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If you look on the right side of the blog under “Pages,” you’ll now see a link to the new “Ask Lucky” page. I hope the wonderful Wendy Perrin doesn’t mind me stealing her idea, but I think it’s a nice “enhancement.” Previously readers would post random questions in posts relating to other subjects, so this is a great place to post anything that’s not related to a current post. I’m sure some of the same questions will frequently arise there, so a “ctrl +f” search on that page in about a year or so will hopefully work wonders, as disorganized as it might be. So from seat recommendations to airline recommendations to destination recommendations, post away!

As always, if you have a question of a more personal nature, feel free to email me at [email protected]

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  1. I’ll start. I’ve never done this “free confirmed changes” thing on UA for 1Ks before. If I want to get on an earlier ORD-LAX flight, can I do that with OLCI or do I need to call reservations 24 hours in advance? My upgrades have already cleared but I want to switch to an earlier flight that has intl 767 config, if possible.

  2. Speaking of hotel (mattress) runs… I knew of someone that would stay in a room that I booked (didn’t happen to me, but someone else). That person got a stay credit and the other person got to stay at the hotel for free. All the person who booked the room did was add the other persons name to the reservation.

    Why do I mention this? I just read about a poster that booked one of the best rooms in HKG. Just so happens that we’re headed to HKG in November. I could never get such as room, even if I tried. No status, and i don’t have the big bucks. I was thinking of working a ‘deal’ with the other person.

    I was wondering what One Mile at a Time (aka dear Abby) would have to say to this suggestion?

  3. @ Dan — The whole “second guest” think typically works well, although at times it requires being a bit sneaky. The challenge, for example, is when you’re traveling with someone else (let’s say your wife). Assume that theoretically you had my name on the reservation and you went to the IC with your wife. When you checked in they’d be awfully suspicious if you tell them I’ll be arriving later, given that there are already two guests. If, on the other hand, you were alone, or better yet, you were a female, the whole “he’ll be arriving later” argument would work a lot better and probably wouldn’t raise any eyebrows.

    Nonetheless, with a bit of creativity and good planning anything is possible.

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