Rumored Details Of The Incredible New Amex Gold Card

Earlier this week many people with the Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card reported seeing new benefits listed on their accounts. This was quickly pulled, so I guess they weren’t quite ready to make these changes yet.

However, Doctor Of Credit has the details of how Amex is apparently expected to refresh the Premier Rewards Gold Card. Let me emphasize that I have no firsthand info here, so all I’m going off of is what the website listed for a short period of time, and also what the source claims.


  • The Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card will simply be rebranded as the American Express Gold Card
  • The card will be metal, and will be available in two colors — gold or rose gold
  • The welcome bonus will be 25,000 Membership Rewards points after spending $2,000, plus 20% back as a statement credit on purchases at U.S. restaurants, up to $100 back
  • The annual fee will continue to be $195, and it will be waived for the first year
  • The card will offer 4x points at U.S. restaurants and 4x points at U.S. supermarkets, on up to $25,000 of spend per calendar year, plus 3x points on airfare purchased directly with airlines and on (with no limit)
  • The card will offer a $120 annual dining credit, though it’s not as straightforward as it sounds; it will offer a $10 monthly credit that’s valid with Grubhub, Seamless, The Cheesecake Factory, Ruth’s Chris Steak House, and participating Shake Shack locations

It’s expected that this card will be introduced around October 4, so we’ll see if that happens.

What we’re not sure of as of now is the following:

  • If this will be a true replacement for the Amex Premier Rewards Gold Card, or if this will be considered a separate product, given that the benefits are very different
  • If the $100 annual airline fee credit will stick around as a benefit
  • The card currently offers 2x points at U.S. gas stations, so we don’t know if that benefit will stick around

If this card does in fact get introduced as expected, I think this is going to be an extremely compelling card, especially if you value the $120 dining credit. Earning 4x points at U.S. supermarkets and U.S. restaurants is huge.

Right now many of us use the Chase Sapphire Reserve for dining, so I guess we’ll have to crunch the numbers on the value of this. Is it worth having both cards, or no?

What do you  make of the rumored new Amex Gold Card? How would it impact your credit card strategy?


  1. Competition sure is good for the consumer! Too bad most people have already opened and closed the PRG since it wasn’t worth keeping open in the second year. Hopefully this card is considered a new product.

  2. Combine the new amex gold with the blue business plus and there’s one of the best card duos out there

    @lucky This is minor; can you change the category of this article from uncategorized to amex?

  3. I’ve lately been moving my spend away from my CSP and more and more onto my Premier Rewards Gold and ThankYou Premier. UR points simply don’t cut it anymore (seriously, how long will it be before they add Air Italy as another Avios partner?!). Even if you’re using the CSP purely for cash back, there are so many better cards out there.

    I’ll most likely close the CSP before the end of the year and just keep my United Club card…which I hang onto purely for the United and Star Alliance club access. If the details on this Amex card are correct, then I suspect many, many others will also cut the CSP cord.

  4. And Doctor of credit said that this will be a replacement of the PRG, the $100 airline credit will stay, but 2x on gas will be gone

  5. This card made chase ink cash, sapphire preferred and most of sapphire reserve irrelevant.

    Truly a game changer, except for the MSers. But screw them.

    I suspect however you will still tell us great chase cards are in a few days 😉

  6. 1) It is worth having a Sapphire card for international dining, for “travel” (really Uber and taxis) and such. However, for US dining, this card would be superior, and it becomes the best grocery card in the market, so it basically would be a must have. Sapphire is great to keep around, but many may feel a better value is the Preferred with a lower fee rather than the Reserve

    2) I have been pushing the Ascend for $15K for grocery and dining spend annually for the free night. This card would really negatively impact the value proposition for that particular strategy.

    3) It also makes spending on the SPG Luxury card even more worthless for anything except Marriott stays.

  7. not a true replacement for CSR, since the 4x at restaurants is only “US restaurants”, isn’t it. So somebody who travels a lot needs another card to balance that out. For me, since UA expclorer card earns 2x for dining (globally), mixing that with the new PRG should be ideal and will come out to an average of 3x for dining– so I truly won’t need the CSR anymore.

  8. Any word on whether this is just the personal card or will be the same benefits for the business version of the PRG

  9. I have the PRG and EDP card and I think the new PRG will definitely cannibalize the EDP… definitely will keep PRG and close EDP once this rolls out!

  10. Wow 4x dinning?! Sign me up. I maxed out blue business plus months ago. It’s good to have another Membership building tool…too bad there is a cap of 25k but better than nothing. With Korean Air out of picture, I wonder what Chase will come up with next. Amex is closing in really fast.

  11. Hopefully they issue existing cardholders the metal card. With so many $95 cards being printed on metal it is hard to believe that the AMEX PRG is $100 more a year and still on traditional plastic, though it does currently look good, imo.

  12. 4X points on groceries and restaurant spending on up to $25,000 annual spending in these two categories is attractive except for the following.

    US restaurants and US supermarkets only – especially for a card with no foreign exchange fee – really?

    Membership rewards points have only a few redemption options to equal or exceed $0.01/point whereas Ultimate Rewards points are worth a minimum of $0.01/point for a cash redemption.

    The hoops users have to jump through for the restaurant credit are ridiculous and indicate AMEX reliance on breakage for a profit.

    A credit for airline incidentals is another irritating limitation for most folks again relying on breakage to make a profit.

    The welcome bonus is half of the current 50,000 point offer for the same spending.

    Rose gold – who cares?

    How about making the AMEX Blue Business Plus a personal card?

  13. Oh, I forgot.

    No lounge access – at least Priority Pass?

    How about a long list of travel related added benefits to compete with Chase Sapphire Reserve?

  14. Wonder if these benefits will also be true for the free Gold cards we can get as a Platinum card member benefit?

  15. Steven M – Grubhub users can be a very high income demographic in major urban markets. Similar usability to the Platinum Uber credit for me.

  16. Hey Lucky,

    Somebody’s already asked this (and DoC is saying it’s a replacement) but I had this card in 2010 and closed it five years ago. Does that mean I’m eligible for the sign-up bonus or not?

  17. @Sean – American Express have been very explicit when I’ve asked them – Gold cards issued as supplementary cards for a Platinum account have exactly the same earning structure as the Platinum card itself.

  18. Debit

    Lots of places outside the US don’t take Amex

    And the 4X is only for US dining

    So yeah, if you don’t travel much it might work for you. but this site is for people who do.

  19. I really don’t understand what all the excitement is about. Most people reading this blog travel a lot, so limiting the bonus to US supermarkets and restaurants is kinda like limiting the platinum uber credit to the US: Looks great in print, but just not that generous. Oh, and I see whoever came up with their uber credit is back with this ridiculous “$120” dining credit. FFS who is going to spend just $10 at ruth’s chris? I doubt this “credit” costs amex a penny. I’ll be sticking with my CSR and EDP.

  20. I’ve been carrying both the PRG and Platinum for two years now, which may seem crazy to some but I’ve made it work through my spend habits. I have thought about canceling the PRG to get the Reserve. I also carry the Blue Biz Plus for my freelance expenses and then the Biz Gold for my LLC. I have been itching to get into chase, but the removal of Korean from their transfer partners made me pull back and hesitate. Now I am glad I didn’t pull the trigger. I think it will be more worth while to keep the PRG now, and open the Citi Premier instead to save on the AF, diversify my points and have a card that carries bonus categories overseas, which has been my biggest problem with my Amex cards.

    Will be interesting to see if Chase responds at all.

    @Tom – Amex’ coverage internationally has gotten A LOT better in recent years. I rarely have trouble using my Amex over seas actually, even in markets where it has probably been at its worst, like Japan.

  21. I assume it doesn’t come with all the travel protections and insurance that the AmEx Platinum and CSR come with? So saying it makes CSR/CSP not valuable isn’t taking that into account.

  22. My major monthly spend is at American grocery stores. I have both the Amex Gold, which earns 2x on groceries, and the no fee Amex Everyday, which earns 2x on groceries on up to $6000 / year, plus a 20% bonus on all spend if you make 20 or more transactions in a statement period. I currently put that groceries spend on the Everyday to get the bonus since I always make more than 20 transactions a month (even from non grocery spend). If the PRG is moving up to 4x on groceries, then I will be shifting my grocery spend entirely to that card. Assuming they don’t raise the fee above $195, I will keep the PRG given these very favorable changes.

  23. It’s incredible-ish for me only if that 4x applies to wholesale clubs, because I get unlimited 5% cash back already at BJs.

  24. For me, $10 credit at Ruth’s every month means I’d spend $1080-$2280 more than normal (not factoring the few times each year I’d go there anyways)

  25. I don’t need Amex Gold, as I’m solely using my WesternUnion Prepaid Mastercard for all of my PAID first class flights. Haters gonna hate.

  26. This is a game changer, for me. Between myself and P2, we’ll prioritize the MR program over the UR (which is great for fixed 1.5cpp redemptions, Hyatt transfers….and nothing else). MR has a great *A partner in ANA, and with P2’s Schwab AmEx Plat effectively earns 5% cash back at dining and grocery spend (also, hello Amazon/Google/whatever else gift card purchases).

  27. @Endre

    If you spend as much time on this site as you do and don’t try to optimize your spend on CC’s, that’s like going to Ruth’s Chris and getting a cheeseburger. Why bother?

  28. @Penguin: don’t knock on Ruth’s cheeseburger.
    Besides which, cocktails and environment are great. Cheeseburger easy way to avoid 200 bill every time.

    But crabcakes are usually a must anyways, so nm.

  29. Also remember that certain stores such as Fred Meyers, Target, Walmart will be categorized as super stores not grocery stores and therefore not subject to the 4% earning.

  30. I have both the Amex plat and the PRG, which I got mainly for the bonus and no AF the first year. With these changes I would move all my grocery and restaurant spend here. And if it’s considered a new card with an eligible bonus, that would be gravy.

    In addition, I hadn’t realized that the gold card added to the plat would have the same benefits, so that means I can ditch the PRG when the AF comes due.

  31. I’m still under 5/24 so I’m staying the course and finishing 2018 getting last two Ink Biz cards (Cash & 1.5 Unlimited). After these, I will go after Amex and this new Gold card fits my life more than Amex Plat. CSR fits my life long term due to Chase’s broader term for travel. However, if Amex comes out w/ another 100k Amex Plat offer by April, I will have to get it and ask Chase about retention offers.

  32. I will drop my CSR if this is true. Use this gold card for dining and Citi Prestige for travel and it sounds like international dining. I guess I would miss a point international dining… but I think I can live with that. I have decent business earning with Chase.

  33. Seems to me definitely aimed at urban young people – all of my friends and I already spend way more than $10/mo on grubhub/shake shack so that’s like free money.

    Deciding factor for me will be how valuable MR are – my husband and I like redeeming UR on domestic economy (this will get lots of eye rolls I’m sure but we are still in the ‘quantity over quality’ stage of travel) so getting 4.5% back on our travel/dining spend is awesome. Grocery stores don’t matter all that much as we shop almost exclusively at Whole Foods and use the Amazon prime card for 5% back, 10% off sale prices, and free delivery with Prime Now.

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