The Incredible New Amex Gold Card — 4x Points On Dining And More!

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Update: This offer for American Express® Gold Card has expired. Learn more about the current offers here.

Today the new American Express® Gold Card has been introduced, which is a rebranded version of the former Premier Rewards Gold Card. This new card is easily one of the most rewarding new cards on the market, and I think a lot of us (myself included) are going to be interested in this.

So let’s look at the details of the card:

American Express Gold Card bonus categories

The new American Express® Gold Card offers:

  • 4x Membership Rewards points at U.S. restaurants
  • 4x Membership Rewards points at U.S. supermarkets, on up to $25,000 in purchases annually
  • 3x Membership Rewards points on flights booked directly with airlines or through

This is an outstanding return on spend. Personally I value Membership Rewards points at 1.7 cents each, so to me that’s like a 6.8% return at U.S. restaurants and U.S. supermarkets. That means it even beats the 3x points that the Chase Sapphire Reserve® offers on dining, though the Reserve has the benefit of offering triple points on dining globally (and not just in the U.S.).

Still, those are some spectacular bonus categories.

American Express Gold Card annual fee

The American Express® Gold Card has a $250 annual fee, and it isn’t waived for the first year. This is a higher annual fee than on the former Premier Rewards Gold Card, which had a $195 annual fee that was waived for the first year.

American Express Gold Card perks

A $250 annual fee is steep, though the American Express® Gold Card offers some perks that nicely help offset it. Specifically, the card offers:

  • A $120 dining credit, which gives enrolled members up to $10 per month in statement credits when they use their card at eligible dining partners, including Shake Shack, The Cheesecake Factory, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and Grubhub/Seamless
  • A $100 airline fee credit every calendar year

If you value those at face value, that’s worth up to $220. Of course I wouldn’t quite value this at face value. Personally I think the airline fee credit is worth pretty close to $100, as I’ve always gotten full value out of that perk on the Amex Platinum Card.

The dining credit is a bit trickier, though. For some it will be worth close to face value, while for others it will be pretty worthless. It all depends on your dining patterns.

American Express Gold Card welcome bonus

Through January 9, 2019, the American Express® Gold Card has a public welcome bonus of 25,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $2,000 within three months. On top of that, the card offers 20% back as a statement credit on purchases at U.S. restaurants for the first three months, up to $100 back. On top of that, if you apply by January you can also receive a rose gold card, which is a limited time feature.

However, do note that some people are reporting seeing welcome bonuses of 50,000 points when opening the application, including when opening it in a new browser. So obviously if you can get the card with a 50,000 point bonus, that’s ideal.

Ultimately this is a card you want because the incredible value it can provide helping you maximize your return on spend.

American Express Gold Card eligibility

The welcome bonus on this card isn’t available to those who currently have the card, or those who have had the Premier Rewards Gold Card in the past.

It could still absolutely be worth getting this card even if you’re not eligible for the welcome bonus. That’s the situation I’m in, for example — I had the Premier Rewards Gold Card in the past but canceled it, but still plan to apply for this card, since it’ll be worth it, even without a bonus.

It’s also worth noting that the American Express® Gold Card is a charge card. This is a useful distinction because charge cards aren’t subjected to Amex’s five card limit. Amex will typically let someone have at most five credit cards, but charge cards don’t count towards that total.

Existing Premier Rewards Gold Card members

If you currently have the Premier Rewards Gold Card you’ll automatically be converted to this new product. The good news is that you’ll continue earning 2x points at U.S. gas stations through October 4, 2019, and you’ll also maintain the current $195 annual fee through at least April 1, 2019.

My thoughts on the new Amex Gold Card

This is a really spectacular card that largely has me rethinking my credit card strategy. When it comes to maximizing Membership Rewards points, it seems tough to beat the combination of the:

In my opinion this new card might just be a game changer in the same way that the Chase Sapphire Reserve® was for Chase.

What do you make of the new American Express® Gold Card?

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  1. Just requested my Rose Gold metal card and really loving that the new annual fee doesn’t kick in until April 1 as my anniversary month is March.

  2. Correct me if I’m wrong, but doesn’t the Amex platinum give you up to 10 free gold cards? Does this still carry over to the new card?

  3. @ JB — The Gold Cards offered in conjunction with the Amex Platinum don’t actually get the points earning structure of the Amex Gold, so you wouldn’t get those bonus categories.

  4. Lucky,

    I applied for Amex Premier Gold once and received a welcome bonus, then later I upgraded to platinum without getting any welcome bonus, which card am I eligible for sign up bonus if I apply in the future? Gold or platinum? Since I only received one sign up bonus.


  5. so I have a CSR and lately, I’ve been gaining a ton more points with them then Amex. This is very compelling, I’ve been debating dropping the CSR for my wife (since she travels far less then I do and seems to be always with me when we need a lounge) and getting this card instead for restaurant spend, I also have the Amex preferred card) with a family we tend to cap out on that 6k pretty quickly, so if I dropped both then my AF is easier to squeeze. My question is would drop both these cards be worth it in this scenario? I think I could get at minimum another 30k points a year if I did this, maybe, even more, I didn’t even look at my dining category.

  6. Ever since Chase dropped Korean as a transfer partner, I’ve started to rethink putting all oru spend on the CSR. (We live in NY and my wife is from Seoul, so this is a dealbreaker for us.)

    We always got way more use out of Membership Rewards and I think this is the clincher.

    But I’m curious as to why Amex offered 4x dining on the Gold and not the personal Platinum. That seemed like the logical move.

  7. Lucky,

    Everyone that wants to earn MR points should have this card. In many ways it is more useful than the Platinum.

    The Charles Schwab version of the Amex Platinum also lets you redeem Membership Rewards for cash (in the form of a deposit into your brokerage account) for 1.25 cents per point. So for those that are used to using the Chase Sapphire Portals, this is a way to capture some of that flexibility on the MR side. Using this method, dining and grocery is 5% cash back, compared to 4.5% travel cash back for dining and travel for the Chase UR cards.

    The Chase Sapphire plus Freedom combo is still very useful, but some will get away with using a Preferred instead of a Reserve.

    I think it is best to have a wide variety of cards (UR, MR, hotel, airline) and spend enough to meet various goals (x amount of points in one program a year, etc). A lot of great options nowadays, so no need to limit yourself to one two or three card combination

  8. That dining credit is face value for me. I probably used Grubhub or Seamless 10 times last month. I’m really happy with these changes…like thrilled. Now, I just hope they don’t dramatically devalue the points somehow.

  9. Where are people seeing the 50k welcome bonus from? The website, or a referral link? I’d be so tempted to pull the trigger for 50, but not 25k.

  10. i was thinking about cancelling my PRG card after I got my Amex Platinum. Now that they are offering 4x dining and groceries I’m definitely keeping it. Amex Platinum+Gold is definitely a killer combo

  11. @ John W — Since you got the bonus on the PRG you wouldn’t be eligible for the bonus on this (though you’re still eligible for the card as such). I’m not sure if you’d be eligible for the Platinum if you upgraded to it in the past. Anyone know for sure?

  12. @ Andrew Y — It seems that Amex doesn’t intend to make bonus categories the focus of the Amex Platinum, but rather focuses on the perks. So it’s clear they’re not fully trying to make it a CSR competitor. I’d love to see the Platinum become a CSR competitor in terms of bonus categories, but it doesn’t look like that will happen anytime soon.

  13. @ relidtm — Based on what you describe I do indeed think you’d be best off dropping the CSR for one person and the Amex EveryDay Preferred. This seems like a great replacement.

  14. @ Garrett — I guess I need to make the switch from Postmates to Grubhub and Seamless, at least for some of my dining!

  15. This seems like an absolute shot at the CSR — anyone tried using this to leverage a larger-than-normal retention offer from Chase?

  16. @Lucky ummmm…I probably used Postmates 2x more often last month (I order a lot of food lol). I like Grubhub/Seamless because there are a couple restaurants I like that aren’t easy to use with Postmates. I was getting double points from an AmEx offer too. The tracking of the order is a little more Internet 1.0 on Grubhub, but it works out fine.

  17. @Lucky, do the new bonus categories start on 5 OCT? Do the annual credits for grubhub/seamless/etc. start this month? I currently have the PRG and this is an awesome development because it was constantly on my mind whether I should keep it or not.

  18. any idea if there is a fee for Authorized User? Plan will be to drop my wife’s CSR & my Everyday Preferred for this card before Year end

  19. Lucky, thanks for posting this. I’ve been considering a move from CSR to this, but it seems like Delta award redemptions are often 2-3 times more expensive abroad than, say, United. Do you see the disparity in award redemption to still be worth shifting spend to this new gold card?

  20. @ Ben — Not impressed. $55 higher annual fee for basically one more point for dining/groceries over other cards. We do most of our eating out in first class on planes and in hotel club lounges/free breakfasts. Most of our grocery spend is at Costco, and I don’t believe that counts. We probably spend $3,000/year at Kroger, but $55 isn’t worth it for an extra 3,000 points.

  21. Good bye Chase Sapphire Reserve. I hardly knew thee. Even after the airline credit, your not worth keeping. I agree with Lucky’s triple threat purchasing power strategy. I have the new Amex Gold Car (yes, I ordered the Rose Gold version this morning), Blue Business Plus and regular personal Platinum card. With bonus categories and amex offers, bring forth the points. I am looking forward to sampling the new first class suites of Emirates and Singapore. Also with the huge sign up bonus of the Hilton Aspire card, I am looking forward to an over water villa at the Conrad Maldives Rengali.

  22. Rotten shame that the American establishment restriction is becoming more of a thing. 🙁

    I use my cards mostly abroad, and things like this are rather disappointing to me.

  23. interesting. I only recently finally accepted Amex’s invitation to get this card. They had been offering me 50K points for a long time. Since the annual fee is waived for the first year it seemed worthwhile. I’ll re-evaluate next summer whether to keep it going.

    Given the elimination of KE as a UR partner I’ve started shifting my spend more to the PRG and the Citi TY Premier. So for sure it seems like shifting dining spend on the gold card is obvious. It seems like with Grubhub/Seamless as part of the $10/month rebate scheme it should be fairly easy to get that for most users. For the way I travel the $100 airline fee thing is a little trickier I think. But overall it seems like a person in my shoes really benefits the most from this.

    Any idea when existing users will start getting the new benefits? Frankly I couldn’t care less about the metal card thing.

  24. @ Brad — It all depends what you’re hoping to redeem for. Personally I don’t love SkyMiles, but you could transfer Amex points to Aeroplan for Star Alliance redemptions, and often that’s a great value.

  25. to answer my own question it looks like these new benefits are immediately available to current PRG holders. Just logged into my Amex account and there’s a popup showing the new benefits. You have to enroll in the $120 dining credit.

  26. I had it on my list to cancel my gold card… glad I did not… can keep the credit history of it with an actual useful card.

    Instead may be canceling by AMEX Everyday Preferred and my CSR. I buy very little gas, and I think I can live with losing one point on international dining by using the Citi Prestige instead of the CSR.

  27. Doesn’t Amex have the bonus verification tool??? So if I apply and it doesn’t pop up – I should be safe with the bonus?

  28. Do we know the details on when existing cardholders will begin earning 4x points?

    Would hope it’d be today but you said “will be converted automatically” so not sure if theres some future effective date.

  29. @Max,
    If you have an AMEX Corporate Card you can get this card for 50k sign up bonus, (annual fee not waived for first year) and annual $100 credit making the annual fee $150 instead of $250.
    This is probably the best deal with the two assumptions below:
    1. You want to keep this card in the long run
    2. You have an AMEX Corporate Card and will keep it.
    Note if you change jobs and lose the Corporate Card the annual credit would discontinue.
    I wish I could enroll my existing PRG into that program but I believe it is not possible without re-applying for it.
    If you do not have a corporate card, people reported that the 50k offer is available if you call AMEX and ask about it over the phone.

  30. does anybody know for sure if Grubhub or Seamless orders earn the 4x points as well, or if that’s only when paying the restaurant directly?

  31. I have had the PRG for years, and will continue to have it in it’s new form. However, several people are swearing off Chase over this thing and I just can’t see why. Everybody talks about categories and whatnot, but one thing that Chase has that AMEX doesn’t…is Shop Through Chase. True, there are tons of shopping portals out there, but honestly the bonuses through Chase are usually higher. Not to mention air travel in the winter, where CSR creams AMEX thanks to their travel insurance. Use it once and You’ll Never Leave Home Without It. (pun intended) Will I go Gold for dining vs the CSR? Indeed, but for online shopping there’s no place like Shop Through Chase.

    PS, as for the increased fee, between airport lounges and grubhub once a month, it is actually cheap to keep in my pocket. Also, when using shop through Chase, i always go CFU not CSR, gotta get that free half point. lastly, the CSR is a Visa Infinite, which actually has some pretty good benefits if you read into them.

  32. A. Do bars that do not serve food necessarily (they don’t have table service, or they don’t serve food at all) count as restaurants for this card?
    B. Does Trader Joe’s count as a supermarket?

  33. These new category bonuses suit my spending very well, though I’ll get close to zero value from the dining credit where I live.

    I’ll be downgrading my Everyday Preferred to the no-fee everyday card before next anniversary, saving that $95 fee, will result in a net +$40/yr for me. [Looks like the Amex Everyday Preferred is no longer available? I must have missed that bit of news.]

  34. One good thing about this is that it will probably help prevent a devaluation of CSR benefits. The extra cost is not worth it for me for the extra one point dining and I do not spend that much on groceries every year either. The dining credit is almost worthless for me. Even though there are so many Shake Shacks near me, I barely go there and I am not about to go to Ruth’s Chris every month to save $10.

  35. I’m considering to build up an “Amex trifecta” which Amex gold, along with platinum and Blue Business Plus for 5x airfare, 4x dining & grocery and 2x on everything else. I find it even better than the chase trifecta as someone who mainly travels domestically.

  36. @Bryan “but honestly the bonuses through Chase are usually higher”

    I’m curious what stores you see where this is the case. I value a chase point more than an airline mile like everyong else, but when I see a chase offer for 2 pts/$ United/American are probably offering 5+ miles/$. Almost without fail.

  37. @ AdamR — Yep, in my experience Trader Joe’s does qualify as a grocery store with Amex, and bars do also generally count as restaurants.

  38. FYI – the 50k link is available through ANY referral link from someone else, I just applied and was approved for the card with the elevated sign up bonus through one of those. So maybe people should be allowed to post their referral links in the comments, so everyone can take advantage?

  39. @ Jeremy — They’re supposed to have that, but you never know with a new card whether it’s programmed correctly.

  40. The grubhub/seamless bonus is pretty useless to me, only one restaurant in my area…I’ll hold off until they decide they really want my business…

  41. Do we know if the 20% back on restaurants for the first 3 months can be earned by those who have had the card in the past?

  42. Hmm. I’m very conflicted on this. On one hand, I spend a lot of money in grocery stores so the 4x points there is a huge positive. I currently use an Everyday Basic and was considering upgrading to the Everyday Preferred although I don’t think I’ll be doing that now. The loss of 2x gas isn’t a big deal for me since I don’t own a car and rarely drive. I don’t eat out at restaurants too often although that’s not to say I never do so the 4x points will probably still make a noticeable difference compared to the 2x I get on the other cards I currently use for it (CSP, current PRG, ThankYou Premier). The increase in the annual fee is seriously making me consider whether all of this is worth it though. I live in a rural area so have no Shake Shacks, Cheesecake Factories, etc. near me. Since AmEx specifies “fees” as opposed to any airline spend, I’ve also always struggled to get value out of the $100 airline credit. *A Gold gets me free bags and lounge access and so there’s not really much I would need to buy that would qualify for the credit. I’ve used it for inflight food purchases although that’s not something I’d otherwise buy so I can’t take it at face value. Lucky, I’m curious what you use your fee credits for as I’d imagine your circumstances are similar to mine.

    Also, it seems like early June was just about the worst time I could have picked to apply for the Sapphire Preferred, given that Korean Air was removed as a partner and now that the Gold Card will offer 4x points on dining (on top of already offering 3x points for airfare) there’s really no reason for me to spend any money on that card anymore.

  43. Does anyone know if you can add a new amex card to your online account using the temporary number + id or do you have to wait for the physical card?

  44. Have the Platinum since 2016. Never had the PRG before and I got the following when I applied:

    “We’ve received your application, but we can’t give you a decision right now.

    We’ll process your application as soon as possible and send you a decision within 14 days.

    While we’re reviewing your application, please don’t submit another application for the American Express® Gold Card.”

    Hopefully this isn’t a decline.

  45. LMAO at all the Chase stans looking to belittle the new Gold benefits.

    For years, all they touted was CSR 3x on dining and now that Gold is offering 4x on dining and groceries, all they have left is travel insurance protection.

    Keep going to bed thinking that CSR is the end all be all. Don’t want you diluting the Amex brand anyway.

  46. @jerry

    I tried to add it to my app but the ID is the temporary number that doesn’t match up to the real card, so you have to wait for the physical card.

  47. @ Kevin : why all the venoms? I mean, are you owner of American Express?

    On another hand, I find it insulting (seriously) that Amex Plat cannot offer primary car rental insurance (let alone Gold). And, let’s not forget that CSP, being a fully $155 cheaper than this Gold card, not to mention a full $455 (dear goodness, that’s a CSR right there) cheaper than Platinum, offers that perk. Plus trip cancellation and interruption and delay coverage. Plus luggage delay coverage. I mean, Amex will take care of you, up until something happens, then zip.

    If anything, one would say that Amex really needs to up its game.

  48. @magice

    Not being venomous at all. I personally find the travel insurance offered by CSR and CSP to be overrated. I have flown 70k+ butt in the seat miles this year and have yet to encounter one situation where travel insurance would have covered me.

    CSR’s delay insurance only covers delays over 6 hours and if my flight is delayed that long, my status with various airlines usually allows me to get on another flight that gets me to the same place. Don’t get me started on CSP’s delay insurance which only kicks in after 12 hours of delay.

    As for cancellation coverage, I only book refundable hotel rooms anyway so that never becomes an issue for me. I don’t cancel my trips either.

  49. The sign up bonus is tempting, but I think I’ll keep my Everyday Preferred. I don’t particularly care for Cheesecake Factory and that’s the only one of those dining partners available somewhat close to where I live. Using the fee credit I feel like I would be going out of my way to find an excuse to rack up a fee just to justify the benefit. I guess Wifi counts but even that I’ve only spent maybe $30 on in the past year.

  50. Hi Lucky. Any idea if gift card purchases (not Visa/MC/AMEX, cash reloads) will qualify for the 4 MR?

  51. @ SHP — Gift card purchases at restaurants and supermarkets? Yes, generally they should, as far as I know.

  52. This might actually be worth having even though I have the Platinum Card from AmEx. I really only use the CSR for dining so this would be much cheaper in that regard and add into my main MR balance. Hmm…

  53. Hi Lucky, where does it say that previous Gold clients get 2x on US Gas Station until Oct 2019 on top of everything else? I can’t find it on the website.
    Thanks as always for all your great posts!

  54. Nice, I got the Premier Rewards Gold this summer with a targeted offer for 50K points. I’d been waiting for that targeted offer as I’ve had this card and signup bonuses before. I just called to get the rose gold card, looks sweet. The CSR said they’re busy and everyone is calling to get the metal cards. I first tried to chat but couldn’t get through (that’s a first) so they must be busy. You can upgrade to the metal gold card on their website, but you have to call or chat for the limited edition rose gold.

    This summer was a double score for me, because I also got a targeted 60K for the platinum card. Again, like with the gold, I had this card and signup bonus before, so I needed a targeted offer. I received both bonuses, so 110,000 MR point sign-up bonuses this summer total for $595, not a bad day at the office. I’ll turn that into a business class round trip JFK-NRT on ANA with 15K left over.

    I guess it’s time for me to drop or downgrade the everyday preferred, not nearly as valuable to me anymore with the Blue Business Plus and Gold card. That’s a wicked combo right there 🙂

  55. Just changed to the rose gold. AU auto-changed as well. Rep said their system isn’t even set up to do it via their standard channels. Had to make the request manually. Said they’ve been slammed with rose gold requests. Also offered to have either a chip card or contactless card. I stuck with the chip because of RFID fraud.

  56. The CSR ends up costing $150 after travel expenses automatically credit for $300 each year. This thing costs $250 with airline incidental credits that many people won’t use, and silly ten dollar per month restaurant coupons. Rose gold or otherwise, this card is not really cheaper for most people.

  57. As a current PRG so psyched about these changes. I spend mostly on groceries in the US so this is huge for me. I actually will probably move a lot of my miscellaneous, non bonus spend away from the Sapphire Preferred on to my Amex Everyday. I am over 5/24 until next summer- otherwise I would really like to get the Chase Freedom.

  58. Chase will up the ante. This is desperation on Amex part. They have been sending me targeted offers each month.

  59. I tried to app for the 50k offer but got the popup telling me I won’t get the bonus. I had the PRG in the past few years back but reps had said they don’t see it in my account history, but sure enough I got the popup. Sucks because I wanted the signup offer and would have likely held on to the card.

  60. Obviously worthless to me living abroad but it appears interesting in the future.

    I might utilize grubhub to make it worth it when I move back to US. The airline credit is far from worth $100. If one is able to cheat the system buying 2 $50 gift cards I would put the value at about $80. Monthly limitation and $10 limit of the food benefit has a max value to me of $80.

    I previously had the gold card so no points and a net cost to me of about $90 for 4x supermarket and restaurant. So 1% extra on groceries and 1-2% on restaurant. I might save a little but not sure it’s worth it considering it hurts me on 5/24 and I get no points.

  61. Would seem to be on par with CSR for travel booked directly with the airlines but CSR seems to have a much wider definition of “travel” as it includes trains, parking, car rental, mass transit and online booking sites like Expedia and others that earn 3 points. I sometimes find that booking international J tickets works out better for me on an online booking site that directly via the airline and from what I’m reading that wii NOT get 3 points with the new card unless booked via Amex travel.

  62. I know it’s technically a different product, but is it possible to get the Rose Gold card for a Gold AU on a Platinum account?

  63. Lucky, looking at only the grocery spend portion – I currently max out the $6k on the amex everyday (4.5 amex points), then buy grocery gift cards with my Chase Ink Business Card which earn me 5 chase points (and I then transfer them to my Chase Reserve for additional 50% benefit). This card seems to be less beneficial then my set-up. Am I missing something?

  64. @Christian,
    CSR in my opinion is overall a better card for people who travel a lot.
    Amex did release a positioning statement that the Platinum Card is for people that travel a lot while the new Gold card is targeting people who travel less but dine out a lot. With the same effective $150 annual fee (not counting the $10 per month Grubhub credit for Amex gold) the CSR offers 3x for dining at US and international restaurants (if you redeem for Ur points travel that’s actually 4.5%) ,the powerful CSR+Freedom combo (up to 7.5% for redeeming UR points coming from Freedom 5x categories), and Priority Pass and global entry benefits. For international travel using the CSR still makes more sense. (Amex Platinum being the closest match)
    That is said Amex Gold has had many special bonuses in 2018 that are not so well publicized:
    20% off up to $500 around Amazon Prime Day(twice, total $200), 5000 MR points for paying for Amazon Prime, 20% off MR redemption on Home Depot GCs, plus many other AMEX offers. Those are not guaranteed to show up again but definitely make the program a lot more attractive. Chase on the other hand rarely offer such special promos. Chase seems to focus mostly on Chase Pay offers and nothing comparable to the Amex Offers.

  65. I already have the Gold card, and I’m not sure the changes are as exciting as people are making them out to be. If you’re looking to use just one card, and dining and groceries are big categories for you, I agree this is a great card.

    If you are mostly in the Amex ecosystem and have the Gold and Everyday Preferred (which I do) the Gold card is effectively your “restaurants and airfare only” card. With these changes, that continues to be the case, only you are getting 4x on dining instead of 2x on dining, and paying $55 more in the annual fee (the new $10 dining credit is nearly worthless for me personally.)
    So you’ll continue to put groceries on EP for 4.5x, and everything else on EP for 1.5x. I suppose you could consider dropping the $95 annual fee on EP and get 4x groceries on the Gold, but then you give up 1.5x everywhere else.

  66. Best card for food I suppose but the lack of a gas bonus kind of kills it for me. This card would be a true game changer if gas was a bonus too. We spend a lot at gas stations in my house. I Have the EDP that gives me 4.5 on grocery and 3 on gas(always hit 30 transactions)and also have the reserve card for 3x on restaurants and the travel is much more broad.
    Plus each category would only be good for 9 months out the year since most people on here would use the chase quarterly bonus for each category. Currently only using the chase unlimited until April anyways when the 3x bonus on everything expires. I’ll have to rethink my strategy then.

  67. This card will work differently depending on your circumstances.. but living in NYC gas was a useless category anyway, but not having CSR completely changes that this now provides 4X on restaurants. I don’t know anyone in NYC not ordering on seamless a few times a month… this then becomes a $30 card and then no authorization fees, so it’s like $15 with a spouse, add to that all the amex promos and offers and the largest number of airlines to transfer and often with transfer bonuses.. who cares about 5/24 and CSR anymore?
    there’s so many cards out there these days. get what works for you. i also have the prestige and platinum and they both get me more cash benefits than their annual fees. this is the best time in credit card history to be a consumer…

  68. I hace had an Amex Delta Gold card in the past and have gotten a signup bonus years ago. Is that considered the same Gold card as this one? Meaning will I be able to get the signup bonus if I apply for this New Gold Card?

  69. did anyone else get one of those messages from amex when applying for this card stating something like ” need a letter from your bank on original bank letter head confirming your address”? Does anybody know if there is a way around this? I am told banks do not routinely provide this and other forums have talked about mixed success even getting a letter like this from any bank. And advice would be appreciated.

  70. I’d love this if it would have included supermarkets and restaurants outside the United States. I live outside the US and when I travel, for long term stays I do my own cooking and shop at foreign supermarkets, many of which do accept American Express, for short stays I eat at local restaurants, while in some countries are hard to find those that take American Express, the ones that do I use my Amex card.
    Had this new program included foreign supermarkets and restaurants, it would have been the nearly perfect card for me.

  71. so I have Amazon Prime Visa for Whole Foods (groceries) and Amazon with a stunning 5% back.
    CSR for international
    CFU and CF for daily spend and quarterly bonus.
    Doing the math to see if I need the Amex Gold. will my domestic spend on restaurants plus supermarkets exceed $25K? (the dining credit and airline credit is worthless to me). probably not but for the first year with the bonus possibly worth a shot. Overall find this card confusing and difficult to use. Also have to ditch it every time I go international

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