Lots of Japan Airlines 787 award availability between Boston and Tokyo!

It’s crazy to think that the first commercial 787 flights are right around the corner.

While ANA is the launch customer, I haven’t seen any good award redemption opportunities with them on the 787. Apparently they’ll be launching service between Tokyo Haneda and Frankfurt on the 787 come January, though it hasn’t been loaded into the system yet.

Totally by coincidence, though, I stumbled upon a 787 business class award redemption opportunity that seems too good to be true. Last week I posted about the tough time I had deciding between first class on Cathay Pacific and first class on Japan Airlines for a one way ticket I need to book from Asia to the US for next May.

As I was searching I kept seeing business class award space from Tokyo to Boston on Japan Airlines, even four seats on most flights. I felt like a total idiot, because I had no clue they flew the route. Well, it appears I’m not that much of an idiot (at least not as it relates to this), because they don’t fly the route. Rather, they’re launching four times weekly service on April 22, 2012, with the 787! Starting June 1 the service will be daily.

That’s right, Japan Airlines’ first 787 route is Boston, and there’s plenty of award availability.

On one hand I question whether the delivery date is actually that firm, though at the same time I have a hard time imagining they’d be advertising a new service on the aircraft if they weren’t confident about the schedule.

Anyway, this works out perfectly for me. Forget Cathay Pacific or Japan Airlines first class for the return portion of my May trip — it’ll be the 787 to Boston for me! The funny part is that Japan Airlines hasn’t even announced what kind of a seat they’ll have in business class. Here’s to hoping it’s at least fully flat.

Am I crazy for doing business class on the 787 over first class on Cathay Pacific or Japan Airlines, or would y’all do the same?

Anyway, if you want to fly the 787, the flights are wide open!

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  1. Not crazy one bit. I would do the same thing just to try out the 787; lets face it Business will still be plenty comfortable.

  2. Anyone have any ideas on when the ANA FRA-HND flights will get loaded and what availability might be? Or is this inviting too much speculation?

    Will be flying FRA to Tokyo in C come April and would love to do it on a 787.

  3. @ htran — Fuel surcharges on JAL are outrageously high, which is why I booked this through American, where it cost me only about $50.

  4. ANA first Int’l service on the Dreamliner will be Tokyo / Frankfurt, beginning in January (according to this WSJ article: http://online.wsj.com/article/SB10001424052970204010604576592890660125236.html)

    Also, this important feature: “A trip to the restrooms reveals one of the more unusual ANA features. The toilets—for both economy and business-class passengers— include bidets with various spray options, controlled by push-button electronics. Bidets are commonly used in Japan and ANA wanted “to provide the best services we can for our passengers,” said Satoru Fujiki, ANA’s senior vice president for the Americas.”

    The seat in the image in the article does not look all that attractive.

    Lucky – let us know when *A award availability opens up on this flight!

  5. “Am I crazy for doing business class on the 787 over first class on Cathay Pacific or Japan Airlines, or would y’all do the same?”

    I can’t believe there are folks like me !!!
    First Class on CX or JP maybe uber-nice, but they’ve been there forever and will continue.

    Ive flown many Inaugural flights (it’s my hobby) so the 787 inaugural (tho drastically delayed) is a one shot deal. History on that one flight is worth it (IMHO).

  6. “Here’s to hoping it’s at least fully flat.”

    Does this imply you would prefer a negatively inclined seat?

  7. Note that one of the first ex-Japan flights on the 787 is ANA Tokyo-Beijing this year. So if you want an earlier trial, you can go for that but it will only be some days until they get other 787s in the rotation. I have an opportunity to fly that leg in a trip next fall, so am thinking about it, but would hate to be subbed out…

  8. Did you ever do a trip report on this ? I cant seem to find it.I would like to see how the business class was. Might be flying back NRT to the US somewhere on one world and my only options would be between aa business and jal business.

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