Priority Club increases the cost of cash & points redemptions

While not nearly as lucrative as Starwood’s cash & points program, where the savings can be disproportionate, Priority Club has nonetheless offered a fixed cash & points redemption option for a few years now. At the beginning you could reduce the cost of an award stay by 5,000 points for $30 per night or reduce the cost of an award stay by 10,000 points for $60 per night.

This basically made it possible to buy Priority Club points for 0.6 cents each. The way the system worked was that if you made a cash & points booking your account would be credited those extra points, and the reservation would then be processed and charged the full number of points required. If you turned around and cancelled your reservation you would get the full number of points back but no cash back.

Back in November of 2010 Priority Club raised the co-pay amount for the 5,000 point discount from $30 to $40 per night, while keeping the 10,000 point discount at $60 per night.

Well it appears as if overnight, without any announcement, Priority Club has raised the cost of the 10,000 point discount from $60 to $70.

So that means Priority Club points now basically cost 0.7 cents each to “buy.” Between this and the award chart devaluation, it’s not turning out to be a great year for Priority Club.

(Tip of the hat to Stvr)

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  1. If this isn’t a mistake, buying the max points during the daily getaway promotion just netted me a slight positive. However I regret not doing a cash point redemption for 3 nights at Paris le grand, could have squeezed a bit more value in retrospect.

  2. It seems like the decent deals are with very high end properties and the pointsbreaks @ 5K pts. I mostly redeem Priority Club pts for pointsbreaks.

    One reason I don’t keep a large accumulation of points. Plenty to do what I need to do but not millions of points.

  3. I think this makes my RA/SPG Plat decision a little easier. SPG cash and points is definitely a fantasitic value.

  4. Priority Club is cutting off their nose to spite their face. Used to be a good program. Guess I’ll just burn up my points and be done with them —-

  5. I think I witnessed their change midstream through some what-if searches I was doing for possible upcoming trips last night. I went back to a city that I’d looked at earlier (forget which one, I think in South America somewhere) and noticed the $70 showing up where it had been $60 earlier in the night. I thought maybe it was a glitch or something unique for that area – quit searching right after that so I was disappointed to see it’s a universal increase.

    Overall, I’m really disappointed with hotel programs as far as points inflation. Things seem to be going way worse than in airline FFP both for negative changes and poor communication/advance notice.

  6. today, i received radisson email to purchase 1 radisson point for $0.07 cent. how about this deal?

  7. so, trying to “buy” points, you have to book the room with cash and points – but starting at 0 points, you don’t have the option to “buy” points – is that correct?

  8. Does this still work?:

    “If you turned around and cancelled your reservation you would get the full number of points back but no cash back.”

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