1. That’s what I would have guessed too (having never been there), but it’s actually on a different continent.

  2. Santiago would’ve been my first guess, too, actually. My second thought was that it could be somewhere in Africa, but no idea where.

  3. ok so we’re down to North America, Australia, or Asia… um… can I put multiple guesses in the same comment?

    Salt Lake City (thinking about the mountains).

    Aussie should be out since there aren’t that many mountains… although NZ is a possibility…

    Christchurch NZ! Yes… a Church of Christ… gotta be CHC Christchurch NZ 🙂

  4. Ok, well I somehow doubt it would be Antarctica so… that leaves Asia… hum… big Catholic strongholds in Asia… I’m thinking Korea… so let’s go crazy and pick…

    Cheju Island Korea!

  5. Well done, that’s the right continent! You’re thinking one or two thousand miles too far north, but you’re on the right track. 🙂

  6. Oh bloody hell… well there are lots of Christians in Indonesia also. Technically that’s Asia so…

    Now I’m thinking

    MANILA! Oh wait are there large hills/mountains???

    Sooner or later someone else will guess, or I’ll get it by proxy

  7. OK, it’s between Malaysia and Korea, although closer to Malaysia.

    Can you at least nam, I mean name, the correct country? 😉

  8. Well inbetween Malaysia and Korea are… Thailand (not likely), Cambodia, Laos, Vietnam, Taiwan and China.

    My most likely guess would be Taiwan but since I’ve listed them all technically they are all guesses.

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