1. If it weren’t for that bank-like thing on the left of the shore, I would guess that this is something in the southern part of Argentina. But then again, maybe not…

  2. I think I might go back to one picture a week, since the interest seems to have worn off a bit for this, unless others feel differently. Please let me know!

  3. I still enjoy it (altought I havn’t gotten one right yet). I’m also amazed that I can submit Syria and it’s guessed in hours and I submit one of Russia’s tourist traps and nobody gets it

    You could do somthing like the last person to guess the photo correctly submits the next photo.

    BTW. behind the line of trees in the background is the gulf of Finland. Here is the coordinates for the google earth curious people

    59 53 17.21 N
    29 53 49.09 E

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