1. it reminds me of the view from the top top of the Duomo in Florence. The surrounding landscape looks similar, but the buildings aren’t right.

  2. Building are either Germany or Northern Switzerland. Looks very similar to Schaffhausen, Switzerland

  3. Germany is right, but no one has guessed the exact location. Admittedly it’s a tough one. Final call… anyone?

  4. Hey Lucky – I’m gonna give them a hint before you give it away . . .

    Comment #12’s username is pretty good.

    Cryptic enough?

  5. Well Hessel, that was a good try, and not too far off geographically . . . but I was more looking to alter the last letter of your name . . . which will give you a better idea … It’s a really obscure shot!

  6. Since no one has guessed this, let’s just go with the first person that guessed Germany. 😀

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