My Coke Rewards double points day

Just a heads up to those that collect My Coke Rewards points. June 25 will be a double points day, but apparently it only applies to fridge packs (so I guess 12 packs). I’ll definitely have ten codes ready for that day to earn an extra 100 points.

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  1. it is june 25 double point day. i have been trying to get on to put my points on for 3 hours. why on earth would you schedule general maintance day on that day…. dont you want us to put our points on for extra points. if so then why even get savers like myself all hyeped up for this big deal and we are sitting here ready toput points on ..yep just sittin and waitin. will you run it another day? i have several freinds that are doing points too and they feel the same way i do… most working people have to go to bed and cannot wait up for gereral maintance. very upset customer. lind

  2. Same here, 11:16 EST and was logged for more thatn 30 min after entering a code and never responded… i refreshed the screen and kicked me off.. now i not even can log on and have 6 codes to enter. it is an scam!!!!!

  3. Why the general maintenance? I have 10 codes to put in. Tried at 5:00PM to 6:30PM then tried again at 10PM to !0:30PM. Can’t log in at all.

  4. I logged on a 8:00 pm got one code entered, then site went down. I tried for 4 hours and guess what ,15 min after the deadline I was able to enter all my codes but only got 10 points per entry. What a rip off that promotion was!!

  5. Why would Coke do this?? How dare they. I just got home from the store with my purchases and started to enter codes. Why would they take the website down for maintenance?? I love this promotion , this was a terrible disappointment!!

  6. Hey does anyone know how often they have double point days? Is there a way to know when the next one is?

  7. In my experience they tend to have it a few times a year. They’ll usually announce a couple of weeks in advance when the next one is, although haven’t announced the next one yet.

  8. Put in five 12-pack codes which should have been 100 points, only got fifty. Put them in a a little after 10 p.m. Pacific time. Perhaps the Coke company is using Eastern time as there deadline. I’m still hopeful that my fifty will be doubled.

  9. They do actually use east coast time, so it looks like you’re out of luck. You can always try giving Coke Rewards a call at 1-866-674-2653 and seeing if they might be willing to bend the rules a bit. 🙂

  10. I had problems with the site, too. I tried for 2 hours, and I kept getting “site manintenance” and “not logged in” messages. I always have problems with the site. By the time I entered in all of my codes it was later than 12 am EST, so I only got double points for some of them. I emailed mycokerewards and they credited the missing points to my account. I suggest that you do that if you didn’t get your points.

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