More quotes from my UA travels

Since I spent the whole day flying, I figure it’s time for another set of quotes from UA employees. I actually had my worst flight of the year today, so you can expect much more info on that in the coming days. Simply put, an FA threatened to kick me off the flight four times, and a bunch of other stuff. Stay tuned for that. In the meantime, an assortment of quotes I heard this weekend on UA planes. Expect a trip report of Fleet Week (which will be tomorrow) very soon.

• I’ll have you removed; the captain gave me that authority.
• I can make this is a long flight for you, you know (directed at me)
• Palin power abuse…. ya think?
• Captain Cranky won’t be turning on Channel 9
• If you had 30 years seniority and were captain of a 737, wouldn’t you be pissed as well?
• Did you want me to help you or do it for you? There’s a big difference (FA towards old lady in regard to helping her put her bag in the overhead.
• If you look out to your right you’ll see our future merger partner, ConedU.
• We know you have a choice of carriers to nickel and dime you — $3 for a snack, $6 for a drink, and $15 for a bag – and sure appreciate that you’ve chosen us for your nickel, diming, and flying needs today.
• You’re trying to intimidate me.
• How do you know what my contract says?
• Glenn’s Gotta Go. What does that mean?

For details on the more aggressive sounding quotes, stay tuned.

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  1. Lucky, what on earth did you do to almost get thrown off a flight four times? Haha, can’t wait for that post.

  2. chitownflyer said “This flight attendant should be reprimanded and disciplined for such disservice.”

    Forget just the flight attendant. Most of the company needs to be tossed in a paper shredder.

  3. Well Lucky, aren’t you the one who ran into trouble with an air marshall once because you were making pictures? You’re a total trouble maker. I saw you at the airport, it took you a whole 5 minutes to go through security. And now what? Did you expect service or something? Please shut up, for security reasons.

    Can’t wait to read the details 🙂

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