1. Easy. The Galvez Hotel in Galveston, Texas, at high tide. The palm trees are the give away. No wait…never mind.

  2. Ah..Chateau Lake Louise…stayed there over….40 times….high summer…Victoria Glacier at the other end of the lake, feeding its icy cold waters and silt into a turquoise colloidal suspension…hundreds of poppies fluttering in the fresh katabatic breeze rolling down the valley…the echos of voices from canoes upon the lake..the endless parade of Japanese tourists…the cacophony of daily alpenhorn performances…the short 25 minute drive south along the Bow valley’s upper ridge to Morraine Lake and the view immortalized on the older Canadian $20 bill….


  3. Great post, Eric. I can go for weeks (and years) and not use the word “katabatic”. It comes from the Greek word “katabaticos”, “going down hill” , a feeling I know well. I imagine that when I walk down Congress Avenue the young folk say, “Look, there goes ol’ Katabatic Bill.”

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