1. Definitely Lake Oganagan. Looking north towards Vernon. What a wonderful place.

  2. Lake Okanagan, Okanagan Valley, BC Canada. Taken from Knox Mtn Park in Kelowna, looking north to Vernon. Finally, something close to home. Nice!

  3. Okanagan lake – spent many summers up there.

    Do you have a lot of Canadian readers or are Americans better at geography than I thought? Lol

  4. @Garrett I am an American reader, living in Canada. So both.

    On the topic of Okanagan, it is an amazing area, I just wish there was an easier/faster method of getting there. Maybe next time I will fly to Kelowna. The lake is very nice, and I love the Ogopogo mythology, as well as the “unknown depth” due to glaciers.

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