LifeMiles Credit Card Offering Up To 40K Welcome Bonus

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LifeMiles is one of my favorite frequent flyer programs, given that they frequently sell miles at a discount. LifeMiles are useful for Star Alliance premium cabin redemptions, and the program doesn’t impose fuel surcharges on any redemptions. You can find their Star Alliance redemption rates here.

In 2016, LifeMiles even introduced their own co-branded credit card in the US, issued by Puerto Rico’s Banco Popular. There are two versions of the credit card, which come with different benefits.

The Avianca Vuela Visa® Card:

  • Has a $149 annual fee
  • Ordinarily offers a welcome bonus of 40,000 bonus miles after first use
  • Earns 3x miles per dollar spent on Avianca purchases, 2x miles per dollar spent at gas stations and grocery stores, and 1x miles on all other purchases
  • Has no foreign transaction fees

Meanwhile the Avianca Vida Visa® Card:

  • Has a $59 annual fee
  • Ordinarily has a welcome bonus of 20,000 bonus miles after first use
  • Earns 2x miles per dollar spent on Avianca purchases, and 1x miles on all other purchases

Do keep in mind that Avianca LifeMiles is transfer partners with both Amex Membership Rewards and Citi ThankYou, so generally speaking if you want to earn LifeMiles through credit card spend there are other cards I’d prioritize.

Earn Avianca LifeMiles
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  1. Do they have once in a lifetime bonus restrictions ? or after 12/24 months are you eligible for another bonus ?

  2. Purchasing 60k miles for $159 is definitely a good deal… I see that those cards also come with a 15% discount on purchase miles, is it cumulative with other bonuses on purchased miles (such as the ones they regularly offer for OMAAT readers)?

  3. Echoing same question as above. I had the card and cancelled it. When can I reapply and get the bonus (if at all)

  4. There’s a thread on FT with lots of data points about only getting the bonus once.

    I got this card and used the bonus code in Sept and still haven’t seen the miles post. I’ll be calling soon, because I’ve already paid my first statement.

  5. Any reason you couldn’t get both cards and get 100k miles?

    Seems like an extremely cheap way to get a first class ticket to Europe on Lufthansa 🙂

  6. C’mon, the cover photo of this post clearly shows Finnair business class, which belongs to oneworld. How about showcase some Star Alliance premium cabin if you’re going to promote LifeMiles credit card?

  7. @Waleed: Nah, this offer has been around most of the time since Banco Popular took it over – nothing unusual about this.

    @Clem: It isn’t a blanket 15% discount on any and all purchased miles, but a 15% discount solely on Lifemiles’ “Multiply Your Miles” program, which sells double or triple miles based on miles you have previously earned each month. Which can make the MYM pricing pretty decent and once in awhile they’ll have a larger discount on MYM purchases.

    No you can’t get both cards at once; no you can’t churn it so far (hasn’t been out long enough to know if it becomes churnable after so many years or not); no you can’t get both cards.

    Some data, cautions, and reports at DoC and on FT:

    And if you’re new to Lifemiles, read up on some of the quirks of using it…can be a very useful program but you need to live with its uniqueness:

    Prepare yourselves for possibly a lot of hassle to get approved…or no hassle. I was approved instantly (earlier this year) with no problems but some people report having to send in all manner of documentation. Seems to be somewhat random. Worth getting though IMHO.

  8. Keep in mind that Banco Popular is VERY picky about whom they approve. Took me over three weeks, several phone callseach lasting 10-15 minutes, and multiple e-mails providing all kinds of info (pay stubs, bank statements, etc.) just to get approved. Be prepared to really work for your approval!

  9. So they have a 2 year rule. Does that apply if you apply for the other card they offer? I had the 60,000 bonus on that closed card last year. What will happen if I now apply for the other card with the lessor 20000 to 40000 bonus? Anyone tried and…..?

  10. Got a message after applying that they cannot verify information – tried 2 browsers to the same results! If that’s the case, I hope they won’t run a hard pull also – we’ll see.

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