New United Chase Cards

Last week I blogged about the new United Visa Club Card, which at the time wasn’t publicly available. Well, it seems like it’s now official, along with a couple of other new cards. Check them out here.

So now there’s a card which gets you access to the Red Carpet Club for a $375 annual fee, a card that gets you Economy Plus for a $275 annual fee, and  a card that gets you triple miles on United purchases and double miles on gas, groceries, dining, and Star Alliance purchases, for a $130 annual fee.

I’ve gotta give United credit (no pun intended) for these cards. They’re pricing the credit cards slightly below the cost of the “travel option,” to not only encourage some people to take advantage of travel options that might not otherwise have, but also to get people to spend lots of money on their cards (obviously). Win-win, in my book.

Now I’m waiting for the Door-to-Door baggage credit card, the unlimited BOB credit card, and the Premier Line credit card. 😉

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  1. Great idea to have a CC that eliminates *net blocking.
    Maybe Chase’s version of Amex Centurion card?

    To me, it looks like UA is doing what CO has been doing for a while with their CC regarding RCC access.

  2. @kkjay77 – that’s exactly what I thought of; CO and UA starting to align more closely in anticipation of October and beyond. Same annual fee, as well (although a standalone membership is quite a bit less for the PC than the RCC).

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