My upcoming travel thanks to the Starwood American Express (and how you can win as well)!

There’s no card that has been as consistently valuable over the years as the Starwood American Express. I’ve reviewed it extensively, and it’s one of the few cards I gladly keep in my wallet year-after-year. For me Starwood points have been one of the few points currencies that haven’t devalued substantially, given that they can be efficiently redeemed for both hotel stays and airline miles. It’s a nice way to “hedge your bets” in case one program devalues, and for that I give them huge props.

So I was quite excited when Starwood and American Express invited me to participate in a new program they’re launching to illustrate the benefits of the Starwood American Express.

Through this program I’ll have access to some really cool experiences (for which the Starwood American Express is covering my expenses), including:

  • The Tribeca Film Festival
  • The US Open
  • New York Fashion Week (Qantas pajamas are considered fashionable, right?)
  • A stay at the new St. Regis Bal Harbour
  • Two nights at any Starwood property in the US
  • A “staycation” at a local Starwood property

I’ll be sharing my experiences for each event and hope to make this quite interactive. The best part is that for each event I attend, you get to have a similar experience which will be covered by American Express. This includes things like:

  • A stay at a Starwood property of your choosing in New York
  • A stay at a Starwood property with a world class tennis facility
  • A $250 American Express gift card for fall fashion shopping
  • A stay at the brand new St. Regis Bal Harbor
  • A stay at your local Starwood property
  • A stay at any Starwood hotel in the US

I’ll announce the details of each giveaway as I recap each of my experiences, the first of which should be next week.

Some of these giveaways will be run through the blog, while others will be run through Twitter, so be sure you’re following me there.

The first event will be the Tribeca Film Festival next week, for which I’ll be American Express’ official Tweeter.

Thanks to the Starwood American Express for this awesome partnership, and I look forward to interacting with all of you regarding these experiences!

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  1. Congratulations! I’m glad to see you getting more opportunities like this. I definitely trust your objectivity and look forward to sharing in these amazing experiences. I can’t wait to see your take on fashion week 😛

  2. @Murphy

    I’m going to guess tennis considering the second prize in the list is “A stay at a Starwood property with a world class tennis facility.”

  3. @BrewerSEA

    Yeah. More evidence being that NYC is a common denominator throughout the other gigs.

  4. Thanks for the support, guys! And I’ll be asking for one of you to join me at the festival tomorrow, as my guest has flaked. So stay tuned for that.

    @ BrewerSEA — Thanks! And yes, Fashion Week should be… interesting. 😉

    @ Murphy — BrewerSEA is correct, sorry for not being clear.

    James — LOL!

  5. I’ll put in a plea that if any of your giveaways will be mediated through comments on a blog entry, that you somehow set things up so that it’s not just who is willing to sit there and hit submit over and over, or sic a bot to comment incessantly on your blog entry. How about randomly choosing one entry allowing multiple entries, randomly choosing another entry *NOT* allowing multiple entries, and then flipping a coin to decide which entry wins?

  6. Since you are my ‘evil twin’ I suggest you select me to accompany you to the film festival next week.

  7. The only American Express card that I am familiar with is the one that I get with my annual Costco Gold Star membership. Is there another Amex card that I am missing out on?

  8. Hey Ben…

    If you’re going to be in the NYC area next week, will it be possible to make time for the Freddies and Frequent Traveler University?

  9. congrats!! us new yorkers will be on the lookout for you this year!

    the US open is an incredible experience!

  10. That’s really cool, and awesome for you!

    I agree with PH above, please don’t make the contest so that people with nothing else to do can enter 1,000 times and get 1,000 entries. While I love your blog, I typically only have a chance to check it once per day, due to work requirements. I simply can’t compete with people that have nothing better to do than sit there entering ad infinitum.

  11. Good luck with your local Tampa SPG properties for “staycation” lol. Change your addresses to Miami so you can stay at W South Beach

  12. @NYCWahoo: The sand key in Clearwater isnt all that bad, though it doesnt compare to the W by any means. Posting this from my room at the Sheraton Krakow in Poland. Still can’t wait to get back home to Tampa for a few days though…

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