1. This one is a bit too hard, IMO. I’d like to see pictures where there are more visual cues, or some written clue. All I see here is some architecture details and what looks like a silk tree. Is that a dilapidated building above the stairwell?

    Morocco? POrtugal?

    (Please tell me this is at least a famous stairwell…)

  2. Ed, this is definitely one of the most challenging pictures, you’re right. At the same time, people complain when they’re too easy, so I see nothing wrong with making them this tough once in a while. These steps seem to be well known, and I think the architecture as such narrows it down to a few countries.

    Worry not, there are easier ones in the lineup…. 🙂

    Good guesses so far, but none are correct. Since this is a tough one I’ll accept the correct country (as opposed to the name of the city).

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