1. Pretty sure it’s the Mendenhall, and absolutely sure it’s not the Athabasca glacier (pouring down from the Columbia Icefields) because 1) the vegetation in the photograph doesn’t exist above the treeline in the Canadian Rockies, 2) the surround mountains in the photo are dark (basaltic/volcanic) vs. the lighter limestone of the Cdn. Rockies, and 3) there’s not large body of water (Mendenhall Lake) at the base of the Athabasca (just an ugly ‘pond’ of runoff).

    Plus..I was a tour guide in the Canadian Rockies and Alaska for years, and even 10+ years later, these places are instantly recognizable. 🙂

  2. Well done, Eric, at least I think so. Truth be told I set up all of the pictures for the blog a few weeks ago, and I’m not totally positive where it is anymore. That being said, what you say sounds right.

    Love the blog, btw!

  3. Darn, I thought I was going to get one. Looking back at my photos of Exit Glacier, the glacier itself looks the same, but the surroundings are slightly off, as Eric pointed out.

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