Lufthansa awards now bookable on

United Mileage Plus award tickets for travel on Lufthansa now seem to be bookable on For most of us that’s not hugely useful, since there are other sources for checking Lufthansa award availability, though I suppose for a simple roundtrip award ticket this is useful to avoid the $25 phone ticketing fee. Unfortunately one-way awards on Lufthansa don’t seem bookable on the website yet.

The bigger implication here is that there’s finally some transparency as to United’s award availability for travel on Lufthansa, given that they have a history of Starnet blocking, whereby they blocked partner award availability to save money. I’m guessing Starnet blocking is going away with the merger, and this may very well be the first “official” step towards that.

I’d be curious if anyone sees availability for travel on Lufthansa via the ANA tool that they don’t see bookable on

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  1. Don’t start celebrating yet!

    Let’s see how many LH F awards you can book from here! Including A380 ones…

  2. Honestly I could even deal with blocking if there’s good search capability, at least I wouldn’t waste my time on the phone going through flights with agents that LH is offering O/I space on trying to figure out which ones they see.

  3. @Gary — But aren’t you concerned that every TD&H will now be able to find LH F space, leaving much less for the experts?

  4. @anat0l if you aren’t a SEN/HON on LH, don’t even bother trying to get F Class redemptions on the A388…it’s not possible to do with *A awards unless you get an equipment change from a previously booked ticket or they announce a new route and forget to 0 out inventory.

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