More details on United’s one way and “Miles & Money” awards

Well, one way and “Miles & Money” awards now seem to be bookable on, and some more details have been posted on the Mileage Plus website.

First let’s look at the details posted about one way awards. Nothing surprising here, and as suspected, you can say bye bye to stopovers. This is why I don’t like one way awards. While the ability to book a one way ticket at half the price sounds nice in theory, one of my favorite things about international awards is the ability to get a “free” stopover. You’ve gotta love the excellent “tip” United offers:

Tip: If you want to visit multiple cities, you can use multiple One-Way Awards to create your itinerary.

How generous! 😉

What’s really interesting are the details of the new “Miles & Money” option, which is actually a reasonably good deal for those redeeming for coach awards. For example, on a domestic coach award ticket you can redeem 15,000 miles and $110 instead of 25,000 miles. So you’re basically saving 10,000 miles for $110; saving miles at a rate of 1.1 cents each is quite good!

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  1. The pricing varies greatly depending on destination. For San Francisco to Portland, OR, I found a choice of (25,000 miles) or (10,000 miles plus $90) or ($323 for a paid fare). I can look at these choices as paying $90 to save 15,000 miles (a cost of 0.6 cents per mile) or paying 10,000 miles to save ($323 – $90) = $233 – a savings of over 2.3 cents per mile (but I give up mileage credit for the flights). On longer-haul itineraries the tradeoffs are not nearly as favorable, and on some itineraries the “miles and money” option is unavailable.

  2. Stopovers aren’t gone on roundtrip itins. So they haven’t taken anything away, only added.

    Since this is so far limited to United metal only, stopovers would be a mostly theoretical benefit anyway on a one-way (basically, you’d be able to do Narita/HKG stopovers on intra-Asia itins).

  3. I wonder if pressure is put on UA, they’ll eventually ‘enhance’ things and bring back the stopover. I loved ‘stopping over’ when I travel. It’s 2 cities on 1 award, and should remain that way.

  4. Here’s an interesting anomaly. Right now there is a Y award sale to Hawaii of 20% off. The miles plus cash option doesn’t vary. During the sale it is 32,000 miles or 25,000 miles plus $245 and after the sale it is 40,000 miles or 25,000 miles plus $245.

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