1. OK, I wouldn’t be opposed to posting a higher resolution version, but it adds several layers of complications to the game:
    a) where should I host the pictures?
    b) I would need to ask for permission from the person that sent in the picture, which isn’t a huge deal, but the back and forth might get a bit time consuming
    c) it might at times make the game a bit too easy, like when signs can be read, which might not be the case in a lower resolution photo
    d) some people send in their photos in the resolution that I post them at, while others don’t

  2. Jeez, you guys, this is an easy one. Obviously y’all haven’t hung out with Lucky very much. This is the front driveway to Lucky’s house. Things are so laid back in Florida that EVERYTHING is in low resolution! (“Hey, dude, pass that over here”).

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