Priority Club playing points games

Often the nicest thing about staying at Priority Club hotels is the plethora of points one can earn through the various promotions they offer. I’ve never had trouble with getting points to post in the past, but for some reason I’ve had two problems in the past week. My stay at the InterContinental Manila posted as a “non-qualifying stay,” and therefore they posted zero points to my account. I saw no reason it shouldn’t have qualified (it was a flexible rate booked on, so I called the service desk and they immediately adjusted my account to reflect the points I should have earned.

For some reason my stay at the InterContinental Grand Stanford didn’t post at all, so I figured it was just a glitch, so I filled out a “points discrepancy” form online a few days ago. Well, this morning I had the following email from Priority Club in my inbox:

Dear Mr. Lucky

Thank you for your inquiry regarding an adjustment to your Priority Club® Rewards account.

We have reviewed your request for credit on your stay in question. We would like to inform you that the usual measure for a room rate’s eligibility for points under Priority Club Rewards’ Terms and Conditions is the level of discount relative to the hotel’s prevailing rack rate.

Unfortunately, the room rate paid during the stay in question was deeply discounted and is ineligible for credit to your account. We have provided the link for Priority Club Rewards’ Terms and Conditions below:

However, if you have incurred other charges during your stay , you may forward your itemized invoice to us in JPEG or PDF format so we may credit them accordingly to your account. Qualifying charges include food and beverage, phone, laundry, and Pay-per-View movies.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may have caused. May we suggest making your future reservations through us or through the website at to ensure you are getting qualified rates.


Priority Club Account Manager
InterContinental Hotels Group
Email: [email protected]

First of all, my booking was the “best flexible rate,” and second of all I booked directly on Yes it was a great rate, but I couldn’t have paid a dollar more for that room type by booking through the website even if I wanted to. Is Priority Club really measuring points eligibility based on the rate and playing games with their customers, or is this a case of a misinformed “account manager?”

I called the service desk a few minutes later and they adjusted my stay, but I’m still a bit frustrated that they try to play these types of games with customers.

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