Qatar Airways Will Offer Qsuites To Frankfurt As Of May 1, 2018

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Qatar Airways’ Qsuites debuted between Doha and London Heathrow, as of June 23, 2017. Since then they’ve also started offering them between Doha and Paris, as of September 23, 2017, between Doha and New York JFK, as of December 16, 2017, between Doha and Washington Dulles, as of January 16, 2018, and between Doha and Seoul Incheon, as of January 22, 2018. The airline also plans to offer Qsuites between Doha and Chicago as of April 1, 2018.

On top of that, Qatar Airways now also has their first A350-900 and A350-1000 with Qsuites, so the number of planes with Qsuites should be increasing nicely over the coming months. I had the chance to fly Qsuites from New York to Doha in January, and was blown away by what a good product it is. This truly is the world’s best business class, by a long shot.

With Qatar Airways taking delivery of several A350s over the coming months, the airline has just revealed one of their first A350 routes to get Qsuites.

Qatar Airways will offer Qsuites between Doha and Frankfurt as of May 1, 2018. The airline presently operates twice daily Boeing 777-300ER flights (featuring their old business class), though as of May one of the daily flights will be operated by an A350-900 with Qsuites. Specifically, the following frequency will feature Qsuites:

QR67 Doha to Frankfurt departing 7:45AM arriving 1:20PM
QR68 Frankfurt to Doha departing 5:35PM arriving 12:35AM (+1 day)

It’s interesting to see Frankfurt be one of the first destinations to get an A350-900 with Qsuites. In 2015, Frankfurt was the first destination to get service by the A350-900 (Qatar Airways was the launch customer for the plane, so it was quite literally the first destination to get A350 service).

In case you do plan on taking this Frankfurt to Doha flight, there’s always a chance that there’s a schedule change. Qatar Airways has been doing a fairly good job managing expectations when it comes to Qsuites routes, though you never know.

JT Genter at The Points Guy notes that Berlin and Munich will also receive Qsuites by the end of summer, though no exact schedule has been loaded for that yet.

Not only does Qatar Airways have excellent paid business class fares, but they have a significant amount of business class award availability between Doha and Frankfurt, so you should have no trouble finding award seats on this flight.

Anyone plan to fly Qsuites to/from Frankfurt?

  1. Lucy, has the retirement account being doing really well? Suddenly you have gone from the hardest working blogger to hardly working blogger.

    We need more trips.

  2. ^ He was violently ill with the flu and just finished recovering; health comes before trip reports, much as I too love to see them

  3. Hm, I’m booked on QR 67 on May 14 and it’s currently showing an A350.

    I can’t complain though. Either way it’s a definite improvement over the 2-2-2 777 it was last time I checked a few weeks ago. If the worst I’ll get is a QR A350, I’m a happy dude.

  4. Actually I’m wrong. The seating chart on my booking is definitely a Qsuites layout, although it’s marked as an A350-900. Good old Qatar IT.

  5. QR572 DOH to Bangalore/QR573 Bangalore to DOH is showing Qsuite on 777 at the end of March, early April. Not the biggest of routes or to a hub city for oneworld partners, but may show that Qatar’s plan to have the entire fleet outfitted is more than just talk.

  6. This is great news as I’m FRA based and I’ve been waiting to fly Qsuites.
    But still don’t see any away availability for Nov/Dec unfortunately when climate is actually ideal and I have vacation days.

  7. Any idea when they will bring Qsuites to Sao Paulo? This was one of their original projected destinations when they first announced Qsuites

  8. Ben, Do you think they should launch this product on Long-haul flights, maybe to DFW, LAX, Singapore or to Sydney to allow for more people like you to enjoy it and also have a much better given the flight time.

    I think Emirates should do the same too, have long-haul flights with their New first class. Like to New York, London, Singapore, LAX. Maybe not a lot but some major destinations where people travelling are high-spenders maybe like a business crowd. Maybe to your favourite city Hong Kong too 🙂

  9. also, i’m hoping HKG gets this route sooner than later. they just rostered 777’s on DOH HKG from May, but with the old seats 🙁 but perhaps it’s a better sign Q-suites will end up on HKG sooner than other routes. Pure speculation at this point.

  10. Im confused! Is the 350-900 newer than the 351 Qsuites? Thanks AS for confirming the 350-900 has the QSuites. I have the option of both and I dont know which one to pick. Please help!

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