1. Specifically, it is Vernazza. I remember having an excellent meal down by the water there in the summer of 2004. They were celebrating their patron saint and boy did they put on one hell of a fireworks show!

  2. Even more specifically, the photo was taken from a cool trail that links all 5 cities of the Cinque Terre. 7 miles of up and down trails, passing loads of Americans, all with their Rick Steves travel books!

  3. I had the right country and region. Perhaps I could have guessed the name of the town but I’m not identifying that it was at mile marker 4.1 on the Cinque Terre Trail.

  4. Fresh off a flight I see this in my RSS reader. I did not know the town name but country and region – well, too late. Lucky: your readers are well-traveled, perhaps you should add photos from moon walks and ask to identify mountain ranges 😉

  5. @RDimperio, Ha ha! This game is too tough for you! (I was going to mention the time of day, the name of the vineyard near the vantage point, and the name of the guy in the center of the town square (Luigi) but I didn’t want to show off… 🙂

  6. I am kinda hoping to see if mine make an appearance soon, as they are not of the exotic location type they may be a little harder for this well traveled group of people. 🙂

  7. Was there 7 years ago today for my honeymoon. Everything about these five towns was wonderful. Thanks for the picture!

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