OK, which one of you was it?

I just drove out to TPA to ticket an itinerary, and on purpose went at around 1:30PM when there are no flights leaving, so there’s literally no one at the ticket counter except for a couple of agents.

Well, I was ticketing an itinerary, and so was the guy next to me. He was using a $350 customer relations voucher, so I immediately assumed he was a FlyerTalker. Then he pulls out his Starwood American Express card to pay the residual amount. OK, now he’s definitely a FlyerTalker. To top it all off he asks the agent to apply a confirmed regional upgrade to his itinerary, and he has to have an argument with the agent about how confirmed regional upgrades can confirm upgrades in advance.

Way too sophisticated to just be common folk. 😉


  1. hmm I think if the guy really was a FlyerTalker he would’ve used his PenFed Visa to pay the remaining balance.

    After all, that card still has the 5% cash rebate promo for airline ticket purchases going on through the end of July.

  2. Coins,
    Promise me that in the future, you’re going to speak up.
    All you have to do is whisper the magic words Flyertalk. If he’s one of us, I can guarantee you a smile. If there’s no response…

  3. I went out to OAK to get ticketed for an itenerary using DBC FREE over the weekend. The person in front of me was most definitely NOT a flyer talker. Actually it was a family. I was in line at the elite counter and they barged in and cut right in front of me to check in. They were NOT elites, but the agent helped them anyways – WTF? Then they were totally surprised that there are checked bag fees. Then they were equally surprised that 75 pound bags cost extra. Then they were shocked to hear that locked baggage can cause delays/problems with TSA. ALL of their bags had padlocks. Then they were surprised that they couldn’t have liquids/gels in their carry ons. They didn’t have a clue how to use the easy chicken. It took them about 40 minutes to check in. The agent had trouble making them understand that she had to check the 4 of them in separately, so she kept asking the first guy how many bags and he kept saying “4”. From now on I’ll speak up when confused people cut in front of me in a line that they are not entitled to use. grrrrr.

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