1. It looks fake because it’s done with a tilt/shift lens or effect. Makes things look like miniatures.

    Clearly a college campus, but that doesn’t look like Folsom Field (football stadium) at colorado. Doesn’t look like Stanford’s stadium either.

    My best guess is the new stadium at Minnesota, making this Minnesota’s campus. Not confident, but that’s my best guess.

  2. I agree with crammer. That definitely looks like Folsom Field, and the buildings with the reddish roofs is also consistent with the CU campus at Boulder. Perhaps the photog (Chris) took that pic from the mountains?

    Way too green to be Minnesota. TCF Bank Stadium is surround by concrete.

  3. Re: Zach (#6)

    I saw an awesome video on Vimeo where a day in the life of New York was done in miniature (the effect is a lot like the picture in the original post), although in his explanation of the workflow, he said he opted not to use a tilt/shift lens for greater flexibility.

    Check it out here:

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