OpenSkies, ahem, refocuses business efforts

Via the OpenSkies blog, OpenSkies will be suspending their New York to Amsterdam route effective August 16. It’s also interesting to note:

This change gives us the chance to continue to build on the success we have developed on our Paris route. In just over 2 years we have gained over 25% market share. We have done it with a much better product at a much better price. Why do people love OpenSkies? Some customers say it’s the feel they get when they board our planes and see the special seating configuration. For others perhaps it’s the great personalized service that our staff consistently delivers. Or maybe it’s the 10 minute boarding and de-boarding of the aircraft which is another nice convenience, and I know there are so many more.

25% market share is no doubt an impressive accomplishment, especially given that it has only been a year. There’s no doubt that OpenSkies delivers a great product with an even better value, so it’s sad to see them “suspending” service in any market.

Here’s to hoping that it’s not the beginning of the end….

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  1. I always wonder about stats and how some marketing genius could spin numbers to make them look good.

    Could a 25% market share gain really be something like this???

    Starting market share… 1%
    After 2 years market share 1.25% (a 25% GAIN over the original 1%)

    Yes, we’ve gained 25% market share!

  2. . As BA is trying to get shot of at least part of OpenSkies, and its let it UK Operator Certificate lapse (so it’s on the French Cerfiicate only now), put it like this: OpenSkies has a *very* limited life left.

    Personally, I’d be booking now and be expecting to be re-routed onto BA Club World…

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