Priority Club update….

As I posted about a couple of days ago, Priority Club decided to pull 80,000 points from my account for a stay that was already paid for. Well, as expected they returned my call today and apparently the IC Paris says that the stay was never paid for. They say that the IC Paris called up corporate and wanted to charge my CC the rack rate for the room, but corporate was generous enough to “loan” me the points and pay with that instead.

Obviously that’s total BS since the stay was paid for, so I quickly called back. I explained the situation, they agreed with me, and they tried to contact the IC Paris. Well, they couldn’t get in touch with anyone since it was so late, so said they’d give them a call tomorrow and call me back. I went on to express my disappointment in never being called about the points being deducted, and the agent clearly wasn’t trained in the art of customer service or sympathizing with the customer.

I’m getting a bit irritated since I spent about 20 minutes on hold, not to mention all the time I’ve invested before today. They better have a good answer tomorrow.

Time to go back to working on my trip report, the next installment of which will hopefully be ready tonight….

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  1. If it is already paid for, providing a receipt or proof that it was should resolve it with just a copy of it. Not sure why it would be so intense…

  2. Douglas, the problem is that the receipt only shows the balance due at check-out, which was zero in this case. Since points were used it was prepaid, and they can that the points were deducted from two accounts just like I can.

  3. Just don’t accept them telling you its the hotels fault, they can query either account and see if deducted, as long as the original person did not request to not cover the room.

  4. Ah, I forgot about this! So I called Priority Club the next day (after them not calling me), and asked them the status of the situation. They said the person they needed to talk to at the hotel still wasn’t there and that they’d work on it tomorrow, yet again.

    At that point I politely but firmly refused, saying it was ridiculous that I was getting caught in the middle of this as a customer. I refused to get off the phone until I saw the points in my account, and escelated it to a supervisor. Mind you, I was very nice but firm, and after being on hold for about 30 minutes everything was resolved. Of course no offer or any sort was made to me for the hours of work I had to put into this, so I sent an email to the Ambassador Desk. Sadly enough I still haven’t heard from them, but it seems like it’s common for them to take forever to respond lately. I’ll let you know what they say.

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