1. Pretty Sure Glenn got it.. Austin, TX state capital. Certainly not the CO Capital. And while it looks like the dome in DC its not. So should be Austin.

  2. Should have checked in earlier. It’s the Texas Capitol, of course. I’m fortunate enough to live just down the street and have a great view of it. By the way, the Capitol is 15 feet (4.6 meters) taller than the National Capitol. That was not an accident.

  3. Being from Austin, I knew this one immediately. Like AUSTEX said, it wasn’t by accident that our Capitol building was built 15 feet taller than the National Capitol!

  4. @ Kay – Maybe Lucky can score a free ticket to Austin for the winner to see the capitol.
    @ Glenn- – Do you still live in Austin? Guess it wouldn’t be much of a trip.

  5. @AUSTEX Not anymore. I moved up to Portland in March 2009, but was raised outside of Austin and went to UT.

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