700pp. Really the only thing good about living here. These fares are to JFK from MAA.

  7. I don’t expect to like the Q Suites. There is no armrest on the side by the window. What am I supposed to do with my arm?

  8. They should really introduce it on their US routes. Their European routes are already frequently served by A380/A350/B787, all of which feature a phenomenal business class product whereas US cities are served by their older B777 which have a considerably lower standard.

  9. really really needing updates on the Qsuites for the 777-200LR’s (Los Angeles). can’t seem to find any sort of update at all and it’s killing me !!

  10. @Varun Susarla – Thanks, my destination is actually is South Asia. What i could do is buy a roundtrip from there to the US as the inbound and use the outbound when I go back the next year. Thanks for the fares!

  11. I asked Qatar on FB few days ago about when will Qatar offer the Qsuite service between DOH and JFK flight? Here is the answer!

    Hello! The QSuite will be available on the upcoming Airbus A350-1000, and a custom version will be made for our A380 and Dreamliner aircraft.
    New York is on the list. Stay tuned for route details.

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