1. Well, that’s definitely a Washington State Ferry. I’m going to guess that this was taken from Friday Harbor. But it could have been anywhere in the Puget Sound.

  2. Its the Bainbridge Island ferry leaving Bainbridge for Seattle – I know because I used to take it everyday when I lived in Seattle and commuted to Kitsap!

  3. Well done, folks! I’m guessing RDimperio was right as well, but I’m not positive. Either way, you’re not missing out on any exciting prize.

  4. Puget Sound is correct as well (though that’s like seeing a photo of Ayers Rock and saying it’s Australia). The photo was taken from the Winslow ferry dock – on Bainbridge island.

    BTW – all the inland waters of Washington were named ‘The Salish Sea.’ This includes the Puget Sound and the Straights of Juan de Fuca and some Canadian waters as well.

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