1. The Virgin train is a BIG giveaway!

    (Notice the red and silver Pendolino to the left)

    It can’t be london for the simple reason Euston is a black hole of despair (think ORD without any windows. Now think 10 times worse. Now you’re heading towards Euston Mainline Station

    At a guess, I’d say Glasgow as it sure doesn’t look like Birmingham New Street, Liverpool Lime Street, Manchester Picadilly, Preston, Carlisle….

  2. I was just looking at my high rez version, and there’s a dead giveaway on one of the signs (assuming you speak the language).

  3. Eric,
    The software that is available to take a low res picture and zoom infinitely into it–you, know, the kind on all of the TV crime dramas?–well, I don’t have it. So your clue doesn’t help much.
    Well, except for the “assuming you speak the language” line…is it in Japan? The lack of any litter must be a clue too!

  4. Ed – that was my point. The moment that I post the high rez version, whoever sees it first will figure it out pretty quickly.

    Lucky – Give me the word, and I’ll post the link to the high rez copy.

  5. Eric, do you have another clue you want to give first, that maybe doesn’t give it away but makes it a bit easier?

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