New blog page with best credit card offers

For years I’ve been suggesting credit cards to friends/readers without getting any sort of a bonus for them (occasionally select credit cards had “refer-a-friend” bonuses through which I referred people, though that was very rare). And sometimes I even got emails from readers wanting to sign up for credit cards I recommended, asking me if there’s a link they can sign up through that gets me some credit. I just sent them the way of other bloggers, figuring someone might as well get commission for them.

Well, much like a couple of other Boarding Area bloggers, I now have a page dedicated to the best credit card offers and have the ability to earn commission on select cards. Nothing else will change. This has all happened within the past week, and you’ll notice my suggestions for credit cards stay the same as they’ve been for months, including the Chase Sapphire Preferred card, American Express Premier Rewards Gold card, and Starwood American Express card (see my TravelSort post from a couple of months ago here).

I’ll keep the page on the right side of the blog updated with the latest offers, and when writing a post about a credit card I’ll throw in a link to the application.

I don’t expect anything else will change. Yes, I’ll keep making the same old posts, though if you’re signing up for a new credit card and weren’t going to sign up through someone else’s link, I’d certainly appreciate if you’d consider mine.

I promise two things:
a) To always disclose when I’m getting commission for a credit card link
b) To only put up a link through which I earn commission when it’s the best publicly available offer

Fair enough?

If y’all help me out I’ll be able to move out of my mother’s basement in no time. šŸ˜‰


  1. Awesome job lucky

    “a) To always disclose when Iā€™m getting commission for a credit card link
    b) To only put up a link through which I earn commission when itā€™s the best publicly available offer”

    That’s very well done… Others should follow your lead *cough* FTG *cough*

    Thanks for going about it the right way

  2. I’m glad you’re finally rolling with this as an advertising strategy. Anyone else who says different is just cray cray.

  3. Great. I’ve posted links to the page on Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter and will definitely use your link to get the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card in December.

  4. I thought you had your own apartment? Thought you mentioned it on the post about tipping the housekeeping staff..

    Or did you work out a deal with your parents to pay via CC and earn some miles? šŸ˜‰

  5. I’m getting the impression that the travel blogging world is getting over crowded and it will be increasingly more difficult to monetize it.

    There are a number of good-excellent bloggers but I just think we are at the peak of travel awards and things will just get more difficult over the next few years.

    This isn’t any kind of criticism, just seems interesting that so many bloggers are now resorting to credit card recs and links.

  6. Good move Ben. You need to make a living. You have a very good blog with useful tips. I’ll try and give you some business and send you some cc referrals.

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